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    • First Class Seating

      January 7, 2010

      Just like many who used to rush, run and pick their seats in AA flights, it brings out the Malaysian identity in us. I am glad AA now assign seating arrangement, I believed it is for safety purposes. It is not very safe for people to rush and run on an airport runway.

      Back to school, I overheard parents telling their children to choose the best seats in the classroom. I remembered my mom asked me to sit in the front because of a better view. I never like the front seat because teacher always like to pick on students in the front.

      Today, parents are asking their children to pick seats near or below the fan. What to do? The weather is really hot here. When Tim returned from school, I asked him where he sits. He said he sat at the back. He also told me that all the seats near or below the fan were taken up very quickly.

      By the way, I saw 3 tall students in his class. 2 were same height as him and 1 was taller. I believed it is a class for the tall. :giggles:

    • Family Of Robots

      September 3, 2009

      This post is dedicated to Timothy.

      Tim is very much into Transformer again, I guess influence from the latest Transformer Movie. I didn’t bring him to watch it because it is quite violent and PG13. Now he and my nephew has a character for us.

      Papa – Sideways

      Mummy – Bumble Bee. I chose it myself and he refused to acknowledge it an insisted that Bumble Bee is male. Well robots has no gender.

      Tim – Iron Hide

      Emily – Arcee

      Nephew – Optimus Prime

      FIL – Megatron but later changed to human after we told him that “ah yeh” (aka grandfather) is a good guy.

      Shawn newborn cousin brother – Ratchet

      Here is my family of robots:
      L To R: Bumble Bee; Iron hide; Optimus Prime; Ratchet; Megatron; Sideways; Archee

    • Oh Boy

      May 5, 2009

      *contain unattractive pictures*

      Tim got a bad rash since last Wednesday. He came home with rash on the face and legs. I suspect he ate something that he was allergic too. Up to this day, I am not sure what. Anyway, I applied calamine lotion to ease his itch and monitor him, hoping it will go away.

      A few days after that, it seems to look better. However on Sunday night, it becomes worst and Monday, it starts to spread to the hand. His primary teacher called to ask us to take him home from school, she was afraid that he has chicken pox. My hubby did tell her that it is rash and not contagious.

      No choice, I had to take him to the clinic. The doctor prescribed some antihistamine (Zyrtec). Hydrocortisone cream (a steroid used to reduce inflammation) and anti-itch medicine. The cream is to be used sparingly. Well his condition is very bad that I need to use this cream. Today he looks much better.

      The doctor gave Zyrtec pill and Tim never learnt how to swallow a pill before. He was terrible at it. He kept it in the mouth until it dissolve and finally swallows it. The next course, I had to make it into powder form and add a little water for him to take it. I also prepare some tic-tac for him to get rid of the bitter taste.

      I remember my mom gave me “kar in chee” after I eat medicine. I still love it, not the medicine but the kar in chee.

    • Entrepreneur In Him

      March 23, 2009

      Who wants to buy Tim’s creation? Don’t you think he has some entrepreneurship in him? I was surprised when I saw this display in his book shelf. He priced is just right too with description of the material.

      Now I would think he will catch up to Ebay in no time. He just never cease to amaze me. By the way, I was his first customer. How can I resist right?

    • Decipher Timothy’s Art

      February 14, 2009

      I was looking at Tim’s exercise book and I saw some interesting pictures he drew. I believed most of them are Bible Stories. I do not know what it is but I will ask him tomorrow. See whether you can guess the bible story tie to the drawing.

      Time to test your Bible Knowledge…

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)

      Story #2

      Story #3

      Story #4

      Story #5

      Story #6

      Story #7

      Story #8

      Story #9

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)
      Story #2 – Jesus Ascension
      Story #3 – Angel Appeared At Jesus Tomb
      Story #4 – Moses & Burning Bush
      Story #5 – Moses
      Story #6 – Moses & 10 Commandments
      Story #7 – The Red Sea Destroyed The Egyptians
      Story #8 – Daniel’s Friends In The Fiery Furnace With An Angel

    • Laksa Boy

      December 17, 2008

      Tim started eating spicy food when he was 1+. He would go after our Hokkien Mee (aka Prawn Mee). Now he will go after my asam laksa. Everytime when I am having laksa, he would come near me and ask for it. He loves it and he will grin from ear to ear when I ordered it for him.
      Last time, I was wondering how to introduce spicy food to my children. I guess I do not have to worry with Tim. However he will hold his big water tumbler when he eats it. If it is too spicy, he will drink the water.

