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    • Creative With Lego

      June 30, 2007

      My hubby bought a Lego set in US for my children. Lego is pretty cheap in US. Anyone going there, should get a set for their children. Timothy is really good with it and he can do lots of different things with it. He made airplane, train, bus, house, people and ambulance. As for Emily, she is always asking me to make for her. She likes to stack the doors up high and look through it.

      Here are some of the creations Timothy made. Guess what’s the last one?

      Not Just A Bus, But A Bus With Seats:

      Guess What’s This:

    • Scottish Dance

      June 26, 2007

      I bought back a Scottish music magnet from Scotland. When press, it play Scottish music. I put it on my fridge. My children love to press it and dance to the tune. After they press it, they will dance around the kitchen. It is kind of funny to see them. One day, my hubby recorded Emily doing the “really” cool Scottish dance with the China cap. She even got her mouth to dance with the music.

      How will you rate this dance? 1-5 stars.

      P/S Sorry my comment box was out of order, now it is fixed. My naughty hands did some change of codes.

    • Sunny Day On My Blog

      June 24, 2007

      Suddenly my blog turn sunny with the FireFly banner. I kind of like the color tone. It brightens everything up. Bravo firefly for making this site a little sunny today.

      The top banner was up on my blog for a few weeks without ads. I procrastinated (overused word), from taking it down. When I finally did last week, an email came from the Ads Network, stating there is an incoming ad. Duh! I had to go dig the code and put it back up.

      I am always supportive of the local companies. I must keep the Malaysian spirit up. Now where are my sun glasses?

    • Draggy Fever

      June 20, 2007

      Emily was down with fever for 5 days and yet she is not recovering. First 2 days was on the high temperature but thank goodness, no fit. She got the bug from her babysitter, I suppose. The first visit to the doc, the doc refrained from giving her antibiotic. It will be good for her own system to fight the bug. Peculiar thing is she is very active even when she is having fever. Somehow her body gets heated up when she is asleep. During the day time, she is her normal self.

      Today, she was really out. She didn’t want to get out of bed. Anything I asked her to do, she said no. She didn’t want her milk, her bath, didn’t want to get out of bed and she just want to sleep. Boy she can sleep. I took her to the doc, the doc gave her the antibiotic since it has been 5 days of fever. She didn’t want to see the doc too.

      Oooh, she passed the bug to the brother and me. Tim started having fever yesterday. He was happy because he didn’t have to go to school. As for me, I didn’t have the fever. It is really difficult for me to get fever. I am not sure why. However my body feels lethargic and I had a bad throat. I will be on MC tomorrow. Sorry if you have ping me today and I didn’t response.

    • Thanks to Aunty Jess, she gave Emily jigsaw puzzles as birthday present. When she was 2, she started playing with 5-10 pieces of jigsaw on her own. I bought some Mickey’s and Pooh’s collection for her to play. She loves playing jigsaw. Soon she will be helping me to put up 1000 pieces, I hope.

      The one Jess got for her has nursery rhymes on it. She loves the 3 blind mice and Jack & Jill. Timothy too.

      Emily: Come come, let me show you how to put a 40 piece jigsaw together. *with mummy’s help*

    • Father’s Day

      June 16, 2007

      We went to Kampachi Japanese Buffet at the Hotel Equatorial Penang for Father’s Day celebration. They have lunch buffet with all kinds of Japanese dishes, sashimi, sukiyaki and sushi. However they didn’t have my son’s favorite Edamame beans.

      Overall, I still think that it has lack of variety. If you been there once or twice, it is all the same. Verdict, I will not go back there again for the amount of money I am paying. Hehehe…today’s lunch is complimentary.

      Emily wasn’t feeling well, she had fever. After taking medicine, she didn’t have fever during lunch. However she didn’t eat much. Fortunately hers was also complimentary. I persuaded the supervisor to give Tim a complimentary lunch as well.

      After that we strolled around the hotel and look at the Penang view. We took some pictures too.

      Happy Father’s Day To All The Fathers!!

    • Emily and I celebrated our birthday at a Christian Camp. It is one of the reasons why I rushed back from UK. Before I went, I asked my hubby to order the cake. I reminded him a few times, afraid he will forget. I knew something funny will happen. Guess what?

      Since we are celebrating Emily birthday with a crowd of 90 people, he ordered a 3kg cake. The cake was huge. My jaw dropped when the bakery man carried the cake out. It is about 3 feet by 1 foot. The first thing that came to my mind was how we are going to transport it over to the camp in Taiping. Fortunately, we manage to get some space in the car boot. We were also afraid that it will melt, but it didn’t. Look at the picture below.

