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    • Unpredictable

      April 30, 2010

      They play together…
      They fight together…
      They hug each other…
      They argued together…

      Now they sit on one chair and do homework together. Lovely…

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    • Advanced Math

      April 28, 2010

      Emily was bored and she kept disturbing me while I was busy doing my work. She told me to give her homework. Maybe I should send her to Chinese school since she loves homework so much. Nah, I still want her to have a life and not homework all the time.

      Anyway, I asked her to take out the comics books that I recently bought for her and Tim. Inside, there is a section on exercise for Std 1, 2 & 3. I asked her to do the Std 1 exercise.

      She was happy and sat quietly doing it. After 10 minutes, she showed me. Look! The part B.

      Believed me no one has taught her how to do that, not even in Kindy. I found it hard to teach that to Tim last time and she mastered it on her own. I think she got Math gens in her.


    • Tim saw the Petronas Twin Tower 3D Puzzle and he wants to build it. We were in the toy shop and he kept looking at it. Even after we walk out of the shop, he asked me to get for him. Well I thought it will be good fun to build this with him.

      I bought it for him. He was excited and asked me to open it immediately. He saw and he looked at me because he didn’t have a clue how to put it together. The box said 6+ but adult like me found it difficult. Ooh the instruction paper was only 2 pages, front and back. Tat’s all.

      Tim helped me to tear the parts I needed and make holes on some of them with a given tool. But mummy finished this puzzle for him. He woke up and was happy to see it done. He asked me to bring him up there again.

    • Mr. Robot

      April 25, 2010

      I woke up and I saw this. I believed my hubby build this for Tim. He was very happy with it until everything started to fall off.

      Actually papa built the top part and Tim put in on the stool. He called out to me and said “Mummy, look now my robot has legs! He will guard the kitchen.” Talk about creativity.

    • Educational Comics

      April 23, 2010

      I have been searching for education magazine for Tim. I used to read Dewan Pelajar when I was young. I like the comics and puzzle in the magazine. I picked up new BM vocabulary from it too. However I don’t seem to find it anywhere.

      I was glad I read this post by InspiredMomx1 titled Magazine For Primary School. I surf the comic online store and found a couple of comics I liked for my children.

      I ordered Young Scientist, English Garden and Mingguan Didikku for Std1-3. The package arrived yesterday. My children were thrilled seeing those comics. The online shop is It has Chinese educational comics too.

      What so good about this comic? It is written according to the school syllabus. At the end of the comic, there are some simple exercises for the children. It is a great way for the children to get interested in learning. My boy is a visual learner, he learns as he sees. He loves the comics and so does Emily.

      They sat quietly for 1 hour just reading these comics. Thanks to InspiredMomx1 for her post!

      Young Scientist – RM5 per copy
      Mingguan Didiku – 60 sen per copy
      English Garden – 60 sen per copy.

    • Soft VOIP Phone Tester

      April 22, 2010

      I had installed my soft VOIP phone on my notebook. Now I can answer calls from my office at home and I can dial work numbers free of charge.

      I didn’t test it after I installed it. One day, I was on a conference and halfway through the conference, I found out the microphone didn’t work. Bumma!

      I cannot really test it by calling someone without knowing the microphone work or not. I configure the microphone and looks like it is working. I asked my son, Tim to help me. I gave him the house phone and ask him to pick up the call when it rings. He agreed.


      Tim: Hello *he was upstairs with the phone*

      Mummy: Hello

      Tim: Hello…hello

      Mummy: What is 1+1

      Tim: 1+1, issit?

      Mummy: Yeah 1+1

      Tim: 2…ok I don’t wanna play.

      Mummy: Bye

      Tim: Bye :giggles:

      My little helper just confirm that my microphone works.

    • Suspected SCAM

      April 21, 2010

      Some lady called me today with an unknown number. I suspect it to be a SCAM.

      Lady: Do you know how to speak mandarin? *in mandarin*
      I: I don’t know. Who do you want to speak to? *in mandarin*
      Lady: *hang up*

      Funny thing, I spoke mandarin to her when I told her I don’t know how to speak mandarin. Yeah, I am not fluent in my mandarin. Half pail of water – direct translation from Cantonese.

      After I told my friend this, they also tell me that they encountered the same thing. It is probably her telling you that you win a lot of money and want to transfer money to your account. She will ask for your account number and name. She does the transfer and you can see the transaction in your account. However the money is not actually deposited and you cannot withdraw it out.

      She will tell you that she accidentally over transfer or deposited her commission in. She will ask you to transfer back part of the money. If you fall for that, then your money will be gone.

      She can still revert back the amount transfer to you earlier. I am not sure how she can do that but until and unless you can withdraw the money. Never transfer back any money to any stranger.

      The above was told by my friend. So beware of SCAM.

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    • Another Achievement

      April 21, 2010

      I must record this for Emily. She amazes me. It was a long battle of me and her papa in waking her up in the morning for school. Lately she was getting better.

      Today, she woke up, brushed her teeth, dressed herself and went downstairs when I was still snoozing. I had an after midnight meeting yesterday so I decided to sleep in, a little. When I woke up, she already went to school. I didn’t have to do anything. Cool eh?

      The battle is over. I hope.

      Her papa and I were pretty pleased with her. She got 2 stickers and a treat from me. Well she has grown to another phase now. I guess I just have to be patient.

      1. Without A Will
      2. Pen Your Will

    • Creating A Will

      April 20, 2010

      I am in the process of doing a Will. It is another big project for my family but more so for my children. I wanted to get a Will for a very long time but plenty of questions unanswered. For example, selecting a trusted guardian if my hubby and I are not around or finding a reliable Will executor.

      Anyway, one of my church friends approached my hubby and I to be his Will witnesses. That is when he provided me with a lot of details.
      By the way, it is easy to get a Will done. All you need is 2 Witness and you can even handwriting your Will. It will be a legal document. No fees and no headache. You just need a reliable Will executor and a substitute executor in case the main executor cannot carry his/her duty.

      I am hoping by end of May, I have one written and signed. I will blog about what I found out about Will and asset distribution in

      Parkbay: Without A Will

    • Tricked

      April 18, 2010

      My children were fooled by me and it wasn’t even April Fool’s Day. We were at my FIL place and about to leave. They like to play a fool and said “Let’s quickly drive off without papa” after they got into the car. Little did they know, I did just that.

      They were giggling and telling me all the good things without papa. As I drove further down the journey to return home, they began to realized, I am not picking papa back. They got scared and told me to go back.

      Now they are telling me all the good things with papa. Emily kept chanting “papa” all the way home. She was really upset. Tim was preoccupied with something else but he still insist I go back to take papa home.

      Reached home and they didn’t want to get down. Later papa appeared at the gate with my FIL motorbike and their expression changed. :giggles:

      Yeah papa borrowed grandpa’s motorbike that was the reason why he was not in the car.

      On another note, it was a hot day and I took the children to eat snow ice in 100 YEN shop. I never had that before and I loved it. The ice was really fine, tasted like ice-cream. However it cost RM4.90. It was a nice treat for my children.