      Funny thing, he gets the kicks out of trying spicy food. He also loves curry and nasi lemak. As for Emily, she cannot take it. Once she told me that she doesn’t like laksa because it is too spicy for her. Guess what happen, Tim thought her the way to eat spicy asam laksa that is to drink water if too spicy. She came back to tell me, she likes laksa. However she doesn’t crave for it that much compare to Tim.

      Next, I probably introduce nasi kandar to Tim.

    • Having A Tall Boy

      October 14, 2008

      I always wanted to blog about this but I always forget about it. Everyone tells me that Timothy is tall for his age. Yeap, he follows his papa’s gens. Having a tall boy is very convenient for mummy. He is able to help himself with the toilet light switch by 3.5 years old. Now he is helping his sister with it. He is also able to get cups and bowls from the kitchen bars by himself. Of coz the kettle area is prohibited area for both of them.

      Beside the toilet light switch, every morning when he wakes up early, he walked downstairs and helped himself with the lights and fan. Of coz he also switched on cartoons himself. He is an early bird also from papa’s gens.

      That’s the good thing of having a tall boy. I am waiting for Emily to reach the toilet light, she is 1 inch away. Let see whether he can make it by 5.

      Timothy Height Chart

      Emily Height Chart

    • Over A Piece Of Paper

      September 15, 2008

      Yesterday Timothy woke up from his afternoon nap and was in an annoying mood. He started to whine making noises as he wanted daddy to draw one of his Transformers. Daddy gave in and drew one for him. He was coloring it and adding some pictures of his own. He went back into his normal self. He really knows how to annoy daddy and I with his whining. If we scold him, he will cry nonstop and I am not exaggerating. However his crying has reduced as he grows up.

      I had some friends over for a pot bless dinner and he was showing his Transformer drawing to some of them. Towards the end as I was cleaning up and he was playing with his “kau fu”, my brother, I threw some paper away. I didn’t know what it was.

      After everyone left, he started looking for his drawing and couldn’t find it. He started whining again asking me to help him find. He didn’t want to go to bed until I find the drawing. I was able to send him up to his bedroom but he was still whining.

      I had no choice but to go to the dustbin and dig out the garbage to see what I threw. Fortunately it was on the top. I had to sanitize it with some dettol spray before I went up to his bedroom to show him. If he didn’t see it, I bet he will not be able to sleep in peace. He was happy again. Sigh.

      I don’t blame him as I will feel not satisfied if I lost something and couldn’t find it. However as an adult we can get over it. I guess Timothy needs to learn to get over things. Any idea how to teach a child to get over things? I tried distraction but it didn’t work.

      By the way, I tell you in a couple of days he will forget about that piece of paper and he will chucked it to the dustbin himself.

    • Mooncake Menu

      August 19, 2008

      Tim is a fan of mooncake, fortunately it is once a year kind of festival. The way Tim eats mooncake, I probably will go bankrupt soon. He can finished one mooncake all by himself. Mooncakes are not what it used to be. I am still a fan of the traditional mooncakes. Now mooncakes comes in many colors and very costly. I remember I used to buy it for half the price.

      A few weeks back, I was shopping at Jusco with Tim and Emily. Tim saw mooncakes and his eyes were big. He kept asking me to buy. I asked him what he wants as there are so many types to choose from. In Jusco, the mooncake’s stalls were setup in rows. Each brand has a menu. Tim picked up the menu and scanned through. He went to the next and the next because he couldn’t find what he wanted. Finally found one stall which have his type but the promoter was nowhere to be found. He was very upset.

      He went to another stall to scan the menu again. After the third stall, he found another of his choice. However, the promoter said that it ran out of stock. Tim was frustrated. By now he scanned through all the stalls but none avail. Anyway we waited for the MIA promoter to return, she did and Tim was happy.

      As for Emily, she told me that she wanted the purple yam mooncake and got what she wants. Simple. Now guess what mooncake Tim wanted? I think only 2 brands has it.

      Tim was looking for is the dragon fruit mooncake, dark pink in the inside.

    • Tim’s Art Gallery

      August 6, 2008

      You all know Tim loves drawing. Now whatever he draws, he will paste it onto the wall of the stair case using tape. It is like his mini art gallery. Most of his recent drawings are on Transformers. Sometimes he tried to duplicate flyers or something he sees.

      Guess what is this?