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    • Feeding The Animals

      April 23, 2009

      During the school holidays in last March, I brought my family to Bukit Merah. There was an Eco Park where we can feed the animals. Animal foods were available for the children to feed the hamsters, rabbits, mice, tortoise and fish. There was a feeding area for us to go near the rabbits. However there were so many people feeding the animals, the animals were not interested in our food. I had left over bread, some vegetables and lots of fish food.

      We walked to another area where the deer, birds and a pond of fish. I decided to throw some bread, the deer and birds were interested in my bread. When my children saw it, they started throwing bread and they were excited seeing the animals eating the food. Eventually we ran out of food. Later my children fed the deer with huge leaves. The deer approach us very near to eat those leaves. Emily and Timothy pat it. They were excited and almost tearing every leaves there to feed them.

      Later we went out of the Eco Park but my children still would like to feed animals. I bought some more bread and they threw it to the ducks. Ended up a huge crowd of ducks came to catch the bread. Wow, those animals must be under fed. My children had a good time and told me to get more bread next time to feed the animals. Yeah, mummy will buy a few loaves of bread for them.

    • Barnyard

      December 23, 2006

      A good friend of mine gave me 2 free movie tickets in Prangin Mall. I can watch any shows with it. I took the children to watch Barnyard.

      Barnyard was humorous with a plenty of actions to keep the children excited throughout the movie. The show talk about a heresy cow named Otis who wanted to run away from his responsibilities. However he cannot run far when his responsibilities catch up to him. His father Ben was the leader of the barn and took care of all the animals, protecting them from harm. However one night, while he was protecting some chickens from the hungry wild coyotes, he lost his life. Otis had to take over. Otis never wanted to become a leader, he wanted a fun life and love to party all night. All had to change when he was faced with it.

      I must say the movie was done in a very creative manner and lots of surprises. The plot was predictable, hero saves the day kind of plot. It works for the children.

    • Photobook II

      December 18, 2006

      Last night, I just got an email saying there is going to be a year end promotion for photobook. I promised some of you if I hear any good offers, I will let you know. Here are the offers for A3, 30×30, A4 Landscape, A4 Portrait & 21×21 photobook.

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    • Lastly, they have the hardcover version but no price tags printed on their website. If you are interested, you can email them.

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  • Activities Books

    November 3, 2006

    Let me introduce you to Sticker Books that I got from Times Bookstore in Changi Airport. It is great for children at the age of 2 and above. Basically it teaches children to find the right shape and paste the sticker there plus lots of information about a certain topic. It also have free pasting. The book comes with over 200 reusable stickers. What I like about this book is that the pages are glossy, stickers can be reused. You can pull out the sticker again and stick on a different page, while the glue lasts.

    The one I got for Tim have more information on military technology. It has information on fire trucks, police operations, military air planes and rescue team info. Great for learning! The book costs SGD12.90

    Another book that I got, this one is from MPH with discount of 30% for members, it is called paper doll books. The books come with 6 paper dolls and many type of paper clothing plus accessories. You can dress the dolls with each different style like wedding style, princess style, dancing clothes, ballerina etc etc.. It will be more fun for the gals.

    I remembered when I was young, I used to draw the dolls and clothes for the dolls to play. Now it comes in a book. However with the book, it can never stop you from designing more clothes for the paper dolls. The book cost RM16.90.

    P/S The photo shots are not very good because it is taken from a camera phone. Hubby is busy now a days and I accidentally broke his lens. Thank God, he got that fix for free. :doh:

  • Over The Hedge II

    May 20, 2006

    The children

    Amazing, both Emily and Tim enjoyed it. Emily had her own seat, because a couple of my colleague last minute couldn’t make it. The tickets came with free popcorn, coke and nuggets. Tim and Emily had 1 box of popcorn each. Tim enjoyed it very much, he did made the remark that Maria commented “Wah mummy see, big big TV”. As for Emily, towards the middle, she got out of her chair and tried climbing back up, a few times. She did not make any noise or cry. She even took off her diaper without taking off her shoes and pants. :sc: I had to take out her shoes and pants, to put it back on. Don’t ask me how I did that, it was tough. Towards the end, both were very focus on the movie because that was when all the action came on. The cinema was spacious as it was a premier class hall.

