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    • Grandma’s House

      August 31, 2008

      I was having a conversation with Tim and Em. I asked both of them whether they missed por por.

      Mummy: Haven’t seen por por for a long time. Do you miss por por?

      Tim & Em: Yes I missed por por.

      Mummy: You call por por to come to Penang and visit you. *testing the water*

      Tim & Em: We go visit por por. I want to go por por house.

      Mummy: I called por por and ask her to come visit us.

      Tim & Em: Don’t ask por por to come here. We go to por por house. I like to stay in por por’s house.

      Both of them like to go down to KL more than anything. They always ask me when they can visit por por. I wonder do they really missed por por or they want to go KL?

      Why do they like grandma house? Maybe it is the dog or the food or the shopping or por por gifts or just being there.

    • Laundry Business

      August 28, 2008

      With these 2 children of mine, I can set up a laundry business. Maybe not. Every time when my hubby or I take in the laundry, my children will volunteer to help fold clothes. They can fold their own clothes, of coz not to perfection. I often have to fix some that are jotting out. I am sure they treat this as a play thing for them.

      “Mummy first make it flat on the floor. Beat Beat Beat till it is really flat. Then fold and fold and fold”

      Who is complaining right? As long as I get all the clothes fold. It is good to teach the children to do little house chores. You can use fun way to teach them. At this age, whatever we asked them to do, they think it is fun.

      They are very happy to water the plants, wash the car, put the laundry into the machine, mop the floor, wipe the table after meal and sweep the floor. Next my hubby is going to teach them how to wash their own school shoes.

      Oh, Emily requested that I buy her a toy iron so that she can help me iron. :rolleyes:

      This is the second time I saying this, “Who needs a maid when I have them?”

    • Call Me “SMART”

      August 26, 2008

      Yesterday, daddy cut a pear for Tim and Emily. He put 3 pieces on each bowl. He put it on the table for them to eat. Tim was enjoying his mooncake. Daddy came around and took one piece to eat. Now on the table are 1 bowl of 3 and the other bowl of 2.

      Emily came around to eat her pear. I said “Give me one piece”. She took the bowl of 2 and offered me. I took 1. Wow I thought she was very generous and nice of her to take the bowl of 2. Later she passed to Tim and asked him to take 1. Tim took 1.

      She took the bowl of 3 and said “It’s all mine”. :rolleyes:

    • Tim loves this and so do I. It is the Japanese Green soy bean called Edamame. I got a pack from Jusco and I usually steam it when I want some snacks to chew on. Another great snack that my family has is sweet corn. Tim and Emily love getting those little corns out from the cob. It is another healthy way to snack. It is definately better than fries, chips or sweets.

      Now Emily discovered prunes from SunSweet. After she takes it, her stool becomes soft.

    • I remembered Emily didn’t want to wear any dresses. She preferred wearing tees and pants/shorts. She didn’t want anyone to tie her hair or put clips on it. She will pull everything down.

      Now she is totally changed, every week when we go to church she wants to put on her lovely dresses. By the way, Jess can sew very pretty dresses. If you have a gal, go to her website to have a look. I got some from her.

      The other day, she was playing with the Barbie doll that I purchased when she was 2. She didn’t know how to play then and it was on sale. She saw some a small packet of plastic and she asked me what it was. I told her that it was to make the nails pretty. At that instance, she demanded I made her nails pretty. Girls are always girls. Look.

      Anyway, she ask me to buy her a princess gown. I wonder which ball she is invited to.

    • Mooncake Menu

      August 19, 2008

      Tim is a fan of mooncake, fortunately it is once a year kind of festival. The way Tim eats mooncake, I probably will go bankrupt soon. He can finished one mooncake all by himself. Mooncakes are not what it used to be. I am still a fan of the traditional mooncakes. Now mooncakes comes in many colors and very costly. I remember I used to buy it for half the price.

      A few weeks back, I was shopping at Jusco with Tim and Emily. Tim saw mooncakes and his eyes were big. He kept asking me to buy. I asked him what he wants as there are so many types to choose from. In Jusco, the mooncake’s stalls were setup in rows. Each brand has a menu. Tim picked up the menu and scanned through. He went to the next and the next because he couldn’t find what he wanted. Finally found one stall which have his type but the promoter was nowhere to be found. He was very upset.

