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    • Pray For My Dad

      July 14, 2009

      Please pray for my dad. I got an SMS from my brother this evening that he had breathing difficulty yesterday night. It may be another heart attack. He got a mild heart attack once. Imagine, my aunt told me that all the government hospital is full. I wonder why.

      Let’s hope he is going to be fine. Pray for his salvation and I really hope he will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

      P/S Thanks for all your prayer. My mom said that it wasn’t another heart attack, thank goodness. It was a lung infection. Please continue to pray for his salvation.


    • Psalm 19:1-5

      1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
      the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
      2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
      night after night they display knowledge.
      3 There is no speech or language
      where their voice is not heard.
      4 Their voice goes out into all the earth,
      their words to the ends of the world.
      In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun,
      5 which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion,
      like a champion rejoicing to run his course.

      Best to watch the 2 video together at the same time. Simply amazing. It makes my heart melt.

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    • Decipher Timothy’s Art

      February 14, 2009

      I was looking at Tim’s exercise book and I saw some interesting pictures he drew. I believed most of them are Bible Stories. I do not know what it is but I will ask him tomorrow. See whether you can guess the bible story tie to the drawing.

      Time to test your Bible Knowledge…

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)

      Story #2

      Story #3

      Story #4

      Story #5

      Story #6

      Story #7

      Story #8

      Story #9

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)
      Story #2 – Jesus Ascension
      Story #3 – Angel Appeared At Jesus Tomb
      Story #4 – Moses & Burning Bush
      Story #5 – Moses
      Story #6 – Moses & 10 Commandments
      Story #7 – The Red Sea Destroyed The Egyptians
      Story #8 – Daniel’s Friends In The Fiery Furnace With An Angel

    • Joyous Day

      October 25, 2008

      I would want to remember today because it is one of the joyous occasions of my life. My mother accepted Christ. I have been praying for her for a long time since I was in secondary school. Praise God for accepting her. Now I have to continue praying for my dad.

      Do you know what it means? It means that she can be in heaven with us. It means she will have life after death. So many people are so troubled at one point in their life and many are afraid to die. If you know where you are going after death, maybe you will not be afraid. Yes, it may mean separation with your love ones. However the separation will not be forever.

      I remembered my mom used to scold my sister and I, when we refused to put joss stick on the altar. She was a staunch believer of Taoism and Buddhism. She will celebrate every Chinese festival and prayed to many idols. After a while, she gave us our freedom to believe anyone we wanted. I am glad that everything she did is the past and now she has a new journey with God. God will prepare her for that, the creator of the Universe, isn’t that great?

      Aside from this, my hubby celebrated my blood result by taking me and the family to TGIF. Although the meal is not that great but the evening was fun!

    • The Miracle Day

      March 23, 2008

      Today is the day to remember God’s greatest miracle ever done. Today is the day where we remember the risen Lord. Jesus came 2000 years ago and he died on the cross for all of us, yes everyone. Not only that, God raised him up on the 3rd day and he is alive. He has conquered death and sin for us all.

      I heard a story once, if all of us were in a fire and there is a door of escape. Would you walk through that door? If you did you will be save. Similarly Christ has provided us a way, trust in him and you will be save.

      Ask yourself this, if you die tonight, do you know where you are going after that? Heaven or Hell? Good works does not lead us into heaven because no matter how many good works we done, we cannot clean ourselves. If you have told a lie, you are a liar. If you watched pirated VCD, you have stolen. If you hate anyone, you have already murdered. I am guilty of it all. Therefore I need Jesus to rescue me. God is a just God and he cannot allow any sinful man to go unpunished.

      Just like a murderer who is caught. If there is a just judge, he cannot allow him to go free even if the murdered did a lot of good works before. If he did, he will be unjust. However God provided a way, the ONLY way for us, he provided Jesus Christ to take the punishment for us. Not only that, he raised him up on the third day so that whoever believed in Jesus will be saved and have eternal life. John 3:16.

      A lot of people have a misconception that Christian is holy people and they must always do right. No, a Christian is someone who acknowledged they are sinful and want Jesus Christ to cleanse him/her. Just like a patient who is sick and needs a doctor to cure his sickness.

      Happy Easter!!

    • Easter Message

      April 7, 2007

      Today is Good Friday and this Sunday is Easter. A Sunday school student asked me, how come Easter doesn’t fall on the same date each year? Easter or Good Friday do not have a specific date and the date does not matter. The most importance is we remember the Lord Jesus Christ who die for our SIN (Good Friday) and RESURRECTED (Easter) so that whoever believes in him will have Eternal Life. Why do we believe in him and automatically be saved? It is because we believe in him to redeem us from punishment for SIN that causes death and separation from God.

      Two weeks ago, Tony Anthony came to our church to speak. His testimony was very touching. He is born in England with an Italian father and Chinese mother. He had a very depressing childhood. His mother had to send him to his grandfather in China to take care of him. He was only four then. His grandfather was a kung fu master. He wasn’t treated very well and had to learn kung fu from the grandfather. The grandfather was very stern and uses harsh punishment on him to discipline him. Eventually he grew up to be a kungfu master, winning in lots of kungfu championship. Later he became a professional body guard and life went down hill after his blind girl friend died from an accident. He was depressed and started accepting criminal work. He became a very violent man, out of control. Ended up in jail and he could not control himself. When he was in China, he was taught to believe in XXX and mediate on him to get peace. However he couldn’t find peace from XXX in prison.

