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    • Things They Said…

      February 24, 2010

      Our family does not subscribe to Astro, hubby just wants to keep them off the TV and does more non-TV stuff. During CNY visitation,

      Timothy: Mummy, let’s go visit people’s house who has Astro so that I can watch their Astro.

      In fact we did visit a few houses with Astro CN. Whose house got Astro CN, Timothy wants to visit you.


      Mummy: When you grow up, where you want to work?
      Emily: I want to work in your office so that I can work from home.


      My children were eager to open their CNY angpows. I let them because I wanted them to put away some to contribute to the church. They were all excited to check how much they collected.

      Emily: Mummy, this one has 4 money but this only has one. I want more with 4 money.

      Actually, the 4 pieces are RM1 notes but the 1 is RM50. Maybe I should give her four RM1 in exchange for her RM50. :giggles:


    • KL CNY Fun

      February 21, 2010

      After 7 days in Kuala Lumpur, I guess my children had the most fun. I asked them whether they want to go back, all thumbs up. That’s because they…

      Collected lots of angpows while mummy giving a lot away too.

      On a hot day, they wanted to swim in my sis condo pool. They had the entire pool by themselves.


      They went to Berjaya Times Square Cosmo’s World Theme Park. Emily rode on the bumper cars many times while Tim did it once. He didn’t feel comfortable in the car as he has long legs. They went on the train, merry-go-round, swinging ship, fantasy trill, crazy bus, train ride and playground. There wasn’t any queue which they can afford to go on those rides many times. It is just like a mini Genting there. Emily wanted to ride the bumper car again and again and again….. If I didn’t make a dinner appointment, I bet she can be there the whole day.

      They had fun in the free Ikea indoor playground while I did my Ikea shopping. They also got two containers home for their toys.

      They ate gelato, homemade yogurt and of coz the McD ice-cream. It was a hot day, so I just let them have it. They discovered the 7-11 coolest drink in the world aka Slurpee.

      Bought plenty of books from MPH. Some were gift from my mom.

      They had Shabu Shabu steamboat which I love.

      I wanted to bring them to Desa waterpark but the weather was gloomy during the last 2 days we were there.

      As for me, when I came back, I had to prepare for Sunday School CNY special. So much to do and so little time. I didn’t meet with any of you, so sorry.

    • Smelly Skunk

      February 17, 2010

      Papa accidentally let out some air and Emily called him Smelly Skunk. I am amazed that she can create such a funny remark.

      Another word I thought her is “drama queen”. She asked me what it was and I just have to tell her what she did at one occasion. She knew straight away what drama queen meant.

      Today, I got her a mathematic Kumon book since she develop an interest in solving mathematics equations. She is happy when she gets it all correct. Kumon books are pretty costly. However I cannot find any good mathematics books for her age.

    • Eating & Eating

      February 16, 2010

      After return home, I have been eating my mom’s delicious home cook meal. Next my aunt is going to cook another scrumptious dinner for my family. I don’t know about you, my mom and aunt like to cook big portion of everything but less rice.

      I have been eating and eating when I came home. I dare not stand on the weighing scale, maybe after Chinese New Year. I need to run a couple of laps on my treadmill. Hope I can lose weight from my tummy area. Well when you reach a certain age, things grow sideways and not upwards.

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    • The Leap

      February 13, 2010

      Remember I complained about my gal having tough time waking up in the morning. Today, she woke up and told us that “Mummy, today I woke up the earliest!” These few weeks, she woke up without crying and in happy mood. No more toothbrush fighting and hair pulling.

      I am not sure whether this is the changing phase to 6 years old. She cries less now. It is me or the time is passing too fast for me to enjoy.

      I wonder are there any next phase alerts I should look out for.

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    • CNY Preparation

      February 10, 2010

      Year after year, I got the drinks, mandarin oranges and CNY cookies but ended up, my family eat most of it. We don’t get many people visiting us, most of the time we visit people. This year, I only got 1 box of mandarin oranges. Now half of it is already eaten. My aunt is giving me some CNY cookies, how nice of her.

      This year I will be home for Chinese New Year because in laws are going for vacation. In fact we already had reunion dinner last Saturday in advance.

      I have packed all the angpows. Do you gals recycle the money from your children angpow so that you do not have to go to the bank to change new notes? I will do that this year and transfer the amount online to my children bank account. I went to the bank and the bank told me they don’t have any new $10 notes. Fortunately I have some left over from last year.

      I am all ready for CNY!!! *anything I left out*

    • Dedicated To You

      February 8, 2010

      Dedicated this short Gong Xi Gong Xi music piece to you. I am a newbie at this, so do not expect too much. In fact I learn it from my gal’s music book.

      I am in Chinese New Year mood already. Are you? Have a blessed Chinese New Year!

    • Juicing

      February 5, 2010

      Here is my Jack Lalanne Juicer, all the way from the states. It is US$99 without tax. Yeap I paid no tax for it. My hubby was so eager to try it. He took it out, got my 70watt transformer and started juicing. After one orange, the transformer blew up. Hrmm…so much for reading instruction. The juicer needs at lease 250 watt to work.

      Next day, we went to the local hardware store and got a 500watt transformer. It is darn bulky. We went for fruits shopping too. We got oranges, apples, carrots, celeries, tomatoes, cucumbers and some peppermint leaves. I forgot to get ginger.

      My Drink:
      Carrots + Orange + Peppermint


      Tim: Oranges (I added carrot & peppermint. Actually just pour mine onto his cup.)

      Papa: Tomato, cucumber, celeries and peppermint (I think)

      We will juice some more tonight. Simply delicious and healthy!

    • Stuff From US

      February 3, 2010

      I am sure you want to know what I got for my children from US. Actually they requested before I went to US. Emily wanted a tent and Tim wanted Bakugan. I went to surf in for their stuff. I like to shop at Amazon because it has no tax and shipping charges. Plus, I got free 2 days express shipping with no contract. How cool was that? I purchase the stuff on Thurs and it arrived on Saturday at my friend’s place.

      Here is Emily’s tent and she likes sleeping in it.

      Here is Tim’s 7 in 1 Bakugan.

      Other stuff that I bought, coach bags, a Jack Lalanne juicer, Correlle plates, clothes for the kids, Levi 505 for myself, Docker pants for hubby, a hiking stick for FIL, fish oil for MIL, chocs, pistachio nuts, mixed nuts and Garmin GPS. Sorry too busy to take any pictures.