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      My family eats bread for breakfast almost every day. I thought of getting a bread maker for a long time. I saw a deal online for half the price and ordered 1. Well making my own fresh bread is always better than buying those commercial bread with added additive which is not healthy.

      The model that I got can make different types of bread, cakes and even jam. The first 2 time that I made, the bread didn’t rise as much as I would like. The bread turned out to be like cake.

      I discussed with my friends and some of them say that it was the proofing part, meaning the yeast is at fault. One of my colleagues told me that it may be the flour or the recipe. I also did some research online and change the recipe a little.

      Wah la…I got a perfect loaf! Next I will make other types of bread!

      Published on February 27, 2014 · Filed under: Parenting;
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