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    • Vouchers

      June 7, 2007

      I am swamp with vouchers this month. 😀 You can tell how busy I am with all the vouchers I received. Actually both my hubby and I received. Management rewards us with vouchers when we accomplished some mega projects with cost savings. Oh well, with the cost savings that we made, they can do better than vouchers. Sorry human never is contended.

      Why vouchers? Oh well, I heard that it is not taxable if they give us vouchers. Then again, lately I heard otherwise. If they give us cash, certainly it is taxable and will be written in our EA slip.

      Anyway, why I took my birthday card? My company gives us vouchers for birthday too. Today I just spent it and it was finger licking good. That is why I am replacing it with the birthday card which is also part of the gift. I used to get McDonalds vouchers, now they give variety after the survey. Actually I put MPH or Petrol vouchers in the survey but never got selected. I guess I was the minority. This month is KFC and Pizza Hut.

      Now anyone wanna exchange my vouchers for cash??? $-)

    • Exams Exams Exams

      August 7, 2006

      How many of you who have left school or college or university but still get haunted by exams? I thought I could escape from it but it seems not.

      I have lots of nightmares about exams. The dreams were always about the exam time is running out and I have completed all the questions or maybe got stuck in the first few questions. A few times, I dreamt I had missed one box of those objective sheet and all the following answers were out of sync. I even dreamt that I totally forgot to study for the subject and went into the exam hall point blank. These dreams really give me sweaty palms. Anyone can explain or interpret why I am having these dreams?

      Come to think of it, I never fail any subject in my University time. However I still do not understand why I have this exam phobia. There is one time when my monthly test was a total disaster. The test was simple, it was mathematics, I had to build up the answers with the formula given. I got nervous and started with the wrong figure, all the figures after that was wrong. Got an egg for that test. Fortunately they took the best 5 out of those monthly tests to add to the finals.

      Enough about the nightmares because it will become a reality soon, let’s hope not. I will be getting myself certified with basic ITIL. It is a requirement for me to take it. With this course, I need go for lectures for 3 days, study, burn midnight oil, no shopping and sit for an hour paper at the end. :wall: It will make me very nervous. Jazzmint, who is already basic ITIL certified, send me some mock up exams papers and answers. It helps a lot to bring down my anxiousness.

    • Company Dinner

      January 20, 2006

      Yesterday, I had my company annual dinner. We had to wear traditional costume to the dinner. As usual, many will complain. I have noted some funny remarks.

      Guy1: Aiyoh, why so “mar farn” (troublesome), go to company dinner also need to get new attire. Where to get traditional costume?
      Guy2: Don’t care I just come in jeans & t-shirt. Not going to spend so much money just for the dinner.
      Guy1: I probably will not go.

      Gal1: Hey what are you going to wear? Got best dress competition.
      Gal2: Cheong Sam is the only thing I have.
      Gal1: Are you going to do up your hair?
      Gal2: 2 hours enough time to go saloon to do hair? (We can go off at 3pm to get ready, dinner starts at 6pm 7pm)

      Guy: What are you going to dress as?
      Gal: As human, you? 😆

      As usual, most of the gals go all out to dress up, there were Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian & Vietnamese costumes. The gal in the Korean costume won. Some sporting guys wore Arabian, Malay, Chinese (one look like “keong si”), Indian and Kung Fu costumes. The Indian guy (look like Bollywood actor’s costume) won.

      I have to say, it was an enjoyable dinner. Our table got prizes for table draw.

    • Company Affairs Part II

      December 1, 2005

      I owe you an apology. :pray: I was supposed to tell you my decisions. I just remembered today. For history, refer to this post about Company Affairs & Decisions.

      Finally my company has split into 2 companies. Strange 2 companies are in same location. The decision was made. Nothing has change, I didn’t chose the direction where the $$$ is. 😯 There was 6 months bonus for bond of a period of 3 years and given in a period of 3 years. Strange thing is that anyone who joined in Oct or Nov will also get that package. It attracted a lot of engineers applying for the vacancy. :drool: My hubby tried to apply but too late for him.

      Anyway, I chose to stay back as I am not a risk taker. :sick: My manager has given me new role and responsibilities, which is why I am very busy. There is potential career opportunity there. Keeping my fingers cross that I hope to get a good increment. :dance: However my company is going through some downsizing and lots of sad news. The sad part is saying farewell to them and also farewell to my colleagues who I have been working with for past 7 years, as they joined the new company. 🙁

      It is a roller coaster ride ever since I join my company. My company has been spun off from a bigger company and now sold one big business unit out. Funny thing is my colleague has join 3 companies without resigning. :sc: She beats me to it. Not too sure what is the future but life goes on. :whistle:

    • Year End

      November 15, 2005

      I always look forward to year end when it comes to work. Why? Year end has the most public holidays, with Deepavali, Raya, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. Not only that, year end for me is also time to receive BIG money. My company year end doesn’t follow the standard calendar. We have an early year end, following the US financial calendar. Despite there will be loads of work to be completed by year end. At the end of it, it is very satisfying to received contractor bonus and profit sharing.

      Today, my company just announced the profit sharing for all employees. I am happy to receive something although it is NOT a lot. Well you can say that I am easily satisfied.

      Year End has the most importing event of the entire year, it is of coz the performance evaluation time. I have a very positive view on this. It is the time where you tell your boss or manager how important you are in the company. How you have made the company successful. Many of us tend to complain that it is just another piece of paperwork to fill in when it comes to performance evaluation. We shouldn’t because we should be proud of what we did.

      At the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of Gold.

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