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    • Mr & Mrs Noah

      November 19, 2011

      Before my blog become dusty with cob webs, I guess I should write something. As the children grow older, there are less and less things to blog about.

      It started early Oct, when my children Sunday School class was preparing to do a performance at Prize Giving Day. My children came home with a script. I looked at it, 2 pages of script and almost fainted. Both my children were given the roles with most things to say. Oh how little faith I have in them or God for that matter. I am fine with Emily as she has her ways around it.

      However God show me the impossible. First thing, Timothy told me that he didn’t want to do it. Maybe he too, has little faith in himself. Or he is afraid of people laughing at him when he forgets his lines. Anyhow I took some time with him, every Saturday to go through the script so that he can remember. We had 4 Sundays to rehearse.

      To my surprise, he could remember his lines and he had no problem on stage. My second worry was if he got too nervous at the day itself in front of many audiences, he may forget his lines.

      I liked what one of the teachers said, “If the audiences are laughing means you did a good job!” This definitely encouraged the children.

      On the day itself, both gave a great performance. Timothy was Noah and Emily was Mrs Noah. Their class got 1st prize for the performance. When Timothy went out to take the prize, he pretended that the prize was too heavy to carry. What an actor?

      From not a single word utter during his kindy school days to putting a good performance, he really has blossom. Praise God that he showed me that he has power to do the impossible with my children.

    • Reward Day

      November 9, 2011

      I can hear her laughter a mile away when she came through the door after school. She ran into the study room and showed me her report book. Yes! She achieved her target that I set out for her. All smiles and grins from her. Both Tim & Emily got the same position in class which is number 10. I am happy for them. Emily scored full mark for both toughest paper that is Moral and Kefahaman.

      Last exam she wasn’t happy, she scored all As but position was 10. Tim scored less As but his position was 3. My in laws rewarded according to position. Poor thing, she was upset. I did reward her.

      This time around, I promised her a reward if they get more than 5A. By the way she changed her mind so many times on her reward. She wanted Lego Bionicle, later she wanted Telescope, later remote control car and finally she chose this:

      At least this doesn’t require any batteries. It is a guinea pig that she named “Dash”. It is only 2 months old. It is definitely much cleaner than hamsters. Now I hope my FIL will agrees to take care of it while we go on vacation.