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    • Craft DIY Miniature Rooms

      October 15, 2012

      I like to do things with my hands like origami, cross-stitches or gardening. Most of these stuff except for gardening, I can do during my night teleconference where I am not the host. These crafts can keep me awake and de-stress.

      The other day I was shopping and I found these DIY craft set. I fell in love with it. The shop displayed the finish work. I got 2 sets, hoping to do with my girl, ended up I did it all. She is happy because she can play with it. She uses her Lego minifigures as house visitors.

      Here are some pictures….

      New Project Coming Soon!

    • Making A Non-Sew Tutu

      September 29, 2008

      I was asked by many bloggers on how to make a tutu without sewing. I decided to take pictures to show you how simple it can be, since I have to make 20 of them. I will be repeating this process many times. Remember to donate to my paypal if you like it, donate icon on the right. :giggles:

      First you need to get the netting material for Kamdar. Kamdar is much cheaper than craft shops. Next you need to measure your child. You need to measure her waist and her waist to knee. Emily waist is 47cm and waist to knee is 35cm.

      You need to place the netting material onto a table for cutting.
      You need to double the “waist to knee” measurement that will be 70 cm for my case. You measure 70 cm and cut.

      Next you need to roll it like what I have in the picture. Remember to roll it the right way to get 70cm strips. You need to measure 6 inches width to cut.

      Now for the waist, you cut 3 x waist measurement in length ribbon, for me is 47×3 = 141cm. Tie a knot at the waist length marker so you know where to start and where to end. Tie the ribbon to a pillow or a chair before doing the following.

      Here is how you tie it and it should take 20 minutes while watching TV. If you are doing a fairy tutu, you can mix the color. One white strip, one colored strip, one white strip, one colored strip…..etc

      Hey here is the angel wing. I finally found a nice cloth to do the wing. Like it?

    • Amigurumi Bear

      September 11, 2008

      The other day I was in Borders browsing some books. I love to go to the craft sections. I saw this book on making Amigurumi. I never heard that word before. Amigurumi is a knitted stuff toy. It can be done either by knitting or crochet. It is a Japanese art.

      I fell in love with all the little stuff toys in the book. I didn’t get the book because I knew that the Internet will have some free patterns for me to start something. If I fail, at least I don’t waste money on the book.

      I was eager to go to the thread shop to get the yarn and a needle. I text shoppingmum to find out what needle size to buy. She is the guru when it comes to knitting or crochet. I got everything and started working. I must not stop else it will never finish. I must do from start to end.

      Hey I haven’t been crocheting for 20 years. I did a little crocheting when I was young but never really make anything out of it. I think I did make a hat, I cannot really remember. However it is amazing when I picked up the crochet needle, I started to remember the stitches. I was doing this while watching the Moonlight Resonance online.

      Here ya go…cute? Next I will make a bunny.

    • Fairy Balloon

      September 30, 2007

      My sculpture fairy balloon which I learn from a book. Anyone wants to invite me to their children’s party? It will be one of my sideline. :giggles:

    • Hand Tattoo

      January 5, 2007

      During my primary school days, I am one of those junkies, eat a lot of junk food. I love to get this bubble gum that cost 5 sens for 2. I will eat the gum and behind the wrapper there is a picture. With that, you can tattoo the picture on your back of the palm. You take a few drops of water. Make the picture a bit wet. Then paste in on your hand. Later the picture will appear. Have you ever had that? Those were the days.

      A few days back, I got this Bob The Builder tattoo that works on the similar concept. For my children, it is the first time they ever seen it. They thought it was a sticker but they couldn’t peel it. I showed them how it is done. Emily was pretty excited with the picture on her hand, kept asking for more. Tim was just playing cool.

      I hope this bring back some childhood memories of yours. Ooh by the way, I love those bubble gums, I can blow a bubble as big as my face and pop it so that my entire face will be cover with gum. It is easy to peel off and my parents won’t have a clue.

      Guess the hands:

    • Special Package

      January 13, 2006

      My company reception ping me to say there is a registered package for me. I bought something special for my little helper Emily. A mom who has a pair of very creative hands made it. The package was nicely wrapped too.

      Here is it. If you like it and you want to order, go here.

      Dedicated to Twinsmom.