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    • Treasure Gaust Game

      March 22, 2010

      It is another toy from Ban Dai. Ban Dai produced the famous Tamagotchi, a digital pet. Once I own a little dragon pet before.

      Yesterday I was shopping with my children. As usual all they wanted to look at was the toys section. I saw a few items on sale. An electronic Treasure Gaust was going for RM15.00. At that time, I didn’t know what it was. I know if you buy 2, you can fight with one another. Looks like fun, so I got 2 for my children. It is actually a fishing digital toy.

      It is quite cool because the toy has a GPS system. For RM15 with GPS, cool right? Actually it is Gaust Positioning System, got you there! Gaust is some creatures you need to catch. It is floating around, the gadget has a compass system to allow you to find the creature. Once you got to the creature, you use the reel to capture it, like a fishing game. There are many different creatures you can capture. You can use the creature to fight with your opponent too.

      Ohh, you can also feed the creature to make it transform. I Google the toy, it is selling for US16.90. Maybe it is not so popular here.

      Yeah I am having fun with it too!! Here are some pictures of Gaust. Source:

    • TV Not Included

      April 16, 2009

      I wonder who will expect a TV to be in this small box of game. It will be cool if TV is included with the price of RM420.00.

    • Built Up Their Creativeness

      September 5, 2008

      I must say that Lego is one of the must have toys for children. It will allow you children to sit down and use their creativeness to create something. In turn it makes them use their right brain which is good. Look what Tim and Emily have made. They have hours of fun with it. Whenever I have a chance to go to US, I will loot some Lego back.

      Another good construction toys is LASY construction but I heard it is no longer in the market. I hope someone will bring it back.

      Tim’s Transformer Robot:

      Emily’s Gun:

    • Lately I have been very busy with a project so I will keep this post short. Guess what’s this?

      P/S: To make it more interesting since you all asking for prize. I will send 2 of these to you if you guess it right. :think: The first one who gets it correct.

    • Timothy’s Gift

      March 25, 2008

      Timothy’s gift finally arrived, all the way from US. What is it? It is no other than the new version of a Bumblebee Autobot transformer. The car is a Camaro, the original was a Volkswagen. Timothy was pretty excited. He tore the box but it was tougher than he thought. He yelled out for mummy. I tore the box and transform the toy for him. It takes a while for him to learn.

      Yeap, I had to bid for it in Ebay. It was slightly below RM50. The original toy store called Hasbro was out of stock. After I ordered it, it was on stock again. Sigh.

      Daddy got a toy too. What is 8G has a cool browser and you can call people with it. Go to to find out. I managed to hack it too!

    • Timothy’s 6th Birthday

      March 14, 2008

      Today is Timothy’s 6th Birthday. Guess where we are? Both Emily and Timothy are having the time of their life. I will tell you more in the next post. While waiting, enjoy this….

    • Mummy Is So Outdated

      March 10, 2008

      Yes, me. I am so outdated. What am I talking about? I took my children to the toys store. I was strolling down the aisle, saw a toy and picked it up. I saw a little hole and looked through it. My son came around.

      Tim: Mummy, this is not how you do it. Let me show you.

      He took it and pump air out of it. Oh, that’s how you do it. Sigh.

      On another note, Emily came to me and wanted me to buy a water bug (From the BeeMovie) that can transform. I think this is the last I am going to ask them what toys they want me to buy.

      Both my children favorite phrase when I asked them this:

      Mummy: Who taught you that?
      Tim/Emily: I learned it by myself.

    • Birthday Reminder

      February 18, 2008

      How do you know your child’s birthday is coming? When he starts reminding you to buy his favorite toy and cake. It is part of motherhood to get what a child wants on his birthday. I was given a mission by Tim to hunt for his transformer toy called “Bumble Bee”. Last week, I thought I have completed the mission when I placed the order online.

      Today, I found out that I ordered the wrong thing. Back to square 1. One other blogger is hunting down the same thing for her son. Her husband told her that it is difficult to get because limited edition. I found a couple but it is overpriced. I mean double the price.

      One online store I found had stocks in March. Let’s hope the stock will come in. I thought I better update Tim.

      Mummy: Hey Tim, the transformer bumblebee is no more in stock. Have to wait for uncle to make more.

      Tim: Why no more?

      Mummy: By the way, the one you selected can only sing and dance but cannot transform.

      Tim: Huh? I want to transform. *look strangely at me*

      Mummy: Then you have to wait.

      Tim: You find for me yeah. *look a bit disappointed*

      Mummy: Ok, I will do my best.

      Tim: Ok.

      If you know where I can find one of these for not more than RM50, let me know.

    • Transformer Toys

      January 25, 2008

      Transformer, beside the movie, it produces a series of toys. The toys can be transform from a vehicles such as truck, airplane, space ship or car into a robot. I feel that the toy is very good for children because it helps them to develop some problem solving skills.

      Transformer toys come in many levels, level 1 being the easiest to transform and level 4 most difficult. It may take you a few minutes to transform to a few hours. I got a few transformers from US and it is cheaper that Malaysia.

      If you have a boy, get one of these for him. Let me show you how it works. This is the Optimus Prime – good guy transformer.