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    • I won some vouchers to have Japanese Seafood Buffett at Eastin Hotel Penang. There were a varieties of sushi and sashimi, seafood, fresh oyster, sukiyaki, tempura, unagi, garlic rice and lots of desserts. It comes with chocolate fountain and ice-creams for the kids. Here are the pictures:

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    • First Yew Sang 2013

      January 20, 2013

      Yew Sang is a dish we eat during Chinese New Year. It has mixed vegetables like carrots, radish, ginger, mixed fried crackers and of course the raw salmon. My children like to eat this. There are 2 places I would get this, Sushi King and Jusco Sushi counter and I tell you why. They do not provide any fake coloring stuff as most places do. On top of that, the salmon is quite fresh.

      We had the first 2013 yew sang on 12 Jan 2013 and I am sure there is more to come. Cannot wait for Chinese New Year!!

    • Pulut Hitam

      July 25, 2012

      I made this delicious dessert using my thermal pot. The thermal pot is one of the best things I have invested on. One thing with thermal pot, it conserved energy and you cannot overcook! In addition, you don’t need to watch the fire.

      Pulut Hitam is black glutinous rice. I wash the rice before cooking. Pour the rice into the pot and water. Add sugar while boiling. I boil it for 10 minutes under the stove and transferred it into the thermal pot and locked it. It will cook itself. The longer you leave it, the better it taste. After 3-4 hours, you will have a tasty and delicious dessert.

      Add a tablespoon of santan (coconut milk) and it is ready to serve. My girl loves this! Yummilicious!

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    • Fish & Eat

      July 9, 2012

      There is a very good seafood place at Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage. Map below:

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      It has a fishing pond and you can fish for RM$40 for 3 hours. When I was there, I saw a few people caught a few big fish. It makes me want to join them.

      Beside the fishing pond, there is a seafood restaurant. I have eaten the best fried crab with salted egg there. We called crab, steam fish, marmite chicken, broccoli and tom yum soup. The price was only RM130 for 4 adults and 2 children. The fish was a big portion. Thumbs up for a place to eat seafood with a great greenery view. By the way, you need to call in and pre-order, if not it will be a long wait.

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    • Lemang Susu Putih

      October 10, 2011

      This is a delayed post which I almost forgot about it. Anyhow, I saw it being queue up for me to write about. Here goes…

      My hubby found the most delicious Lemang during the Puasa month aka Muslim fasting month. Lemang is actually sticky glutinous rice cooked in bamboo shoot. It is done under a fire which brings out the fragrant of the rice. It can be eaten together with meat floss or rendang (dry meat curry).

      The delicious lemang is very soft and it goes well with the spicy meat floss. Both my kids love it!! The place where we got this is near the Taman Bukit Jambul flat but I believed it, you can find it only during Puasa month. If you come to Penang during that month, go try it! Super yummy…..

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    • Ice Cream Days

      June 25, 2011

      I don’t know about you but I had this type of ice cream when I was in school. I still remember the canteen old uncle sold each for 20 sen each. I really missed the asam boi (sour plum) flavor ones. I can have a few in a day.

      My neighbors made these for my children. My son loves it because he loves chewing on ice. However he didn’t know how to eat it until I teach him how.

      I must make some sour plum ones. If you know the recipe, let me know. I don’t want to make it from cordial or artificial flavored sour plum juice. I need the authentic ones. Thinking about this makes me drool.

    • Father’s Day

      June 23, 2011

      I took the opportunity to pig out, I mean celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. I picked a buffet steamboat place in town, at Maclister Rd, Penang. It is called Town Steamboat Buffet. It is always filled with a crowd, whenever we go there. It cost around RM20 per adult and senior citizen has discount.

      The food, plenty of varieties but reduced compare to the last time we went there. They have all kinds of seafood, meat, vegetables, fish balls, meat balls, dim sum, desserts, ice-cream, drinks satay and durian. Yes, they served durian. Super worth it for the prize we are paying.

      By the way, it is a combination of BBQ and steamboat. Sad to say that our stove didn’t work too well and it took a long time for the soup to boil.

      It is an open air place so you need to bear with the heat and sweaty crowd. Anyway I was completely full to the brim when I left the place.

      Verdict? I still prefer Shabu Shabu, pay a little more for air condition. I like the one in Kuchai Lama, KL. Every time I go back to hometown, we will eat there.

    • Simply Delicious!

      May 30, 2010

      No words can describe this….

      RM22.50 for 2 huge egg crab! Steam with egg white, ginger and wine.

    • I am not sure how true this is but it is better to take precaution. Take a look at this video about McD Happy Meal, sorry it is in Cantonese.

      Basically the video state that someone bought a Happy Meal and placed it on the shelf for years. Surprisingly she found that the meal didn’t go bad. The fries color remains, burger size shrink and no flies attack too. From the look of it, they suspect the preservatives used may be very strong that no creature wants to attack it.

      I am glad my children are not into burger.

    • My Peanut Tong Yuen

      January 2, 2010

      In order to make peanut tong yuen, the dough must be a little hard with less water. It is alright, because when you boil it later, it will become soft.

      First you take 2 small piece of tong yuen, roll it like a ball. Press with your thumb.
      For peanut filling, I used chunky Skippy peanut butter jam. You can use 2 small spoons to scoop and place on top of the dough. Take another piece and put it on top. Like making doremon pancake.

      Seal it with water, using your finger dip into water and tap it on the dough. Once seal, roll it like a ball.

      With the Skippy chunky peanut butter jam, it has some crunchy peanut in it. Tada….my peanut tong yuen in palm syrup. Slurp :P~~~

      Now anyone know how to make sesame paste?