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      May 26, 2008

      Tim is due for his booster jab DT-Polio and I may want to start him on Hepatitis A. One day I was eating some clams and he wanted to have some.

      Tim: Mummy, can I have some of this? What do you call this?
      Mummy: Clams but you cannot eat this.
      Tim: Why I cannot eat?
      Mummy: You haven’t have Hepatitis A vaccination.
      Tim: What is that?

      So mummy starts her little story. The clams have small bad guys, like decepticons. You need the doctor to put some good strong guys in you like autobots. When you eat the clams, the bad guys go into your body. You will not get sick because the big strong good guys in your body will fight against bad guys! You will win and become healthy.

      The vaccination is when the doctor put the good guys in you. Ok, the story is a little twisted but I guess he gets the idea. Now is a good time to administer the jab because it is school holidays. However we have to wait till we come back from Cameron Highlands. Anyone wants any cherry tomatoes?