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    • I Can Swim

      October 31, 2011

      Finally Emily can swim. I am proud of her and all credits go to her papa. At first, I wanted to start my children swimming lessons but the instructor said, they have to do it 10 lessons in a row. I hold it off until their school holidays.

      However my hubby viewed YouTube on how to teach children how to swim. He used that to teach Emily and Timothy when they go swimming. Who would have thought that YouTube videos can succeed here? I am glad it saves us swimming lessons fee here.

      Now I am waiting for Tim to do the same.

      YouTube Swimming Lessons, thanks to Phillip Toriello for making these videos

    • Year End

      October 28, 2011

      How time flies, it is year end again. It is the busiest time of the year for me in my work place, doing closing and planning for next year budget. You can tell by looking at the frequency of my blog post.

      Another thing that keeps me busy is planning for year end vacation for my family. I have to kill some frequent flyer miles before it expires. Those FF miles don’t come totally free as I still have to pay fuel and taxes, not forgetting accommodation. I wanted to play a trip to Korea because my children wanted to see snow. I did all my research, asking here and there for pricing. I even got a good deal for a ski package. Due to the fact that I speak and read no Korean language, I change plans.

      Guess what we are going? I will reveal later. My kids are excited about it. The trip will be in December.

      On another note, I remembered I used to vomit blood teaching my son as he is a slow learner. When he was 5 years old, he wouldn’t want to write his 1,2,3 or A,B,C. He had problem reading because he doesn’t want to speak in school due to selective mutism. I am glad he overcame that. Today, I am so proud of him after many prayers. In his exams, most papers he scored above 90 except for Penulisan and Kefahaman (Writing & Comprehension in BM). However he did improved his grades for those 2 subjects. Now I can see him, enjoying in his studies. Praise God for that. He is asking me how can improve his BM especially Karangan (aka BM Composition). I asked him to read more Malay Books.

      As for my girl, I still do not know her results yet. She was on MC and the rest of the week was Deepavali holidays. However she already told me what she wants for her reward if she gets 5A. Will see whether she can get mummy to buy her the reward!

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    • School Activities

      October 16, 2011

      I have to say that my children have different characters especially when it comes to school activities. My elder boy doesn’t like to volunteer himself for any school activities. The one time where he was picked, yes picked was his Std 1 concert.

      On the other hand, my girl would go for any school activities there is. Since she started Std 1, she joined Origami contest, Coloring contest (twice), sports day and the latest one is Fashion show. She will put up her hand for anything.

      I guess, I have an introvert and an extrovert in my family. Here is my extrovert dream car….

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    • Lemang Susu Putih

      October 10, 2011

      This is a delayed post which I almost forgot about it. Anyhow, I saw it being queue up for me to write about. Here goes…

      My hubby found the most delicious Lemang during the Puasa month aka Muslim fasting month. Lemang is actually sticky glutinous rice cooked in bamboo shoot. It is done under a fire which brings out the fragrant of the rice. It can be eaten together with meat floss or rendang (dry meat curry).

      The delicious lemang is very soft and it goes well with the spicy meat floss. Both my kids love it!! The place where we got this is near the Taman Bukit Jambul flat but I believed it, you can find it only during Puasa month. If you come to Penang during that month, go try it! Super yummy…..

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    • Sticking this here for my own reference. Start planning for next year vacation.

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