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    • My children have been asking me to bring them there. Since it is an affordable place to go compare to overseas vacation, I agree. I started planning for the trip 6 months before the date of departure.

      I was reading lots of review on hotels and all. At that time, Legoland hotel was still under construction. By the way, I asked the reception, the hotel rate at Legoland hotel is RM700 to 900 per night and 2K for the suite. Ended up I selected Pariss Hotel Skudai.

      Pariss Hotel Skudai is centrally located and it is only 15-20 minutes’ drive to Legoland. There are lots to eat near the hotel and Giant, Tesco, Aeon is nearby. The room was spacious and at the lobby there is free WIFI. The staffs could be a little bit friendlier. It is a budget hotel so you cannot expects a lot of facilities, there are none. The room came with free breakfast too.

      Airport transfer to hotel – RM68 (6 seater car)
      Blue taxi to Legoland from hotel – RM30
      Red tax to Legoland from hotel – RM13

      If you do not have a car, you need to rely on taxi. I can tell you taxi is unreliable especially the trip back. Someone them hikes up the price of the taxi especially the blue ones. A tip is to collect taxi contacts as you go. You can book ahead with the taxi, when you want to return to the hotel else you need to pay the hiked up price.

      There is no local bus available from hotel to Legoland. There is a bus service from Legoland to other places like Hello Kitty, Johor Premium Outlet and Airport. Here is the bus schedule.

      I also decided to get the Legoland Annual Pass. There are 2 types: Standard and Premium. Premium covers Waterpark but more expensive and no child rate. I have plan for my family to go for 1 day in the Waterpark, so we buy individual ticket. With Annual Pass, you only need to pay RM50 per entry. Do not buy Waterpark tickets ahead of time because the weather is unpredictable.

      With the Annual Pass, my family went in and out many times. In fact 3 days we spend in the dry park. We saw all the shows and gone through every rides at least once. I will share it with you in the next post.

      The Annual Pass is open for 1 year, I can take my family there again next year!

      Lastly, since I planned this trip ahead of time, I managed to get good deals from Air Asia flights too. The trick is plan early and you can get a lot of savings.

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