      He went to another stall to scan the menu again. After the third stall, he found another of his choice. However, the promoter said that it ran out of stock. Tim was frustrated. By now he scanned through all the stalls but none avail. Anyway we waited for the MIA promoter to return, she did and Tim was happy.

      As for Emily, she told me that she wanted the purple yam mooncake and got what she wants. Simple. Now guess what mooncake Tim wanted? I think only 2 brands has it.

      Tim was looking for is the dragon fruit mooncake, dark pink in the inside.

    • I read an article in a health magazine stating that statistics show that after having children, parents reduce the time for exercise. Many will abandon their exercise program due to limited time and fatigue after taking care of their young ones.

      It is so true. I am not blaming my children for lack of exercise but my poor time management. I have lots to do but little time spent on exercise. I remembered that I used to go hiking up the Bukit Jambul hill after work. Now I am not sure whether I have the stamina to do that. I need to set aside time for exercise. A good tip is to bring the children along for exercise. It will be fun like walk in the park, play some football kicking and go for a run with the children.

      Next thing that the children may cause us to be unhealthy would be encouraging us to eat in fast food chain. Fast food is usually high in carbohydrate, sugar and fat. It is also unhealthy for the children. Most of the time, my children like to go there because of the toy. Maybe I should psycho them in giving them a toy, if they finished their vegetables. :giggles:

      Of course there are the junk foods, the ice-cream, the cheese cakes, carbonated drinks and the list goes on.

      Lastly, for some it is the baby fat that is hard to get rid off after having children. Let me tell you that most people have the wrong concept that pregnant woman needs to eat for 2. However the doctor will advise you otherwise. But who can resist the cravings that are caused by our hormones? The secret in getting rid of those baby fat and you don’t even need to go for those expensive sliming or diet or what not program is breastfeeding. Ask any breastfeeding mom, they will attest to it.

      Do you think your children have made you unhealthy? Share it in the comment box.


    • I spotted that my electricity bill has gone up and price also went up.

      Previously: First 200 units are 0.218 per unit. Above 200 units is 0.289 per unit. Not sure what is the ceiling because we never reach it.

      Now: First 500 units are 0.3 per unit. Above 500 units is 0.39 per unit.

      That is about 38% increase for first 200 units. That’s a lot!

      Hrmm…everything is costly now. I told my children that everyone sleeps in the same room so that we only utilize 1 air condition at night instead of 2. My children were so excited and happy to be able to sleep with papa and mummy. My hubby said that they woke up happier too and for Emily, less moody in the morning.

      It is good to have the children sleep together with us. One of my friends said when the children grew older, they probably don’t want to do that. How true, so enjoyed it while I can. They are able to sleep in their own room, if they want too. In addition my family can conserved energy too.

      Let’s see what my electricity bill like for next month.

    • Gift For You

      August 10, 2008

      One day Emily returned home after going out with her papa. She shouted.

      Emily: Mummy! Mummy!
      Mummy: I am in here, honey.
      Emily: I have something for you. *all excited*
      Mummy: What is it? *all excited too*

      She showed me what she got and here it is. Nice a not?

      Sometimes she will pluck flowers for me. Isn’t she sweet?

      Last Saturday, Tim and her school had an open day for parents and teachers to meet and talk about the progress of the children. For Emily, she excels in everything she does. However she needs to improve her “moodiness”. As for Tim, he has improved in everything.

      I also learned that Emily is the school principal assistance. Her principal told me that she knows who is who and she also knows what class the children is in. See how kepoh she can be. She helps the principal to send messages and do things for her. I am so proud of her.

    • Of Olympic Day & 080808

      August 8, 2008

      Yeap many of you were correct, Tim drew the one of the Olympic Mascots, Jingjing – bring smiles to children. He got the toy from McDonalds. Today is the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening day. It also falls on 080808. Anyway what is supposed to happen on 080808? People getting married? People delivering babies? For me, it is just another working day.

      I heard from my Beijing counterparts that the site decided to shutdown and request workers to work from home. How nice. I guess it is to reduce traffic congestion on the road. After all, it is a grand day for Beijing.

      By the way, the opening ceremony for Beijing Olympic will be @ 8pm on 08/08/08 Beijing time. If I see another 8, I will go crazy! Talk about auspicious who can beat us Chinese.

      Tell me what you are doing on 08/08/08?

      Someone just send me this, we know what some people will do….Get Themselves Stuck.