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    • Leap Frog DVD

      September 5, 2007

      I am being pressured to teach my son how to read and spell but I made it fun for Tim to learn. I don’t remember learning spelling during my kindy. What to do, the schools are getting competitive. However the current kindy that Timothy is attending definitely has less homework and spelling. Anyway, I read many online good reviews on Leap Frog DVD and most of them were very positive.

      I decided to get a set of 5 DVD for my children. Thanks to Vien who help me to get it and ship it to me. It arrived yesterday and I was really excited. :dance:

      In the evening, I turn it on for my children to watch. They were learning how each alphabets sound. I must say that the animations were excellent and fun for children to watch. By the way, each DVD comes with a game too. I played with Tim and Emily and they got 80% correct. I am surprised that Tim made an effort to learn how to spell, maybe because I motivated him by praising him after he gets it correct. He likes it. I can see him competing with Emily. I am not sure whether Emily knows it or she is guessing but she got a few correct and ahead of Tim.

      Basically it uses phonics and animation to help children remember how each alphabet sound. It also builds words from joining the same last 2 letters like CAT, BAT, HAT, MAT, FAT …etc. Using this method will help the child remember how to spell the words. Tim’s school is also using the same concept and he has just learned to spell DAM, HAM, YAM, JAM and RAM.

    • Deal Or No Deal II

      May 25, 2007

      Sorry to keep you all in suspense if you gals are really waiting for the result. I was caught up with a lot of work.

      The guy actually took the banker’s offer which is really a smart move as he needed the money. From my perspective, he is not greedy. If someone didn’t really need the money, he probably will go further. So the results, lets watch.

      Sigh, he did have the 250,000 Pounds.

    • Deal Or No Deal

      May 22, 2007

      Deal Or No Deal

      I was watching the English Version of Deal Or No Deal on Saturday. The player opened the case 1 by 1. He did very well as he clear off most of the lowest amount. However he ended with 1 Pound and 250,000 Pound (RM1.7 million). The banker offer 75,000 to buy over his case. If you were him, will you take your chance to win 250,000 or you take 75,000. You may end of with 1 Pound. Tough decision yeah. What is your decision and What do you think happen?

      Answers in the next post.

    • My hubby had put together a birthday video for Timothy. He is good at it as he wants to build a story from start to finish. Hey if you have any birthday event, you want a photographer, you can engage him with a small fees. Photography is his interest and a sideline business. In fact he has lots of potential customer but just no time to do. You want to see more of his creation, visit

    • Mop Mop Mop…

      December 11, 2006

      God has given me 2 blessed children, go see for yourself. They mopped the floor glittering clean. Let’s hope they continue to like what they are doing.

      Emily: Mummy don’t step on the floor, after fall down “kok tor tow” (knock the head)
      Tim: Mummy see dry already
      Tim: Mummy, don’t step here, after fall down, knock the head.

    • The Little Actress

      June 13, 2006

      Here’s presenting Emily, the little actress. Scene 23, take 1 in Aladdin, where Jafar thought he has the lamp.

      Click HERE to download video.

      Line: Mummy It’s all Mine, Mummy It’s all Mine, Mummy It’s all Mine…

      By the way, she also learns to answer this question from the cartoon, “What’s your name?” Tim thought her. Yeah yeah yeah, both of them watch too much cartoons. :naughty:

    • Funny Video

      March 23, 2006

      I love this video. See how Emily show her love for Tim??!! 😆

    • Speech

      March 15, 2006

      Emily is learning to speak in 3-4 word sentences. I think she is a very fast learner. Here are some new discoveries:

      #1 pour water here
      #2 want some more
      #3 nah kor kor take
      #4 ice cream nice
      #5 kor kor some more here
      #6 mummy move move
      #7 mummy come here
      #8 God good (*from the song God is so Good*)
      #9 Bye Bye C’ya
      #10 kor kor sleep, papa sleep, shhhh

      Later she will be a talkative gal. Oh she just learnt how to scream. :wall:

    • Mummy Little Helper

      January 9, 2006

      Having a girl definitely gives very good advantages. Wanna know why? See for yourself. As she was doing it, I grabbed the camera and captured it all on video.

      Click HERE to download video1.
      Click HERE to download video2.

      Emily is just so amazing, :good: she snatched my broom & dust pan and insisted she wants to help. Now I can fold my hands and shake legs while she helps me with housework. :lol:. I am so proud of her. Only 1.5 yrs, already know how to do housework. Anyone can beat that? Who needs a maid? :dance: