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  • MyBabyBay

    • Shopping With My Girl

      June 26, 2013

      I love shopping with her. We will go trying out clothes. We both got something we liked to buy. As I was approaching the cashier…

      Me: Please check to see if yours have any holes (aka damage).

      Em: Yes, plenty of holes, few millions. *giggles*

      Me: Aii….*kena from her again*

      Yeah she picked a tee with many tiny holes. She told me that it is very airy.

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    • My Makeover Desk

      June 18, 2013

      I was back to my hometown with my kids. People always say that they go back to their quiet hometown that is away from the city. However I am just the opposite where my hometown is the city. It is a good thing because it will be SHOPPING TIME!

      Indeed, I was at Ikea, the usual visit every time I go back to KL. Someone got me a birthday gift. Yeah I always wanted to change my messy table. The chipped wood on top of my table is coming off.

      Tada….my new table….

      I like this table because it has white board for me to write down my work things and also reminders. It is also for my children to leave important messages there. Cool eh?!

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