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    • It is me against a giant but I guess justice was on my side. I decided to file a case against Celcom for charging me internet usage which I didn’t use. The story is here and here.

      It is very easy to file a Consumer Tribunal case and you go to do it online. I blog about the procedure here. It is RM5 per submission.

      Today is the hearing day, started at 9am. It was a small court room with the Tuan President as the judge seated right in front like a normal court room. We were brief before the Tuan President arrived that arguments are not allowed and stick to the case by the officer.

      There were many other cases before me. The time came for me to sit at the claimant seat and the defendant on his seat. Celcom assigned a branch manager to defend the case.

      At first, the judge encouraged us to make a settlement. He suggested to us to settle on an appropriate amount like RM75. Ok, I thought I didn’t want to upset the jugde, a good impression would be favorable, I agreed with the amount.

      The branch manager, a nice chap couldn’t decide because Celcom gave him some directions. I guess his company image is also at stake. He was also looking to see any reporters around. Too bad none! He asked the Tuan President permission to call HQ. Tuan President gave a short recess while he made the call. No hearing was made yet.

      The branch manager came back and told me, Celcom willing to go for RM50 and he said he will pay me RM25 in cash. The total still amounted to RM75. I was against that idea because I suspect the RM25 may be from his own pocket.

      Tuan President came back, the branch manager told him Celcom is only willing to pay RM50 and I said “No”.

      The hearing started and everything was recorded by the Tuan President. He took my statement and his defend statements. I had all the evidences

      1. There was no continuous charge of 70 sen internet when I started with Celcom in Dec, charges came in after I return from overseas.

      2. Celcom cannot provide any URL, valid IP and how much data I downloaded during my access.

      3. Now I am with Digi and there was no auto browsing.

      After hearing, he asked the defendant for his final word then he passed judgment.


      It was not enough to cover my half day leave but it was the justice I was seeking.

    • Know Your Rights

      October 6, 2007

      I have a friend who is always on the road, traveling from one place to another. Once he almost got into a semi truck accident with a reckless driver. He was frightened by the entire incident. Thank goodness neither party had any damages.

      Let’s hope that none of you are face with such bad experience. If you are, you need to understand your rights. Many big truck companies have their own legal representatives. They are sent to the accident scene to confront accident victim when they are most vulnerable. Beware if you are the victim. Get your own protection with your own legal representative. Here is great website to give you more information and call US 1 866 771 7769 if you need a lawyer.

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