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  • MyBabyBay

    • I didn’t plan much for this school holiday because it is a short one. In order to keep the children busy at home, I got them a science kit from Radio Shack. It has 101 projects to build different electronic experiments. Definitely a fun way to learn about electronics. The instructions are easy to follow. Different parts are color coded and easily snap together. I would recommend to any parents.

      I also took them to the Big Bad Wolf book sale and they got tons of books to keep them occupied for the holidays.

      I guess we will have fun here and there without spending much money.

      That’s a metal detector that she is building below:

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    • Tech Girl

      March 25, 2013

      One day my girl came and showed me what she did on iPad. It has nothing to do with any games. In fact she learned to use KeyNote (from iWork) and created a simple presentation. She does have my genetics. How she learn it? Apparently by following the computer based training. I am so proud of her.

      By the way, I only learn how to do presentation when I was in my University. I had to use the old fashion Word Perfect. There is no drag and drop, tool bars nor user friendly menu. It is mainly command generated done on command line. Yeap, that’s my generation!

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    • Funny Argument

      March 4, 2013

      Kids, they argue all the time. I guess it is part of growing up. One day, Em complained about her school. She drew some pictures on the white board to show me why she was unhappy. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of that.

      Timothy looked at the white board and made a comment about her picture of her teacher look like an Eskimo. The rest of the argument is in this picture below. I really like her drawing.

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