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      September 14, 2007

      Why did we take 8 hours to drive from Genting to Penang? Actually it took longer 8 hours exclude dinner time. We started at 11am to descend the hill and hoping to reach Penang by 4pm but we reached Penang at 9pm. Look at the picture to see what the problem is.

      At the foot at the hill, we saw smoke, more like hot spring shooting out from the car. My hubby stopped by the side of the road and did a quick check. The top of the radiator cracked. Fortunately across the road, there was a police station where we can ask for a nearby workshop. Great news the one and only workshop was ½ km away.

      We went to the workshop, the mechanic told us there isn’t any spare parts that can fit into our car. We need to wait for parts to be sent up from KL. We have no choice but to wait. At the surrounding area, not many shops were opened, however there were chickens and a talking bird to keep the children entertained. I am glad the children were not sleepy or cranky. After we got the car fixed, they slept all the way back.

      We were glad that the car did not break down half way on the hill or half way through Batang Kali. We may not find a workshop. Theories of why the radiator broke, it could be due to stress when the car is coming downhill or may be due to cold weather of the car and overheated when descending down the hill. I believed God help us all the way and thank him for that.

      More about the smart talking bird in the next post…..