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    • Motivate Your Kids To Read

      Many kids spend too much time on gadgets or video games and less time on reading. Often I hear parents complaining that their child has no interest in reading, which is sad. In order to cultivate reading, it needs to start from a very young age.

      For one, I like visiting the book stores. Once a week, I will bring my children to visit the book stores. They will spend at least 1 hour to read. It started since they were 2. Sad to say, that we don’t have any big library nearby. I wished somebody would do something to get a library going near my area.

      If you are a parent, do take your kids to the book store or library at least once a month to instil the reading culture. Then you will never complain that your kids don’t read!

      Published on February 17, 2014 · Filed under: Parenting;
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