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    • Journey Of My New iPhone6

      October 21, 2014

      I heard iPhone6 launch months back, I was still wondering should I replace my phone. I need to change as iOS 8.0 is not supporting my iPhone 4 and it will be a security problem as I need to sync my work email and calender to the phone. Anyway I am also having problem with my home button with iPhone 4.

      Most of my iPhones were bought directly in US. Then I heard that my colleague will be coming here for business trip end of the month. Good timing!

      I did a pre-ordered on Apple Store on the first day. I was fortunate that the order went through within 5 minutes. However I made an error in the address and contact entry. After a day, I am glad I was able to change it.

      No sweat and no long queue to buy iPhone6. I heard in some countries, they have to queue all night just to buy it. I don’t understand why they cannot just wait nor do a pre-order on Apple online. It is so easy and it gets shipped right to your door step.

      I didn’t want to get iPhone6 Plus as I know it doesn’t fit into my jeans pocket and it is too big. I prefer smaller phone.

      Anyway, my iPhone arrived and it took 15 minutes to restore backup from my old phone to the new one. All apps installed with no problem. The only problem was Bluetooth which cannot detect any devices.

      I like the camera features, the pictures taken is so clear. Like the display too as watching video is great. However there is still no flash for me to watch kdrama. I need to go find other sites which don’t use flash and I found some.

      I wonder what is the selling price in Malaysia? Anyway it is already selling in Groupon or Lazada but I am sure it is a hike up prices.

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    • Lego Mini Figures

      April 15, 2013

      I am a fan of Lego Mini Figures Series. I collect those that are unique. The packaging of these mini figures make it hard for us to know what is in it. Often, I have to feel and determine what is inside. Sometimes I get it correct and sometimes not. However I am getting better at it.

      Once I have gotten 7 that I wanted. 7 out of 7, unbelievable. A tip is to feel the weapon or accessories that the mini figure comes with!

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    • Hong Kong Fashion

      January 11, 2012

      As I was shopping in Hong Kong, I like to look at their boots. I really like their winter boots. In fact I got one for my girl and she loved it, so much. You can find all kinds of boots from the wooly ones to the leather ones. I almost wanted to get one for work but I didn’t. Lazy to try on.

      Boots I got for my girl:

      Besides the boots, I also like their winter collection coats. I tried most of them but their sizes are way too small for me. Anyway, a sad thing here is that we do not have winter here to enjoy those clothing.

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    • Stuff From US

      February 3, 2010

      I am sure you want to know what I got for my children from US. Actually they requested before I went to US. Emily wanted a tent and Tim wanted Bakugan. I went to surf in for their stuff. I like to shop at Amazon because it has no tax and shipping charges. Plus, I got free 2 days express shipping with no contract. How cool was that? I purchase the stuff on Thurs and it arrived on Saturday at my friend’s place.

      Here is Emily’s tent and she likes sleeping in it.

      Here is Tim’s 7 in 1 Bakugan.

      Other stuff that I bought, coach bags, a Jack Lalanne juicer, Correlle plates, clothes for the kids, Levi 505 for myself, Docker pants for hubby, a hiking stick for FIL, fish oil for MIL, chocs, pistachio nuts, mixed nuts and Garmin GPS. Sorry too busy to take any pictures.

    • Glass Breaking

      January 31, 2010

      I was shopping for Corelle plates, must get some back to Malaysia. I was browsing the shelves for low prices and I heard plates falling on the floor. Actually it was one plate but it didn’t stop. It is like someone throwing it on the ground, picking it up and throwing again. It went on for more than 5 minutes.

      I thought the Corelle’s staff was doing a demo. So I kepoh and followed the sound. Guess what? It was a small boy as old as Timothy testing out the plate. His dad came by and asked him what he was doing. He said, he was testing the plates because he read behind the plate, it said unbreakable.

      This is definitely not a paid post but a funny incident that I encountered 2 days ago. By the way, the plates and bowl here only cost US$2.99 each. In Malaysia, it is above RM$20 per plate.