    We continue with lunch and a bit of shopping. Later Tim had a bit of tummy upset because he finished the whole box of popcorn. Emily was tired as she refused to walk and sat on the floor of the shopping mall. 😯 That was the signal to go home. Both slept in the car.

    The movie

    It was filled with action and great for the children. It has as much action as Toy’s Story. It is about a raccoon RJ that got into trouble for stealing all the food that belongs to a big huge bear. He was caught and all the food was destroyed. The big bear gave him until full moon to get all those food back for him. On the other hand, there is this family of animals headed by a tortoise named Vern, who lives in the woods but part of it was fully developed into a housing estate. The woods were separated by a Hedge. The family woke up from hibernating and found out there is no food left. These hungry animals were curious what is over the Hedge. RJ befriended them and took them over the Hedge to look for food that they never tasted before. Of coz there is the danger of humans and the Verminator. Find out for yourselves what happen next. I give it 4/5. :good: It was humorous too! My favourite cartoon among all is hammy, the squirrel, he is very funny. He made a remark and say “Hey I can burp the alphabets, A B C…”.

    Official site:


  • Series 1 – Boys Will Be Boys.

    For those who have boys at home, I would recommend you get this parenting VCD. It teaches you how to raise boys, not that you don’t already know. It enhances your skills I suppose. It is conducted by the famous Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family.

    In part 1, he tells you why boys are different to girls. I quote “Boys are different from girls physiologically, emotionally and socially. The series begins with Dr. Dobson examining how God designed boys. These masculine traits can often irritate and confound parents but were intended to be enjoyed and celebrated – as well as molded and “civilized.”

    It is a 60 minutes show and plenty of good illustrations. It cost RM19.90 per VCD and RM200.00 for the whole series. I enjoyed part 1 & part 7 and I will get the entire series.

    In first part of the series, it tells you how boys are created differently, even from the making in the womb. How the testosterone floods the womb and this hormonal bath alters the way boy’s brain are structure in many ways. The connections between the two hemispheres of the brain are actually damaged. As a result, boys have a harder time integrating and articulating what they know, feel and believe. Boys and Girls are different.

    How many of you find that when you are talking to your husband and he is not listening? Men/Boys have the ability to filter things that they do not want to hear. I often find that true. Dr James Dobson has one very useful method, is when you want to communicate something important to your boy/hubby, touch him with yr hand and look him in the eye, you will get his full attention.

    One illustration he gave, a father who tried to make his son drink milk and he refused. He asked him 7 times and he refused. Later the father thought that he has a competitive characteristic in him. He told the son, let’s compete and see who drinks the fastest. He divided the milk into 2 glasses and on the count of 3, both finished the milk. Next the son told the father, let’s make it 2 out of 3 wins. Parents do need to be creative, these days.

    Have fun with it.

  • Anti-Smoking

    November 21, 2005

    Today I was in the Honda Service centre cum sales office. There is this nut head salesman smoking in the air condition premises. Smokes fly all over the contain space. There were children waiting in the service centre too. All of us become secondary smokers. I walk into the manager office to relay this problem. He gave me a blank face and didn’t give me a positive response.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate smokers. I just hate smokers that make other people become secondary smokers, which are more dangerous. I have come across many cases where smokers secretly smoke in air condition premises like the shopping mall, the car park and in public transport.

    The government is promoting the “Tak Nak” campaign but not enforcing the public sector to follow strict rules about not smoking areas.

    If you know me, I will surely feedback this to Honda and the government bureau. Anyone can give me any more ideas where I can bring this complain to? Please leave the contact and email address.