      Emily were all excited, keep asking me about the “Thomas Train” cake. I guess she never seen such a huge cake before. Through out the entire camp, she has been asking me about the cake. Sad to say, we could only finish half of the cake.

      Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

      Emily: Come Come, let me show you how I eat fish. (Her favourite words: “come come”)

    • Most of the time I eat out with my husband because some of the time we run chores when children not around. Today my hubby had a farewell lunch with his colleagues, we decided to split.

      I went out with my colleague instead and decided to go for Sakae Sushi in Queensbay mall. Guess what? Of all the places, I bum into my hubby. He was eating there too. What a small Penang island. Ha! What are our chances of bumming into one another at lunch hour in the same eating place? Yes we are a pair made in heaven. :angel:

    • Hubby wants to get away for a scuba dive, he is a license scuba diver and was very much into it before we have children. I guess he was deprived of it because he is helping me to take care of the children. He was just telling me that his dive partners have similar problems, their wife is going to pop soon.

      Anyway, you know I lost the camera in Scotland, so he didn’t have any camera for his scuba trip. He didn’t show his disappointment but I thought I made it up to him. I told him I wanted to get a new camera and I do need it for my blog. I have to hold off Emily’s birthday post because I had to wait for my friend to send those pictures to me.

      It was last Tuesday, I think I told him that I want to get a camera and did some surfing to see which one is latest and within my budget. He did the same and finally came up with Canon Powershot A570 IS because of the Aperture, Shutter Priority and true optical image stabilization. All are so foreign to me. Preview here. We kind of like Canon brand because of its technology. By the way, the shop told me that Canon and Nikon is the most popular brand.

      Thursday, we went to survey the price. We had contacts of 2 shops that we know will give us a good deal. We also tested the camera. One important thing was we need to get the underwater casing as well. If not, it defeats the purpose. The first shop gave us a price which is RM40 higher for the camera and RM20 lower for the casing. He also gave us a 1G memory stick free. Too bad, he couldn’t get us the casing in time.

      Friday, hubby called the other shop and negotiated with them, the lady owner was grumbling but she gave us the exact same deal the other shop offered. We picked up the camera with the casing and my hubby is a happy man. It was an early Happy Father’s Day present for him. By the way, the cost of the camera and housing is the same cost that my hubby paid for Canon A80 a few years ago. Camera is getting cheaper.

      Why such a hurry? My hubby went to scuba diving today in Pulau Payar. Here are the lovely pictures:

    • London, another great city surrounded by beautiful buildings and the ever famous royalty palace called Buckingham Palace. Not forgetting, my children’s favorite song “London Bridge Is Falling Down”. London Bridge is just a normal kind of bridge, nothing special. It is the Tower Bridge that is spectacular. It is often being mix up as both are well know.

      I took the BIG BUS Tour around London and it was worth it. I got a discount from buying the e-ticket. It has 3 walking tours and 1 cruise plus hop on and hop off buses. If you know the place around, you can also but a full day pass for train and bus for 5.70 pound. You have to buy ticket after 9:30am, after rush hour else it is very expensive.

      2 complaints I have with London. First, the train system aka TUBE is chaotic and not very handicap friendly. Some stations do not have lifts but stairs. One station, I think it was Convent Garden Station, where I came out, there was 2 lifts but 1 wasn’t working. With a crowd of people waiting, I decided to climb stairs. Gosh, I regretted it, the stairs were never ending. When I was halfway, I was breathless. Lesson learnt, take the lifts if it exists.

      Secondly, the airport is a mess too. First they only allow 1 hand carry, if you are holding a plastic bag, it is not allowed. I think they practice double standard, I saw a man with 2 bags. I overhead a conversation from a lady, she had to go around the shop to beg for a big plastic bag to put her second notebook hand carry. Oooh, if you bought anything from the airport, it is allowed. Don’t ask me why.

      It was messy because as you enter, there is one station to check handcarry and another to check your shoes. Those guards are pretty rude, they treat everyone as criminals. As you enter the gate, to board your plane, there is another check. By the way, if your bag is detained, you have to remove everything. For those people who love to hand carry their luggage on flight will be a headache because the guard will take out piece by piece.

      Lastly, one hour before boarding, they called for Gate Closing but when you reach the gate, people are still waiting. Sigh. Look at the picture below to see how messy it is, photo taken by my MIL on her prev trip.