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    • Winning Vibes

      June 30, 2009

      Today I went to work empty handed and came back with this. Maybe it is an early 9th year anniversary gift from someone big up there.

      I was invited to a HP event in Eq Hotel. I wanted to find out the latest technology and how HP can help my company to save cost. Yes, cost cutting is inevitable. However I only like 2 of the 7 presentation that was VMWare and TCO. Technical things aside, they have a draw for the event. Three attractive prizes: 2 printers and 1 HP Mini. I was eyeing on the HP Mini. 😛

      I was stunt when they called my name. Wow, there were about 60 to 70 people from many companies and they called my name.

      It is an OfficeJet Pro K5400dn color printer that provide network capability, double sided print, near to laser quality text and fast. A small business would use this type of printer. I don’t need an office printer at home so I decided to donate to my church and Emily Tadika. They probably have more use than me.

      The winning vibes must be going around my office. One of my colleagues won a Vios car from the “shop and win” contest in Queensbay mall. He only bought RM50 stuff.

      At least it gave me a happy moment.

      Tim: Why your present so boring.
      Emily: Your present is so big! What is it?

    • Emily In Action

      June 29, 2009

      On Saturday was Emily first Sport’s Day. She was really excited ever since she knew about it. She told me that she will participate in 2 events. It is something to do with hopping, walking on the bench and squeezing the sponge. She was talking about it before the school holidays.

      Finally the day came. Boy, she was excited. She did well and her team got first in both events. Fortunately the weather was not very hot. She was fortunate because the day after the event, it was raining very heavily.

      The school didn’t give out any medals for prizes and I wished they did. Emily received a bubble gun and a nice princess book.

    • To Teacher’s Office

      June 25, 2009

      Today when Tim came home, he told us that he was called to teacher’s office. Actually it was a counseling office. It is kind of funny and you will never guess why he was called.

      He was called because he had runny nose. It was due to allergy which he can get very often. I believed he sneezed in class many times. Teachers were being paranoid, not the first time. They want to be sure that he is not having H1N1, my guess.

      Tim was actually quarantine in the counseling office. Mind you, he has no fever or flu, just runny nose. Well he didn’t travel abroad and most of the time, he is at nanny’s place. Tim told me that the teacher check his temperature and body. He was not allowed to return to class.

      He came back and complained that he couldn’t do his spelling. My jaw dropped because any student would want to escape from spelling test. By the way, his spelling improved so much ever since he started primary school. He used to get chicken egg for spelling in kindy. Now he gets chicken egg with a stick in front.

      Now I don’t know whether to send him to school or stay at home with me tomorrow.

    • Ms. Bossy

      June 25, 2009

      Timothy likes to be called Darling and Emily likes to be called Honey. If ever I called Emily, Darling. She would say “I am Honey, kor kor is Darling”. Same answers from Tim.

      Tim has funny ways of calling me and my hubby. Here are some ways.

      Tim: Mr. Mummy
      Tim: M.U.M.M.Y *literally spell it out*
      Tim: P.A.P.A


      On another topic, here is the Ms Bossy Emily…
      Emily: Where did you buy this?

      Mummy: In Giant.

      Emily: When did you go Giant?

      Mummy: Today, during lunch.

      Emily: You suppose to go to work, why did you go Giant. You say you go to work, go to office lah. You are not supposed to go to Giant. You didn’t go to work, no money to buy toys for me.

      Maybe she was a little upset, I went to Giant without her. :giggles:

    • Birthday Movie Treat

      June 22, 2009

      Emily and I got a birthday treat from Golden Screen Cinema. Let me know if you want to get free ticket for your birthday. We watched Monsters vs Aliens. I love the humor and it was hilarious. I like the blob monster called B.O.B. I wished I can be as blur as him especially in the workplace, maybe I will be happier.

      The story is about a gal named Susan who was about to get married and on her wedding day she turned into a giant after she was hit by a radiated meteor. As usual the government captured her and put her in isolation. She got to know other funny monsters. Hey most of their monster characters are so much like Ben 10 alien grey matter, ripjaw and vilgax.

      Earth was invaded by alien because the squid like alien wanted to get the powerful substance in Susan. The alien wanted to rule the earth. So you have Monsters Vs Aliens. Watch it to find out more. I am not sure whether my children enjoyed it but I did. It is worth going.

      B.O.B is so funny. I like the part where he literally wanted to throw the cars out of the bridge when Susan asked him to get the cars out of the bridge to save the people. How he fell in love with the Jelly.

    • Abbott Scoop Wanted

      June 19, 2009

      Anyone can send me 3 Abbott Scoops? It is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Emily wanted a scooter for her birthday. She requested it early in the year. On the day before her birthday, we went to a bicycle shop to get it for her. It is cheaper in the bicycle shop than departmental store or Toysrus. Timothy saw one that he likes. Well, how can I resist not buying for him? Both of them were happy and wanted to go round the front porch. I had to park the car outside my house.

