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    • A big word I learn when I was watching Disney at Emily’s age. It was sang by Julie Andrews in Mary Poppin.

      According to Wikipedia, the roots of the word have been defined as follows: super- “above”, cali- “beauty”, fragilistic- “delicate”, expiali- “to atone”, and docious- “educable”, with the sum of these parts signifying roughly “Atoning for educability through delicate beauty.

      Emily picked it up. She wanted to learn it when she heard me say it. I didn’t know she could do it. Now she is teaching daddy to say it. Anyone of you heard this before?

      Here is the Disney version of the song:

    • Funny Posts

      September 27, 2009

    • Ambition

      September 25, 2009

      Thanks to daddy for this.

      Teacher: What is your ambition? What you want to be when you grow up?
      Emily: Bible reader and Artist.

      Another kid (non-christian): Pastor.
      Teacher: Why you want to be a pastor?
      Kid: So that I can talk a lot.

      On another note, I did some clips last few days with the lovely ribbons I bought. Do you think it can sell for RM$2 per clip? I do for fun and I just have too many now.

      Size of the clip: 1 inch.

    • Bye Bye Tooth

      September 24, 2009

      Emily two front teeth has been jotting out like a rabbit teeth. It is a little loose and I believed it is about to drop. Both Tim and Emily had their first tooth at 3 months, so it makes sense to drop early. Emily refused to let me touch her 2 front teeth, she complain a little pain if I touched it.

      Anyway, the other day when we went to Ikea, she was pushing the small trolley. I warned her not to push too fast as the floor in Ikea is not even. As I was looking at the display, I saw her crying and her front teeth were bleeding. I had to console her, no use scolding her at that moment because it will make her wail even louder. I wipe off the blood but the teeth were still intact. Apparently she bumped her face into the trolley handle.

      A day later, the left tooth turned in a funny position. Again, she didn’t want me to touch it. She is mega sensitive to pain like me. :giggles: She was whining about it during meal time and I asked her to use the side teeth to chew.

      Another day passed, the tooth was halfway out but not fully out. I asked her can I pull it out, she shook her head with fear. Well I have a strong feeling that it will come out by itself when she sleeps. She has a tendency to grind her teeth while she sleeps.

      This morning as I woke her up, I saw her tooth missing. She opened her mouth and the tooth was there. So far she shred 2 milk teeth. Let’s hope her permanent teeth grow back in time for Christmas. 😛

    • Gift From the Bird

      September 22, 2009

      My family and I went down to KL during the Raya holidays and we got back today. It was a smooth drive with not much traffic. On the other side of the road, traffic was bad. We intended to stop by Ipoh for breakfast but we missed the turning. Well it was not a turning but we need to keep left if we want to go to Ipoh. Some wise guy split the road into 2. It was rather confusing for us. We had to drive about 5 minutes to Simpang Pulai make a U-turn up. Today I saw that they painted the road to Ipoh and with lots of signs.

      We decided to make a trip to the bird park. It was like ages since we went there. I think it was before we had children. Yeap, it was once where my hubby and I dated. Anyway it was not a good time to go because there were lots of people. I couldn’t find a car park. They should have opened the car park at the memorial but they didn’t. I had to park quite far away.

      The park was huge. We managed to catch the 12:30pm bird show at the amphitheatre. It was almost the same as the one in Bukit Merah. Bird racing on a bicycle, bird doing math, bird finding the ball, bird putting the rings, eagle flying and bird recycling.

      Next, Tim and Emily wanted to feed the fish and we went to a place where there was a nice pond with waterfall.

      Lastly, Emily got a little gift from the bird that is a splat of papaya juice. I believed it was near the feeding area where the bird carried the papaya and flew above her. She pretty much had it at the point and wanted to go home. She told me she didn’t like bird park because of that. Poor Emily. Fortunately it is not bird droppings. Later she was willing to carry on after Timothy covered her with an umbrella.

      It was a good exercise for us under the hot sun and we ended up soaking wet with sweat. I wonder why foreigners can still eat lunch outside while the locals want to eat inside where the air condition is.

      Front & Back of A Peacock

    • The mystery gadget is an ice-cream maker without electricity called “Play & Freeze”. It is really cool because my children and I can make ice-cream at home. The problem is hard to find creamy milk in Malaysia, to really make creamy ice-cream. However, I only managed to get full cream fresh milk.

