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    • Lost & Found Memory

      June 29, 2010

      Tim is always very forgetful or he is not focus that is why he has no recollection on what he did. I remembered when he was 4 and we were in Genting Hotel room. He wanted to open the door with the key and I let him. He was the last one seen with the key. When we wanted to go out, I asked him where he placed the key. He looked at me point blank. We had to search the entire room to find the key. It was underneath the sofa chair, it fell through the gap.

      Yesterday, he asked me where his belt is. I told him it was in the ironing room. He went in, looked around and told me he cannot find it. I told him, it is in the laundry basket. He still cannot find it. Sigh.

      Anyway, that is not what I want to tell you. Here is the story, he was suppose to do his Mathematics homework over the weekends. He could not find his workbook. He looked through his school bag and the book shelf. He told me that he lost it. I had to help him find, go through every single bags that were in the store room. I thought he might have taken to book out in the previous weeks and put it into another bag. Sometimes he does his homework in the church when we have prayer meeting.

      On Sat and Sun, I asked him to search again but it was unsuccessful. We gave up and I told him to buy another one from the school bookshop.

      Monday came, I asked him in the morning to remember to buy the book from the bookshop. He gave me a hesitated expression. I knew he didn’t want to ask the bookshop uncle for the book. I asked him to write it down on the piece of paper.

      During lunch, I reminded him again. Guess what?

      Mummy: Remember to get the workbook from the bookshop.

      Tim: Mummy, I remembered that I passed up the workbook to the teacher.

      Mummy: How come the teacher asked you to do homework when you already pass it up?

      Tim: I didn’t finish the work in class but teacher said never mind.

      That’s my son! Sometimes he does find back his lost memory. Let’s see whether the book will appear in his bag when the teacher returns back to him.

    • It was the time of the year, Tim’s school asked us to meet the teacher. It is a yearly event. By the way, I don’t remember my parents visiting any of my teachers.

      I decided to go at 9am, the appointment was any time between 8am to 11am. I woke up late, had to go at 10am. When I turned up with Tim, there was no one there except 1 parent talking to the teacher. I thought that I was late, very late. It was good means I don’t have to wait that long. It is kind of nervous racking waiting to see the teacher.

      It all brings back memory that once I had to see my geography teacher because I traced the Australia map on the wrong side. She is a fierce teacher but a nice one.

      The class teacher was talking to the parent for a long time, more than 15 minutes. Wow so much to say. Later, I saw more and more parents coming in, about 5 to 6 parents after me. Oooh, I was not that late after all.

      My turn came, hubby was there too. Her class teacher said that Timothy was doing well in class except (always an exception) he refused to talk to the teacher. He only whispered near their ears. It was much better than last year where he refused to talk to anyone. Now he has friends where he talks to. I told the teacher to give him more time. However, Tim has no problem talking to the counseling teacher of the school. Strange?

      Because he didn’t talk to the teacher, the BM teacher gave him C for lisan (oral BM test). However the English teacher gave him A for oral test. It is alright because oral is not part of UPSR.

      The next part was I complained that one of his classmates was bullying other children. He pushed my boy down the stairs many times. I was really afraid that he or other children will fall down the stairs. I alerted the class teacher to keep an eye on him or other children. I have not met that boy yet. A few times I went to the school wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t come on time. Anyway the teacher told me that boy has discipline issues.

      I am glad that Tim befriends a prefect in his class. He told me that he always protect him from naughty children. Somehow a lot of his classmates like him. Every time when his friends see him, they will shout his name loudly. Tim will give a shy smile.

      See how many reports books he has….

    • My Gift

      June 23, 2010

      I forgot to reveal my birthday gift from Ikea. Actually I thought no one was reading this. Chinnee email me to remind me.

      Here is what my dear loving hubby got for me. Actually I chose it from Ikea, he just pay for it. He also assembled it for me.

      I have been using my old chair for more than 10 years. The wheels are coming off. I was also nagging my hubby to get a new chair. He doesn’t have one and he was sitting on a stool with no back support. On top of that, he was complaining back ache. He needs to get one. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. After he got his chair, now he is complaining the office chair is no good.

    • My School, Your School

      June 21, 2010

      Emily is very proud of her school. She often tells me that her school can be a kindy, a wedding place, church meeting, Sunday School and others. That’s because her school is part of the church. Well, during her conversation with me, I purposely wanted to tease her.

      Emily: You know my tadika (aka school) can transformed into many things. It can be a Sunday School…

      Mummy: Ooh, my school turns into a shopping mall. I can go shopping there.

      Emily: I can shop in my school too. Once the teacher gave us paper money, we can get sweets and toys. *the school was teaching them about money and how to buy things with it*

      Mummy: But my school has a playground for kids to play.

      Emily: My school also has playground, it has snake and ladder too. Sometimes we have water play in the pool.

      Mummy: My school has lots of eating place like McD, Japanese food and food court. We can buy delicious food there.

      Emily: My school also has canteen. Teachers give us snacks, noodles and cakes. It is FREE.

      Mummy: *speechless* :rolleyes:

    • Football Fever

      June 19, 2010

      I am glad that my hubby and I are not into football. My father was a fan of football. I remembered he bought me to the stadium to watch football. Every time he goes, I tag along. Later he found out that I was just going for the kacang putih aka peanuts that they sell at stadium.

      Timothy is into football on a different note. He doesn’t like to watch it but he likes to know. He asked me to buy him the football sticker book. It is a good thing because he learns about different countries and their flags. Now he is drawing the flags and he remembers it as he draws. Guess which flag is his favorite? No prize for getting it right.

