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    • 101 Worries

      February 27, 2005

      The journey of parenthood is filled with a lot of worries…. it all began at the planning stage.

        What if I cannot conceived?
        What if I am not healthy? Will it affect the baby?

      Hooray got 2 lines on pregnancy test….

        What if I get a miscarriage? Any spotting? Every day check the underwear…
        The horrible morning sickness (MS) comes (for most mom.. luckily I didn’t have any MS at all. ) Is any food going into the baby?

      1st Trimester:

        Why baby not kicking? Hey no legs yet, how to kick…
        Do I need to drink milk?

      2nd Trimester:

        What if baby has cleft lip?
        What if baby is not normal?
        What food should I take and what to avoid?
        Died, eat so much, later how to lose all those weight.

      3rd Trimester:

        How come baby kick so often? Is he uncomfortable?
        Baby so big, how to have normal delivery? Sure darn painful…
        What if during the delivery, there is medical complication?

      Baby arrive:

        How to get rid of the jaundice? How to do sunbathing? Better let the hospital do it, through phototherapy.
        How to latch baby to suck breast milk?
        Is the baby having enough breast milk?
        How come baby cry all day and night?
        How come baby sleep during daytime and play at night?
        How come baby’s face got rashes?
        How come baby not eating more milk?
        How come baby has colic?
        How come baby does not pass motion everyday?
        How come baby still cannot support her head?
        How come baby not rolling over at 3 months?
        How come baby not crawling?
        How come baby not sitting without support?
        How come baby not trying to stand and walk?
        How come baby dislikes his porridge?
        How come toddler cannot speak?
        How come toddler cannot tell when he wants to wee wee or poo poo?
        How come toddler always wet the bed?
        How come toddler refuses his food?
        How come toddler is not putting on weight?

      Lets fast forward from here….

        Will he be able to pass his exams? UPSR? PMR? SPM? ALevels? Uni?
        Is he eating well?
        Will he study too much and forget to live?
        How come he is been acting strange?

      Fast forward to adult life…

        It is 1 am and he is not back.. no phone calls? Wonder where he is?
        Will he get a good wife?
        What if the wife dislikes me?

      Anyway, the list goes on until the day you rest (RIP). Reality of a Mother’s Journey.

      Despite I haven’t travel that far in the journey, I have God to bring me through.

      Why worry when you can pray.
      Be anxious about nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made know to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
      Phil 4:4-7

      Life is more than food, and body is more than clothing. Consider the ravens, for they neither reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds? And which of you by worrying can add a cubit to his stature?
      Luke 11:23-25

    • Chap Goh Mei Mini Concert

      February 24, 2005

      I could not believe what I saw yesterday. My son (going to 3), he actually can sit quietly with other children for more than 1 hour. Bravo to the teachers…

      Yesterday, my son’s kindy have a mini celebration on Chap Goh Mei. It was very well done, great job teachers. The kindy actually set up canopy with fans in an open area, with plenty carparks. It started at 7:30pm. All the kindy kids were seated at one area with kindy chairs without the parents. It is amazing, there were more than 100 children (combine kindy with other branch) and all seated quietly in rows, of coz there are a few who cry and a few chatter boxes. My son sat among them and he was just sitting there quietly without moving around. If he is with us, he will be off that chair after 1 min. Another parent comments the same thing.

      Beside that, he sang, dance and does actions for the songs. All the parents were there were very excited to see their children perform. As usual, lots of digital camera and video on the kids. Better than Andy Lau’s concert except no flowers.

      It was a great experience as a parent, to see your child developing. Until today, I still cannot grasp the fact that I am a parent. Can you?

      Hey, I won a 60% school fees waiver for 1 month….Cool right?

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    • Packing

      February 23, 2005

      My family have to go to KL for CNY. Packing for my 2 children, a toddler and a baby is a real headache. After packing, I am so reluctant to go…

    • a bag of clothes, socks, pyjamas
    • a bag of diapers
    • blanket & small bolster
    • toiletries
    • bathing anti-slippery mat
    • bathtub
    • stroller
    • small slow cocker for porridge
    • sterilizer
    • hot pot for hot water
    • baby bottles
    • baby cleaning brush
    • bowl & spoon
    • knife and small chopping board
    • rice for porridge
    • tiny dry scallops & ikan bilis powder
    • detergent
    • spring cot (baby know how to crawl, cannot sleep on the hotel bed, afraid she fall)
    • toys
    • walker
    • tape player (for night music)
    • night light (decided to use the hotel dimmer light)
    • medicine & multivits(must bring panadol just in case)
    • …..
    • After the trip, it was worth going, my children enjoy the vacation. Now I need another vacation from the vacation…bumma.

  • Happy Valentine

    February 14, 2005

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  • Ah Ma….Ah Pa…

    February 7, 2005

    Today, I was working from home as well as taking care of my baby gal. Her babysitter has to run errands for CNY. I can’t afford to take so many days leave as those leaves are reserved for emergency. You know, with children, you cannot predict anything.

    Anyway, my gal utter precious words today…she call out “Ah ma” and “Ah pa”. At first I tot she said, “mum mum”. Later during lunch, when my hubby was home, he heard “ah ma” and “ah pa”.

    The funny thing is that she hardly utter words since she was born. At 2nd month, she probably said “un gu gu” and that’s it. Never heard any new words after that. Even ungugu disappear from her vocab.

    Precious moments….cannot even capture using Kodak.

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  • Feeding Timetable

    February 7, 2005

    My gal is 8 months now. She has been eating quite a bit. Her feeding timetable looks like this:

    7am – 8 oz of milk
    10am – 8 oz of milk
    12-1 pm – 1 bowl of porridge & fruits
    4pm – 8 oz of milk
    6pm – 1 bowl of porridge
    8-8.30pm – 8 oz of milk

    She is learning how to stand now. Just last week, she slip and fell, bum her cheek, a bit blue black. Babysitter said “Not yet CNY, got angpow liao”. Now I am so worried about her falling. Must keep an extra eye on her.

    As for my son’s feeding timetable. He is opposite of my gal. He likes to eat lots of junk food.

    8am – 8 oz of milk
    10am – Noodle or Pau or Cake
    Junkies in between
    1pm – Lunch (Rice/Noodle/Pasta)
    Junkies in between
    3pm – Sometimes 8 oz of milk when he wakes up from NAP
    5/6pm – Dinner (Rice)
    8pm – 8 oz of milk

    His weight is not going up much, oh well at least it goes up, that counts.


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