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    • Brunch

      January 15, 2014

      Today my son woke me up because he wanted to go for dim sum which we didn’t go for a long time. How I wished that here got better dim sum places like Sydney or Hong Kong. I really missed it.

      One thing I must say that the dim sum at Perkaka Square served the best egg tart. You must try it. The outer pastry is so flaky and you can feel the softness of the egg in the middle, just simply delicious. Each of my kids had 2 each. By 10pm, all the egg tarts are sold out.

      The only food that attract me, to eat there. And did you see the smiley face in the picture.

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    • Nite Cap

      January 9, 2014

      Kids wanted to make this…

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    • I am glad I came from a Cantonese family. We Cantonese like to boil nutritious soup and drink. Notorious because when you boil the soup over a small fire for a long time, all the nutrients go into the soup for your body to absorb. Sometimes we add herbs, gooseberries, dates or peanuts into the soup, depending on the recipe.

      Every time I cook, I just need to boil 1 soup, 1 meat and make some stir fry some vegetables for the family.

      It is definitely much better than taking outside MSG food. Now with prices going up, I need to cook more often.

      By the way, below are Lotus Soup, Steam Fish with Abalone and Stir Fry Chinese Cucumber (aka Jik Kuah). And my kids will asked me to put lots of garlic onto the stir fry vegetables.

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