    • Her Birthday Gift

      June 18, 2010

      My gal has been asking me to purchase a pair of skates of her months before her birthday. I saw a pair that comes with protecting gear like helmet, wrist cap and knee cap. It was selling from RM199 at ToyRus but I didn’t get it. I thought it will be more exciting for her to get it on the day of her birthday.

      In the evening of her birthday, we went to ToyRus, she was very excited. She tried it on and grinning ear to ear. It was on sale too with RM20 discount, plus I got some vouchers for it. Last week, they send me some more vouchers but I have nothing to buy.

      If you are interested in getting RM30 voucher for RM25, let me know.

      Now she is practicing at home, holding on to something. I hope she will learn how to skate. Then I will take her to the rink and skate with her. Isn’t that cool?

    • Melaka – 1N/2D

      June 15, 2010

      We drove 2 hours to Melaka visiting Michelle Soo and her family. It was great to meet all her lovely kids. We went fishing and rambutan plucking at her place. They caught 5 fish, one kept and the rest returned back to the pond, too small to be cooked. Too bad no durians fall on the ground for us to feast. We also tasted all the delicious nyonya food cooked by her MIL. Her MIL is just a good cook.

      When Emily & Clarissa meet, here is what they said in one of the conversations. It was after Emily came out from her shower.

      Clarissa: You look pretty without your glasses.

      Emily: You look adorable (chubby) without yours.

      Aren’t they cute?

      Enjoy the pictures! Next stop KL…

      Famous Chicken Ball Rice and Pancake

      Lovely Place To Stay:

      The ride. After much negotiation, the trishaw lady charged RM5 for a short ride for my kids.

      A Farmosa

      Sukma Deco

    • 3 Places In One Week

      June 14, 2010

      Finally I am back to work after a long holiday. Last week I was in 3 places/states, maybe 4 places. I was at Ipoh (Perak) for lunch, Cameron Highlands (Pahang) for Church camp, KL (WP) for visiting my parents & shopping and Melaka to taste the Kampung life. A lot of driving here and there.

      3N/4D in Cameron Highlands
      My children absolutely love it up there although there is no TV or swimming pool. Maybe it is the cool air there. I just love the scones and fresh vegetables there.

      We had a fun treasure hunt game organized by one of the camp committees. I tell you, I never walked so much in a day. I was walking up and down the street looking for answers. My team came in 2nd, one mark away from winning. Aiyahh…but it was good. One member went up the hill to find a funny looking chimney but the chimney was just on top of where we were standing, we need to go across the street to see it. In the end we did spot it after receiving a clue from the organizer.

      Every day, I had a least 1 plate of vegetables for meal until my motions were green. Of course, if you are up there, you cannot miss doing steam boat. We had steam boat at the final day wearing sarong.

      You must try the scones in T-Cafe in Tanah Rata, opposite the bus station. It is very delicious. Only strawberry fruity scones in Cameron. It goes well with hot tea…yummy! Both my children loved it!

      My kids wanted to pluck strawberry but most of the farm didn’t have much strawberry left. I just treat them strawberry ice-cream. Last day, I went to shop for vegetables. It was cheap, RM10 for 8 packs. I bought broccoli, cauliflower, brinjal, Japanese cucumber, pak choy, choy sum, Chinese lettuce and lots of corns. Corns were RM10 for 10. Since I was heading to KL, I cannot bring any back to Penang. I gave it to my mom and aunt’s family.

      Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!! Next post Melaka…

      Nutritious Food, most of it is vege:

      The Farm:

      Miserable Half Ripe Strawberry:

      More Food Choices That Goes With Strawberry, my friend said, you should try the green butterhead juice.

      More Plants:

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    • 100 Cupcakes To Share

      June 5, 2010

      I usually do not fancy ordering cupcakes because they are really costly. Well for the effort that the baker puts in, it is worth the price. However, I wonder how I can swallow such beautiful creation. I probably would want to keep it forever.

      Anyway, this year since Emily will be the final year she can have her birthday with her kindy, I thought of giving her and her school friends a good treat. Even if it burn a hole in my pocket.

      I surfed online for a cupcakes shop and found a few. I heard it is mostly done by the USM students. I like most of their creations. On which I liked, she was on hiatus. Well, I ordered the next best one. The person will provide free delivery to the school, it was great! I ordered 100 med size cupcakes.

      Today when all the children saw the lovely cupcakes, all eyes were excited. They were staring to see which one they would like to have. It is kind of difficult because too many different design. One disappointment was the upin & ipin figurine didn’t look like the cartoon character.

      Emily was excited and all her friend thanked her for the lovely cupcakes. It was worth the money to see so many children smile.

      Happy Birthday Emily!

    • School Holidays Soon!

      June 2, 2010

      My children cannot wait and counting the days. For Emily, she is counting down the days to her birthday. I ordered her cake, something special for her since it will be her last year celebrating in her kindy. All she wanted was upin and ipin deco. I ordered 100 cupcakes for the school. I haven’t seen the deco yet but I will soon. She is so excited and she is telling me about it every day.

      I will be real busy during the school holidays, I have something good cooking for them. We will be spending lots of quality time together. One of it will be going to KL, visiting their grandma and grandpa (my mom and dad).

      Of coz, we will be eating, eating and eating. Stay tune for more exciting posts. 🙂

      Happy Holidays!!