      Here is the simple recipe.

      For freezing process:
      – Lots of Ice cubes, can get it from the local petrol station mart.
      – ½ cup of rock salt.

      For the ice-cream:
      – 450ml of full cream milk
      – 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
      – 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoon of sugar
      – Dice strawberry

      The play and freeze has 2 openings at each end. One end, I placed the ice and rock salt. The rock salt will maintain the ice freezing point to freeze the ice-cream. The other end, you put the mix the above ingredients. After that it is playtime, roll it, kick it and shake it. Play it for about 10 minutes then open up and stir it a little with a spoon. Play for another 10 minutes, you should get a nice ice-cream.

      Tada….simply delicious ice-cream. I even tried to replace vanilla and strawberry with 1 bottle of vitagen. The children love it. We have more homemade ice-cream with this gadget.

    • Exhausted Time Off

      September 14, 2009

      I have a children room and of coz my bedroom. My children room is the 2nd room. The third room is my so call walk in, play room, ironing room and store room. Tim wants the 3rd room to be his room. When he was young, he disliked the 2nd room. He told me he didn’t like the glow in the dark stars I put up. He is starting to be a fussy boy.

      Today I decided to take leave to do some spring cleaning. I cannot believe the amount of rubbish I accumulated. I cleared up the 3rd room, put a bed in for him. I had a table for him to do his homework. I even clear my store room. All in a day’s work.

      The problem with me is that I like to collect things and I hate throwing things. My hubby said if I don’t touch it for a year, it ought to go into the bin. Sigh, I cannot have him throwing out my things. Who knows, I made need it sometime in the future.

      By the way, I have a car seat, 2 strollers and a yiu yiu to give away. I wonder where I can donate it in Penang.

      I am all exhausted now and there goes my 1 day leave. Next I need to repaint the rooms. By the way, see what my hubby did to our bedroom when I was in US…. isn’t it romantic?

    • Mystery Gadget

      September 12, 2009

      Finally my gadget arrived today. Tim called it “mummy’s toy” Have a guess what it is? The children will love it. Let me test it and blog about it in the next post.

      For those who have seen it, please do not reveal. Let those who have not seen it, have a go at guessing.

    • Nutritious Candy

      September 7, 2009

      My friend introduced gummy bear multi vitamin to me. I know my children would love it. I got Vien to get 2 bottles for me. Actually it can be found in Costco.

      It has 6 great natural flavors cherry, strawberry, tropical punch, orange, lemon and white grape. It has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. In addition, it has no wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts or soy. It has Vitamin A, C, D, E B-6, folic acid, B-12, Biotin, Iodine, Zinc and others. Ooh, it has received American Chefs Best Award 2009 BEST TASTE.

      When I introduced it to Emily and Timothy, they didn’t like it at first. Maybe it was the vitamin in the gummy bears. I ate some myself. I kind of like the yellow ones. I gave them the yellow ones and they changed their minds. Now they just take it without any problems. It is nutritious and taste great with no artificial stuff. Imagine I like it too. 🙂

    • Reward From Teddy Bear

      September 4, 2009

      Few months ago, Emily saw the Jusco bear and wanted to get one. Jusco is having a 25th anniversary celebration and if you spend above certain amount, you can have the bear for RM5.90. It is also a spot and win contest. Meaning, put the bear in the car and if spotted, you win some cash vouchers. I told Emily to put the bear in the car although she wants to sleep with it at night.

      Months later, I received a phone call at Changi Airport, I was returning from the states. I was really tired and half asleep. The caller asked me to go to Queensbay mall to have the photo of the bear in my car taken. Yeah, as if I can fly straight to Queensbay mall from Singapore. I made another day appointment with her. She told me I could win RM250 voucher.

      After the picture was taken, a few days ago, Jusco staff asked me to collect the gift vouchers. It was only RM50, not exactly RM250. I am still happy with it. The RM250 draw is end of Dec when you get spotted with the entire collection, 6 in total. A little gift from the bear.

      Of another topic, Giant just gave me 400 pages of coupon valid till 31st Oct. Tough competition out there.