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    • Unwilling To Reveal

      March 31, 2009

      Emily loves to tell me stories. She tells me what she did at school, her conversation with grandpa and what her friends did. She can go on and on and on…. Sometimes I have to tell her to be quiet so that I can talk. She loves to interrupt when I am talking to papa. Although many times I have told her to wait for her turn, she kept forgetting. She will reply me, “Later I will forget what I want to say”. By the way, Tim also does too.

      Emily does not like to tell me anything that she does wrong or makes her look bad. Last week, she accidentally bumped into a girl that make the girl fall down & cried. I was not there but I heard other children telling me so. Emily kept very quiet. I didn’t want to make a scene there so I asked her nicely about it when she was in the car. She didn’t want to tell me what happen and she changed topics every time I asked her. Sigh.

      This is not a good sign as I want her to learn to tell me everything, good and bad. So how do I do that? I guess I have to keep telling her it is alright to tell me things that she does wrong and hopefully she will not avoid telling me.


    • Psalm 19:1-5

      1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
      the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
      2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
      night after night they display knowledge.
      3 There is no speech or language
      where their voice is not heard.
      4 Their voice goes out into all the earth,
      their words to the ends of the world.
      In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun,
      5 which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion,
      like a champion rejoicing to run his course.

      Best to watch the 2 video together at the same time. Simply amazing. It makes my heart melt.

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    • Earth Hour

      March 27, 2009

      March 28, Saturday 8:30pm – 9:30pm

      What are you guys gonna do? You are supposed to turn off lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness that the environment needs help. Remember to do your bit. One of my friends suggested having a candlelight dinner. It sounds good but I am afraid if I switch off my lights, fans and air condition. The mosquitoes will come around.

      Timothy asked me whether the mosquitoes will have a party too. I bet they will and using our blood as cocktail beverages. :giggles:

      What am I going to do? I probably hang around the mall with my children. I bet the mall will be crowded, so I have to be there early. Besides hubby need to get a pair of sport shoes and I got Sushi King vouchers to consume.

      Let me know what you will do…*kepoh look*

    • Guess Who? STOPPPPPP…………….Please comment who you think it is before reading.

      My dad is very good in Math although he is not educated. He can do mental arithmetic by adding numbers with 4 or 5 digits without any pen, paper or calculator. Math gens run in my and my hubby’s family. My brother took all the Math subjects in his University and he solved Math problem as a hobby. For me, my favorite subject is also Math and I love solving puzzles. My Math exercise book was always in demand in school too.

      Anyway, I discovered a few days ago that Emily can do mental arithmetic. Yes, without counting fingers. By the way, her school has not started her on Math yet. She must be learning it when I was teaching Timothy.

      It all started when Timothy and Emily was playing teacher student with me. They will ask me a math question like “What is 5 + 5?” I will give them the answer right away. Yeah I was showing them how “super” I am. :giggles: Emily will use big numbers like “What is 12+11?”

      Yesterday, I was asking Emily some simple Math like “What is 4+4?”. She answered 8 without counting her fingers or writing on the board. I was shocked. I test her again. “What is 5+5?” She said 10. Either she has a good memory or she is counting in her brain. What do you think?

      Here I captured this in the video. She is only 4 years and 9 months.

    • Entrepreneur In Him

      March 23, 2009

      Who wants to buy Tim’s creation? Don’t you think he has some entrepreneurship in him? I was surprised when I saw this display in his book shelf. He priced is just right too with description of the material.

      Now I would think he will catch up to Ebay in no time. He just never cease to amaze me. By the way, I was his first customer. How can I resist right?

    • Creative Punishment

      March 18, 2009

      I have learnt that in Psychology class during my University days that we humans can be program into doing things. One good example is driving. Most of us driver would drive automatically from A to B without conscious effort. Somehow our daily routine of driving has programmed our brain and body to do it effortlessly.

      In taking this theory to action, I am trying to program my children. Timothy and Emily fight all the time. Last week, in church they went overboard. Emily scratched Tim and Tim hit Emily because of an airplane toy. After we went home, papa caned both of them.

      I thought of a better punishment and ask them to do this:

      I told them, every time they fight, they have to do this. I kind of like the positive statement compare to the negative. Usually if you ask a child not to do something, they will do otherwise. By writing this, I am hoping it will be program into them. Let’s hope it works.

      Side humor that happens today that I want to record for myself:
      Hubby: Dear, I can go home now. Network down and I cannot do anything.
      Me: Sorry dear, I have a meeting and I will call you when I can go.

