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    • Yamaha JMC Trial Class

      April 28, 2008

      Last Saturday was the Trial Yamaha Junior Music Class. I bought Tim and Emily there. The class was full, about 9-10 parents with their child. It was only a 30 minute class which was difficult to assess whether my children love it or hate it.

      First, the teacher taught the children hearing skills. She played a simple musical piece from the CD and asked us with our child to clap to the beat. Next were the singing skills, asking the children to sing some simple nursery songs. Last it was some actions we did together with the child following the music rhythm and beat, holding hands together.

      Verdict, the parents had the most fun. Some children were following and some were distracted. I partnered with Tim and my hubby partnered with Emily. Tim has a little phobia with class concept and didn’t like it. On the other hand, Emily was 50-50. She sang and did some actions on the parts she liked. The parts she didn’t like, she was laid down on the long piano chair.

      I asked Emily and Timothy whether they want to continue with the class. Tim said “no” and Emily said “yes”, provided I partner with her. I signed up for Emily for a term to try out further. The fees were alright but the materials was costly. The material is good for 6 months. It has a “laptop”, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 course book, 1 workbook and a music bag. Total cost is RM339 with RM124 for 2 months. RM30 for registration. It is a 2 year course.

      By the way, since I have to accompany Emily in the class, I get to learn some music too. It is like paying for 2 for the price of 1. 😛

    • Splish Splash Weekend

      April 26, 2008

      We have our own swimming pool in our home. It is the cheapest swimming pool because there is no maintenance cost and no cleaning required. Oh, I don’t need to waste breath blowing it up or deflating it as well. I should have gotten the six feet wide pool, this one I have look small.

      My children are crazy over water play. They can spend an hour in there. They are very excited each time papa takes out the swimming pool. Emily will go and get toys to put inside the pool. I will add some bubble bath that produces lots of bubble foam to make it more interesting. I got a few bottles from bath&body and it is all natural products. It is very good for their skin too. Emily would say “It smells good”.

      Guess what is the most difficult thing from this water play? Trying to get them out of the pool. :wall: Anyway the children have fun and I don’t have to spend money. Good deal eh??!!

    • Telling Tales

      April 25, 2008

      Guess which of the 2 children I have always tell tales? Both actually do. When one did wrong, the other one will run to me and tell what naughty things the other one did. Constantly I will get reporting from them. They are always hoping that I will scold the other one. Fortunately I don’t have more than 2 else I need more ears.

      Here is what I get day in day out.

      Emily: Kor kor push me and I hurt my finger.

      Tim: Emily naughty or, take my toys and spoil it

      Emily: Kor kor didn’t do homework.

      Tim: Emily didn’t drink milk.

      Emily: Kor kor draw on uncle table and uncle scold. Uncle said to Tim, “You got money to pay for the table”

      Tim: Emily didn’t listen to papa.

      Emily: Kor kor eat all my grapes, no more for me.

      … goes on….

    • Small Eaters

      April 23, 2008

      I always thought my children were small eaters. They don’t really each much. One day Emily was sick so I had to take care of her at home. However my babysitter helps me to cook for her. She brought her food over. Wow, it was a big portion. I said to myself, can she finished all. I wonder does she feed her this much everyday?

      I was amazed that Emily finished 90% of the bowl above. 😯 Funny, yet after coming back from babysitter, having eat that much, they still say their hungry. :think: During the weekend, they only can eat 1 small bowl of rice with dishes. Both of them take very long to finish their rice. When it comes to cakes, ice-cream or satay, they can gobbled it down very fast. Children…sigh.

    • Emily developed a habit of saying this: “I told ya” & “I don’t like”. She gets the kick out of picking on mummy’s people’s mistake and correcting them. She will be very happy if she is right and I am wrong. Just to excite her, I purposely do it wrong. Shh …shhh please don’t tell her that.

      Mummy: Please go get your pajamas in the ironing room
      Emily: It is not in the ironing room
      Mummy: Not there meh? Where is it?
      Emily: It is in the old room, come see. *mummy followed her*
      Emily: See I told ya!
      Mummy: 😉


      Emily: Not like that one, it is like this. *fixing her toys*
      Mummy: Huh?
      Emily: I told ya!


