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    • School Pocket Money

      July 24, 2011

      I always wonder how much you give your children for school pocket money. For me, I gave them RM5 at the beginning of the year and they didn’t spend any. It is still in their school wallet. I asked them to use it for emergency. Usually they bring snacks from home for their recess time to eat. The canteen doesn’t serve good and healthy food any way.

      Imagine, my boy hasn’t used any pocket money for past 3 years in school. As for Emily, I am starting to see her getting stuff from the book shop. One day I went to their school, I saw Emily carrying 2 new rulers and she turned around, she saw me.

      Me: Are you spending money at the bookstore?

      Emily: Yeah I got 2 angry birds rulers? One for me and one for kor kor (aka brother).

      I was about to give her a lecture but the thought of her getting her brother a ruler is so sweet. Anyway I did give her a small lecture on wasting money at the book store. I hope she will never do it again unless it is buying exercise books.

    • Medical Devices

      July 24, 2011

      A few months back my mom was not feeling well. Apparently her doctor gave her the wrong prescription and lowered her blood pressure very much. She didn’t know until after 3 months. We prayed for her to recover and Praise God that she did but still a little weak. I am glad my sister got her a blood pressure machine. Now she can measure and monitor her blood pressure. I tried measuring mine, guess what? My blood pressure is also very low.

      Now with all these medical machine like blood pressure and ekg, it is so portable. You can use it to measure and monitor your health condition. You can find these portable medical devices at

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    • Yesterday I took Emily to the Bon Odori Festival at Penang Esplanade. Boy! It was sure crowded. Everyone I saw was ready with their bazooka DSLR to capture the event. The street of food store were also crowded but the food was overpriced or tourist price. I got a small bowl of laksa for RM6, tom yam rice for RM5 and Emily had her fish and chip for RM10. I was craving for rojak or pasembor but didn’t find any. Imagine, they even have Sushi King with the conveyor belt on the street store.

      Besides food, there were stalls for games. I tell you the games stall were jam pack. People were paying to fish up gold fish. I believed they were given paper net to do that. I cannot see anything because it was too crowded to even peep.

      Emily was happy because she bought lots of stuff, like a big balloon, a bubble stick and a LED catapult with arrow. Everyone was launching those LED arrows up in the air. She was doing the same. She played that while waiting for the fireworks to come on at 10pm. The fireworks was spectacular!

      After the fireworks, it was terrible because I was stuck in the car park for more that 15 minutes getting out. I was glad when I got to the exit, I used the back gate of a building to get out. Strangely, I didn’t know why so many cars just waited there for so long, the traffic was not moving and they didn’t turn out using the back gate. Some follow behind me and they got free from the horrifying jam.

      Emily & I enjoyed it and we will go again next year!

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    • Learning Chinese

      July 11, 2011

      I am banana meaning we don’t know how to write or read Chinese. Yes, it is sad. Three reasons why I send my children to a non-Chinese school is I am able to teach or tutor them. Secondly they will not be overwhelmed with doing homework. Thirdly, some Chinese schools practice canning for the wrong reason like writing not nice or forgot to bring books.

      Anyway, my children school does have an hour lesson on Chinese and I am glad my girl is very interested in learning. Well my boy is still finding difficulty picking it up.

      Today I am so proud of my girl, look what she wrote. Her Chinese writing is much nicer than mine. 🙂

      I hope she keeps it up and maybe if she is good, I will send her to advance class.

    • God has been good to me and my hubby. Thank you God for giving me such a good husband. Your gift is priceless. Sorry for being greedy, pray that there will be Diamond Anniversary. LOL.

      Today I celebrate my 11th Marriage Anniversary. Timing was not really right because I received an email that I have to move office. Usually I work from home on Friday. I need to go back to the office to pack my stuff. Third time, this year I have to move. The movers came in very quickly at 4pm while I was having a conference call. Boy! They were noisy. It took them 10 minutes to dismantle 50% of the cubes, really fast.

      Anyway, back to my celebration. My family went for Korean BBQ. My boy loves the Kimchi. He can eat spicy food like nobody business. It was a good meal.

      After that, we went to the open space outside of Queensbay mall and started to fly kites. No one was there, only the 4 of us. Emily was so excited because she flew a huge kite up in the air. I could not get the RM$5 up for long. Timothy was tired after a while. It was a great evening for us. Sure was a great moment to remember.