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    • Amigurumi Bear

      September 11, 2008

      The other day I was in Borders browsing some books. I love to go to the craft sections. I saw this book on making Amigurumi. I never heard that word before. Amigurumi is a knitted stuff toy. It can be done either by knitting or crochet. It is a Japanese art.

      I fell in love with all the little stuff toys in the book. I didn’t get the book because I knew that the Internet will have some free patterns for me to start something. If I fail, at least I don’t waste money on the book.

      I was eager to go to the thread shop to get the yarn and a needle. I text shoppingmum to find out what needle size to buy. She is the guru when it comes to knitting or crochet. I got everything and started working. I must not stop else it will never finish. I must do from start to end.

      Hey I haven’t been crocheting for 20 years. I did a little crocheting when I was young but never really make anything out of it. I think I did make a hat, I cannot really remember. However it is amazing when I picked up the crochet needle, I started to remember the stitches. I was doing this while watching the Moonlight Resonance online.

      Here ya go…cute? Next I will make a bunny.