      Mummy: Please go play your toys. *mummy busy watching 7pm TVB series*
      Emily: I don’t like.
      Mummy: Go do your homework.
      Emily: I don’t like.
      Mummy: *ignore her*
      Emily: Mummy, I don’t like doing things.
      Mummy: What you want to do?
      Emily: I don’t know.
      Mummy: Go to the fridge and get yourself a sweet.
      Emily: I like *run away*

    • Sleeping Style

      April 21, 2008

      Two days in a row, Emily has come up with really peculiar sleeping style. First one last Friday, I am sure you want to know why she is sleeping on the stairs. Nope she was not waiting for mummy or too tired, walk up halfway and slept. In fact, she was very naughty, didn’t listen to me and I scolded her. She was crying outside the room. I left her there and went downstairs. Don’t worry, I was nearby. I heard her coming down but it was 4 steps down. Later it was very quiet and I suspected she has fallen asleep crying.

      Yesterday, when I went in to her room and wanted to nap with her. Look what I saw? She wrapped herself like a “mummy” and felt asleep. What is your children sleeping style?

    • Wordless Friday

      April 18, 2008

    • Michelle Not Michael!

      April 18, 2008

      Today I got a call from a promoter or should I call him a salesman. Anyway, although I was busy, I didn’t want to be rude and entertain him a little. Maybe I was in a good mood after my half yearly routine doctor checkup. No bad news from doctor which is good.

      Back to the conversation with the salesman:

      Me: Hello Michelle speaking
      S: Hello may I speak to Miss Michael. *wanted to say wrong number*
      Me: This is Michelle speaking
      S: Miss Michael, are you free? *He was speaking in Bahasa Malaysia although I answer in English*
      Me: I am Michelle, not Michael *roll eyes*
      S: Sorry, Miss Michelle are you free?
      Me: Not really, I am working. *I had to answer in BM*
      S: I am from bla bla bla, you have been selected specially to enjoy this package.. bla bla bla.
      Me: What package?
      S: Insurance blab la bla.
      Me: Sorry I am not interested. Thank you.
      S: Bla Bla Bla..Thank you.
      Me: Bye

      If you want to promote something, at least get your customer’s name pronounced correctly. This is not the first time I hear people calling Michael. Even after I corrected them, they still call me Michael. How annoying!

      Oh this only happen to a particular group of people if you know who I am referring too. By the way, they like to call my son Ti-Mot-Ti and my gal Em-Ma-Li. *roll eyes*

      Guess what my English teacher, yes English teacher called me? She called me Mit-Che-Li in front of a hall of people. It was not embarrassing for me but for her. *roll eyes* I always wonder, didn’t tell ever hear the famous song from Beatles.

      Michelle (Beatles Lyric)
      (Lennon/McCartney) Lead Vocal: McCartney

      Michelle, my belle.
      These are words that go together well,
      my Michelle.

      Michelle, my belle.
      Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
      tres bien ensemble.

      I love you, I love you, I love you.
      That’s all I want to say.
      Until I find a way
      I will say the only words I know that
      you’ll understand.

      Michelle, my belle.
      Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
      tres bien ensemble.

      I need to, I need to, I need to
      I need to make you see,
      oh, what you mean to me.
      Until I don I’m hoping you will
      know what I mean.

      I love you.

      I want you, I want you, I want you.
      I think you know by now
      I’ll get to you somehow.
      Until I do I’m telling you so
      you’ll understand.

      Michelle, my belle.
      Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
      tres bien ensemble.

      I will say the only words I know
      that you’ll understand, my Michelle.

    • Look Familiar

      April 17, 2008

      As I was buying lunch yesterday, I saw a little gal who is a little younger than Emily. However her actions were very similar to Emily. She was very upset, not sure why. She stood on the chair. Anyone who approached her or want to distract her, she will use her hand to push them away. Her eyes were teary and had an angry facial expression.

      My mum has a name for this, she called it “ta pat toong”. Yeap she is a mahjong player. Her actions were so much similar to Emily when she is upset. She will not let anyone touch her. She will either use her hand to push us away or foot to kick us. She will do that until she cools down. If I scold her, she will cry. Usually, I will just leave her alone. However if she was upset with papa or kor kor, she probably wants me to “sayang” her.

      Now I wonder how little gals learn this. Does your little gal do this?

    • iWon A Prize

      April 15, 2008

      Just when I ran out of things to blog about, this came.

      Thanks to Sue from ZoopsLife. I won the nice pink Timberland bag from the 4th contest that Sue put up. Hey the 5th contest is up, go and participate. It is free to make a guess. Who knows, you might win something from there. It is also another great way to know another blogger and read another blog.

      The 4th contest was to guess how many stalks in the vase. How did I guess it? I read the previous post that she bought the flowers, paid by her hubby. Usually when people buy flowers, it is either ½ or 1 dozen. ½ a dozen will be too few because it has already more than 5 tulips and 2 lilies. It has to be more than ½ dozen. So I guess 12 stalks.

      Thanks again Sue!