      No one came to visit him, all his close friends and family stray away. However there was one stranger who wrote him a letter asking for permission to visit him. He took it only because at the visiting area, they get good stuff to eat and drink. The stranger name was Michael, building a good relationship and never once asked about his wrong doing. He was there as a friend and later he told him about Jesus. He said that all of us are created by God shaped hole in your heart and we are trying to fill it with material, money, for Tony are kungfu, anger, violence…etc. If you are not satisfied and still have emptiness, have you tried Jesus to fill that heart of yours? Tony did and he found freedom even in prison.

      There are many who say if you do good, you will end up good. However with God’s standard, it has to be PERFECT. No one is perfect, everyone in one way or another, even I have steal (buying pirated VCD/DVD/software), lie or cheat (tax declarations). You may say, it is a small sin but a drop of poison can ruin the well of water. We cannot rely on our ways to reach God but you can only through God’s way. Don’t get me wrong, Christians are not perfect, in fact we still have not attain perfection. We will be perfect when Christ comes back to receive us again. Do not close your heart, let God help you.

      Look at the world today, lots of things are telling you God and Jesus exist. The world date system BC and AD, BC – before Christ, AD – After Christ. Look at the beautiful creation, there must be a God who created it. Look at the Bible, it is the best selling book and still is. Look at Christmas & Easter a worldwide celebration.

      Happy Easter!!

    • Watch Night Service

      January 1, 2007

      Yesterday at church I had a Watch Night service. It is a gathering of the church at New Year’s eve thanking God for safely bringing us to yet another year. We thank God on what he has done for us in 2006 and what the church done for him, also think what we will be doing in 2007. Usually the service is hear from 10pm to 12:30 midnight to watch the night and approached 2007 with the Lord.

      Often I am given a year-end evaluation to fill in my accomplishments at my work place, for a salary increment or a promotion next year. I have no problem doing that as I had achieved a lot for my company in 2006. However yesterday when I was putting up a list in my mind of what I done for God in 2006, I had difficulty in figuring it out. Year 2006 wasn’t a good year I must say for the Lord. I think I can do better than this for God. Oh yeah, I learn in my work place that doing thing as expected is our job. We have to do above expectation and give our excellence. I wish same time next year I can do excellence for God for year 2007. That is my new year’s resolution.

      By the way, I also am starting a parents bay project for you. I will have some news for you in the next few days. I do need your participation to make this work.

      Happy New Year!!!

    • A Gift For You

      December 25, 2006

      A present for you. Today is Christmas day. Today is to remind all of you that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ, so wish him a Happy Birthday. At sermon today, my church elder reminded us that the world has forgotten the meaning of Christmas. He said in the newspaper, malls, media, everywhere there is no mention of Jesus but a lot of emphasis on trees, santa, shopping for gifts and rudolf. Hrmm…the silly red nose deer is not even important.

      If you do not know who Christ is, it is time for you to find out. Christmas day is the day when God greatest plan was executed through Christ. It will be the greatest gift to you if you know who he is and believe. This message is my gift to all of you.

      “BLESSED LORD and God, we come to you, aware that you have pierced our world. You became flesh, you dwelled among us, you saw us in our fallen state, you reached in and pulled us out. You offered us salvation, you offered us mercy. And we are ever thankful”

      By Max Lucado

      What did I get for my children?

      I got the idea from this blog called my2lovelyrays. It is a doodle pad, you can use the colours on the pad and it comes off easily if you wipe it off with a damp cloth. It comes with stencils, easy for a 2 year old to trace a picture and colour it. The bad is the when the colours get on the hand, it cannot be wash off immediately. My gal painted her little fingers with it.

      Have a blessed Christmas!

    • Christmas

      December 24, 2005

      Christmas is not about Santa Claus.
      Christmas is not about Exchanging of Gifts.
      Definitely Christmas has nothing to do with Christmas Tree.

      Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour who gave up his divine glory and came to earth to be born in a manger. He came even though he knew he would suffer and die so that he could save us. We who are filthy with sin and we broke off the relationship with God. We do not deserve his sacrificial love for us. Yet he came and gave us new life. Those who believe will be redeem by him and have eternal life with God. He has given us a reason to live, a new meaning to life. Those out there, who are reading this, do think about the true meaning of Christmas.

      Have a blessed Christmas and this song is dedicated to you. Of all the Christmas song, I love this one:

      Click HERE to hear the song or right click to save the song.

      We Were The Reason

      As little children
      We would dream of Christmas morn
      Of all the gifts and toys
      We knew we’d find
      But we never realized
      A baby born one blessed night
      Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

      We were the reason
      That He gave His life
      We were the reason
      That He suffered and died
      To a world that was lost
      He gave all He could give
      To show us the reason to live

      As the years went by
      We learned more about gifts
      The giving of ourselves
      And what that means
      On a dark and cloudy day
      A man hung crying in the rain
      All because of love, all because of love

      I’ve finally found the reason for living
      It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
      In all that I do every word that I say
      I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

      He is my reason to live