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    • Here wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year!

      This year my family hosted CNY reunion dinner. Usually we would have it in my mother in law’s place but she told us she wanted to rest. My hubby and I offered to host it. It is the first time to host CNY dinner. I had the menu in mind but shopping was kind of last minute.

      I am glad we had a great meal together!

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    • It all started when Angry Birds Star Wars came on. My son was interested to find out the story of star wars. He kept asking me some of the characters. After that, we went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and picked up quite a few books on Star Wars. They read it and found the story very interesting. My girl liked Darth Vader very much, maybe because of the mask.

      So I decided to search for the DVD so our family can watch it together. However, none of the video store sells the series in DVD. I went to search the internet and eBay but shipping charges were quite expensive.

      Finally after some months, I found a seller in eBay selling the trilogy series with a good price inclusive of shipment. I ordered it. Last few days we sat and watched through it. I believed when I watch Star Wars, I was 7 years old. The stuff that I remember is R2D2, light saber, Darth Vader and Harrison Ford. My children like to watch it very much. It sure brings back memories. Now I am still looking for the Prequel Trilogy.

      Next old movie that I would want to watch with my children, maybe Indiana Jones.

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