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  • MyBabyBay

    • A Christmas message “It will be a mess without Christ in Christmas”. I was too lazy to bring out the Christmas tree. Emily scolded me saying, “Mummy, see no Christmas in the house.” Tim and Emily thought the Christmas tree or presents are Christmas. I told them that Christmas is Jesus Christ’s birthday. It happens in the heart. This morning, Emily started singing birthday song to Jesus. She is also learning the song “Joy To The World”.

      No presents opening this year too because they are already playing with their presents from Hong Kong. Tim got 2 huge transformers, Emily got a Hello Kitty house, hubby got Apple Wifi Router and I got a diamond & pearl pendant. It does save me time from putting up the tree, taking it down, wrapping all the presents and unwrapping. Meaningless….

      On another note, I bought the children to Teluk Kumbar, a fisherman’s village. I have not been there but I got to know there is a beach there from one of the brochure I picked up. I did some searching in the Internet to find out where it is.

      It turns out that there is a very beautiful beach with not many people. I guess not many people know the hidden beauty and untouched. It has a lake there too. It is a good place for fishing and clam digging. At some parts of the beach, the sand is like powder. My children love it there. They played sand and water for over an hour. There is a malay store by the beach where Tim, I and papa had delicious laksa with a sea view. Simply Delicious!

      I will certainly go back. It has a big area where tents can be set up or hammock. We can spend the whole morning and afternoon there. One thing missing is there are no toilets there.

      Here is a map of the place:

      My friend told me that Gertak Sanggul is even more beautiful with a river stream. I hope to explore that in the future. There are many undiscovered places in Penang. When the kids are older, I want to bring them to Pantai Kerachut to see some turtles. It involves some hiking.

    • Finally it was over! I am glad there were many children turned up for the little Christmas play held on 21st December 2008. Remembered I was in charged of angel costumes, shepherd boy costumes, sheep, shepherd staff and the back drop. I am glad a few people helped me. This kept me busy for 2 months.

      I had to do 10 tutu’s, 10 gowns, 10 angel wings, 20 shepherd staffs, 40 sheep, 20 shepherd costumes and a backdrop. I have many little helpers to help me paint the staff and wool the sheep. :giggles:

      Tada here is the results:

      The backdrop is designed by a church friend. Everything is recycle stuff.

      Now anyone want to hire me for their next children concert or play?

    • Christmas Costume

      December 26, 2007

      My church organized a Christmas party for the children and adults. There were exchanging of gifts, carol singing, sermon and food. Children were required to dress up as shepherd, wiseman or angel. My hubby decided to be creative and asked my help to create a special Christmas costume for Tim and Emily.

      Here is what I made for them. They were very sporting, after I bribed them with party pack, to wear it throughout the party. Both of them also display themselves on stage for the judges. Nope they didn’t get the top three prizes because they were out of the specified category. It was fun for them though. I still think the Emily will make a very pretty angel.

    • Christmas Gift For You II

      December 23, 2007

      Christmas is here again but I hope all of you will receive a gift that you will treasure forever. Yeah Yeah Yeah a lot of people exchange gift during Christmas. I did that in my recent company’s Christmas party. I did spend some money to get gifts for my children, just so that I can see their happy faces. Believe me, those gifts will not last forever.

      However, let me share this gift from God that will last forever. It is the gift from God and he presented the gift during Christmas. Hope you will receive the gift from Him and have a blessed Christmas!


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