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    • International Bears

      April 26, 2012

      I took these pictures a while back when I was in KL. Every country has a bear and my children were picking the country they like to take a picture with. They are really cute but we cannot carry any home.

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    • New Cage For Pet Dash

      April 18, 2012

      Emily was rewarded last year for her good exam results with a guinea pig called Dash. She was requesting for a girlfriend for Dash if she do well this year for her exams. Yesterday, we were at the pet store and found a bigger cage. We got it.

      The new cage is so much easier to clean because I can separate the top and bottom. It is so much bigger for Dash to run around and do some exercise on his own. He doesn’t like to come out of his cage. Every time I changed his cage, he will like to crawl back inside.

      This cage also has a bottom compartment for him to hide himself. He loves to be in the dark. I also can put a litter box for him to do his business. However I learnt that Guinea pig cannot be toilet train.
      One more thing is that this cage does not have holes at the bottom. Bedding or poop will not fly outside of the cage when Dash jumps around. Yeap he jumps around when he is happy.

      By the way, Dash greets me every morning when I walk down stairs with his squeaky sound.

      I am happy and Dash is happy.

      Old Cage:

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    • Survived in India

      April 1, 2012

      After hearing so many tips from friends who has or hasn’t been to India, I got worried. First they tell me to avoid drinking any water except bottle water. Next they told me not to take food that is not from reputable restaurant. Next my mom called and asked me to pack some diarrhea medicine. Even my travel agent asked me to pack a few litters of water in my check-in baggage.

      I am glad now that I am back. God really protected me from any mishap. Yeap, my God is still in control and he gave me a pleasant trip there.

      The water in the hotel was pretty clean, meaning not brownish looking. Yes, there was some funny taste to the tap water. The hotel did provide 2 liters of bottled water every day. On top of that, at my office, they provide ample supply of bottled water for me. I must say, I was oversupplied with treated or mineral water.
      Usually at many eatery places, bottled water is served. They are most popular brand is Kinsley from Coca-cola company and Aquafina from Pepsi which we seldom get here. It is pretty decent in Hyderabad. I had no bad experience and I am back without any problem.

      I will tell you more once I get my pictures sorted out. For now I need some sleep. Last day of India was pretty tiring for me and I tell you why in the next post.

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