      I am glad Penang has a very nice Youth park with a cycling or roller skate or jogging rink. Both Emily and Tim with their cousin went scooter-ing around many times.

      There is also a pebbles reflexology path. A teenage boy was approaching the pebble path and he was teaching his girl friend how to walk on it. He sounded very macho and spoke as if he is a pro on walking on pebbles. After he walked on it, I could see him jumping up and down, screaming due to pain. His girlfriend walked a few rounds. He walked halfway and he took the side walk instead. In Cantonese, we would call him “Tai Jeak Koong”

      I tried it myself but only can complete one small round. The trick I learn is to take deep breath on every step. I saw a big size foreigner, he walked like he was walking on flat ground. My hubby said he probably have thick skin.

      Lastly, aren’t these tees lovely?

    • Back From KL & Genting

      June 15, 2009

      My mom took our family to Genting for 2D/1N. Everything is paid for, even food and hotel. It shows how much she goes up there. My children had a great time up there and boy I am tired. My body muscles are aching, maybe due to a lot of walking.

      Finally Tim and Emily got to ride the Genting cable car. It was closed the last time we went. They were happy and I was scared, height phobia. One of Emily favorite ride is Ride De Paris. Actually she was a little over height but no one bother. She went on it so many rounds and I think she almost sat on every different vehicle there are. Oh well, this may be the final round for her. Next year, I think the attendant will not allowed her to go in due to height.

      We checked in to Resort World Hotel and we got a nice view. The rooms are very clean and spacious. Check in was fast although there was a big crowd due to school holidays. We got our rooms instantly.

      We also went to Snow World. That’s the place where my children have the most fun. They always watched snow but never experience it. Many times, they told me to bring them to snow places. Ha! Snow World is the cheapest snow places. RM54 only! Emily wanted to build a snow man but after digging for a while, she got tired. I was surprised that both of them didn’t felt discomfort in there. Probably they had too much excitement to feel the cold. My feet were in pain because the boot they gave me had a hole. Ice went in and I can feel my feet freezing. I had to get out a feel times. A tip if you are going in there, were thick socks and snickers.

      My mom wanted to dine at Imperial Rama and the place was fully booked. We changed plan to have lunch instead. Finally, I got to eat this:

      As for KL, we spent almost half of the day in PetroSains. We were traveling on the Kommuter train, Emily was talking about PetroSains so loud that an elderly malay lady overheard. She was bringing her grandson out and asked us what PetroSains is all about. Later she decided to bring her grandson there too. It was really jam pack in PetroSains and we only can get in at 1:30pm. We got out at about 4pm. It is a mega education playground for my children.

      It was a short 4 days trip and my children had a great time. Tomorrow it a school re-open, that’s the end of the mid term holiday.

    • Long & Short

      June 10, 2009

      A very interesting conversation, Emily & I had…

      Emily: Can I wear your glasses?
      Mummy: My glasses are for short sightedness. Your eyes are long sighted.
      Emily: How come you are tall but you wear short glasses. I am short and I wear long glasses?
      Mummy: Speechless…

      Few weeks ago, Queensbay Mall had an exhibition on Transformer games, alluring both parents and children. Emily got an opportunity to play the PS2. Believe me she never played any PS2 games before. She could maneuver Bumblebee very well and did some serious fighting with the Decepticon. She could pick up objects to throw and climb buildings to avoid enemies. I am amazed on how she learns to do that.

    • Durian Buffet

      June 9, 2009

      Durian season is here in Penang. My SIL & BIL invited us to a durian feast at one of the durian orchard in Balik Pulau called Chang Huat Choon Nursery. Well everyone in the family loves durian, yes Emily and Timothy too. By the way, today we just had durian for dinner. No joke.

      The place is up a small hill which is very steep to drive and it is a one road up. I wonder if 2 cars were to come face to face, what they would do. There are so many durian trees in the surroundings and you can see from the pictures that they tie a string to the fruit. If the fruit falls, they can just pull the string to get the fruit. They do not have to climb down steep slope to pick the fruit.

      Believe me, even their pet dog and cat loves durian.

      We got to try all kinds of durian, too bad they don’t have my favorite Red Prawn (Ang Heh). We tried D11, D604, Yah Kang (Lipan), Ang Sim and etc. There were 5 adults and 3 children. We ate more than 10 fruits. It was about RM8- 12 per kilo.

      They served us Pu Er tea to reduce the heat. I read the Pu Er tea (aka Black Tea) is good for health and reduces stress. I love sipping my tea hot.

      After durian feast, we stop by at the viewing area to watch the sun set. It is so beautiful and splendid! How I wished my hubby carry his DSLR with him, sigh. Probably next trip. I took the pictures with my iPhone.