      After my meeting, I saw my hubby online and I msg him…
      Me: Dear, your network still down.
      Hubby: Yeah.
      Me: How come got Internet? :giggles:
      Hubby: Now it is up already.

    • Another Year Wiser

      March 15, 2009

      Today marks the day where my boy has grown a year wiser. Yeap it is his birthday and ever since he saw his presents, he been asking me when he open it. He woke up early today and he tore open one of his presents before the cake cutting ceremony. :rolleyes: I guess he cannot wait.

      Emily got him a Ben 10 present too. I brought her to the toy shop to pick a present for his brother. It is Mr. Swampfire, another alien to his collection. Swampfile can fire a green stick and shoot water out. It is pretty cool for a toy. Of coz, Emily wants to play with it too.

      It was a tiring week for me, running around organizing ladies retreat (2D/1N) for my church. On top of that, I had a busy work schedule. To make matter worst, Emily had fever in the middle of the week. Oh, not forgetting I had to prepare my son’s little celebration. However God has been good to me and everything went as planned. Emily recovered in time for the retreat too.

      Since I was having a church retreat at a camp site near the beach, I took the opportunity to celebrate Tim’s birthday there too. There will be children at the retreat where he will have a good time at the beach too. He did and so did Emily. Thanks to hubby for making sure Tim and Emily is well entertained while I had my retreat.

      Phew…it is all over now. I need to snooze zzzZZZZ

    • Looking Ahead

      March 10, 2009

      One more week to school holiday and my children are already asking me what to do next week. I guess they cannot wait to have a fun filled holiday. Since I have 2 days off every month, I have to plan something exciting for them.

      I am not sure why my children love water play so much. They cannot get enough of the swimming pool or anything to do with water. Yeap I have plan for them to have some fun in a water park. Please help to pray that it will not rain on that day.

      Timothy’s birthday is also around the corner. We will not have any big party but I will definitely get a cake for him with Ben 10 face in it. Both my children’s birthday fall on a school holiday every year. No opportunity to celebrate in the school. I wonder anyone has successfully celebrated their child’s birthday in primary school. Tell me about it. I don’t think the school will allow that.

      Mummy got a gift for him from Ebay and I bet when he sees it, he will grin from ear to ear. Oh well, since he doesn’t know how to find my blog, I will show it to you. I will also take Emily to choose a gift for his big brother. I am sure she will ask for a small gift herself.

    • Phew Tim’s first school examination is over. He has his examination on 3rd and 4th. I have been tutoring him every day when he started school. Basically helping him with his homework and using repetition to make him remember words or spelling.

      One of the major reasons why I sent him to National school is that I can tutor him. He will not have to go to tuition at this young age. One way of saving some money there. I can also track his progress. It is fun because there is a mother and son relationships being build in the academic world. It is another opportunity for a child to communicate to his/her parents.

      Communication is always important in a family. My goal is to have my children tell me things that happen to them. We need to do this when their young. If not, when they are old, they will not tell you anything.

      To cut the story short, here is one of the papers he got back from his examinations. How not to be proud of him? Even mummy didn’t score that high when I was in standard 1. :giggles: I am looking forward to see the results of the rest of his papers.

      If I lose my job, I know where I can get side income.

    • Emily Registered

      March 3, 2009

      Today I went to register a school for Emily. She was thrilled yesterday when I told her that she will go to a new school when she is 7.

      Registration is different this year. I am required to provide.
      1. A copy of the birth cert with the actual birth cert to chop and verify.
      2. A copy of the utility bill. I don’t remember submitting this for my son.
      3. A 4×9 envelope with 50 sen stamp and house address. I believed it is use to send back the confirmation letter.

      It took me only 5 minutes to register for her. The officer told me that it is not automatic that siblings will get a place in the school even though the bro or sister is in the school. I remembered I was automatically put in BBGS because my sister was there. Oh well, different system in Penang.

      Here are the questions Emily would ask me about her schools.

      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 7 years old?
      Mummy: Kor kor school.
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 6 years old?
      Mummy: Tadika Bla Bla
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 15 years old?
      Mummy: Che Che Zian’s school (Zian, a Sunday school friend)
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 20 years old?
      Mummy: Mummy’s school. *hoping she will end up in my university*

      Ooh by the way she is very happy when she hears all the answers, not really knowing what she is getting herself into. She is such an innocent little gal.