    • Reward From Teddy Bear

      September 4, 2009

      Few months ago, Emily saw the Jusco bear and wanted to get one. Jusco is having a 25th anniversary celebration and if you spend above certain amount, you can have the bear for RM5.90. It is also a spot and win contest. Meaning, put the bear in the car and if spotted, you win some cash vouchers. I told Emily to put the bear in the car although she wants to sleep with it at night.

      Months later, I received a phone call at Changi Airport, I was returning from the states. I was really tired and half asleep. The caller asked me to go to Queensbay mall to have the photo of the bear in my car taken. Yeah, as if I can fly straight to Queensbay mall from Singapore. I made another day appointment with her. She told me I could win RM250 voucher.

      After the picture was taken, a few days ago, Jusco staff asked me to collect the gift vouchers. It was only RM50, not exactly RM250. I am still happy with it. The RM250 draw is end of Dec when you get spotted with the entire collection, 6 in total. A little gift from the bear.

      Of another topic, Giant just gave me 400 pages of coupon valid till 31st Oct. Tough competition out there.

    • Wordless Shopper

      July 28, 2009

      More details in

    • What Comes With It?

      May 1, 2008

      How many of you are like me, when I shop, I go look for free stuff that comes with the product? I do that all the time. I would buy more if the product comes with free stuff that I used.

      I just got Emily to drink Sustagen. Previously she was on Isomil, soya base milk because she was allergic baby. Now that she is older, she can move to cow base milk. At first, she couldn’t decide which milk she wanted. Both Isomil and Sustagen have gift exchange by collecting scoops and barcodes respectively. However, Emily looked through the Sustagen’s gift exchange book and saw something she liked. That was a motivation for her to change. I will get a kite for her and Tim.

      Last week, I just got a few boxes of Sustagen because it came with free lunch boxes. Emily chose the red and Tim liked the blue. It has a set of fork and spoon too. It will be fun for them to have their lunches from those boxes.

    • Food Sampling and Promoters

      February 23, 2008

      One of the reasons when my children like to go to the supermarket is because of the food and drink sampling. They will cruise through the drink section and tried out very yogurt drink there is. One promoter kept pouring different flavors for them. Next they go on to try the ice-cream. They have tried noodles, corn flakes, biscuits, chocolates and what not.

      Some promoters are very generous but there are some who ignore the customers when they see children. They only give to selected customers. Today there was one promoter who gave me a free 1 liter of fruit yogurt drink.

      Talking about promoters, do ever get annoyed with those who constantly buzz in your ears, tell you how good their product bla bla bla non stop. Half the time, I do not understand what they say because they talk in hokkien. The best way to introduce your product is to provide customer with sample. If they like the sample, they will return to buy.

      There was once, it was a clothing store, the promoter was afraid that I get lost. She followed me closely wherever I went. Next she started telling me the offers were and what colors it came with….bla bla bla again. I cannot even shop in peace. The offers were written in huge letters on the chart. I told her sweetly that I wanted to browse around by myself. She backed off a few minutes and later she was at it again. My steam engine kicked in and told her off. I told her that I can see the colors and I can read the offer. Please let me shop in peace. She was stunt and walked away. Hey if you see a shirt that says “Don’t follow me!”, let me know. I would want to own one.

    • What’s In The Box?

      January 19, 2008

      I am back a few days ago from US. I touched down on Tuesday and went to work on Wednesday. I had a busy schedule all week and no time for anything. My body was slowly adjusting back to my Malaysia time zone.

      I am sure you are interested what I bought back. Here is the big box of goodies I brought back. I cannot imagine that I shop so much. I think I should refrain myself from going to US again.

      Here is what I got, don’t faint yeah.

      Corelle Dinning Set:

      Gift for my hubby, a remote control helicopter.

      Transformers For Tim and Cinderella & SnowWhite for Emily. It was on sale.

      Digital Photo Frame & Egg Clock

      Mochi from Japan

      Cherries, my favorite and it was real cheap – US9 for 1.35kg. I got 2 boxes, yummy.

      Children Clothes