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      February 19, 2008

      The other day I was surfing the net and I found 2 talented and gifted 6 years old gals. The first one from UK, her name is Connie Talbot. She contested in the competition called Britain’s Got Talent and went into finals. She sang in front of a crowd without any fear. She sang beautifully and her pitch was perfect. Imagine Simon Cowell gave her thumbs up. Now she has her own debut album. She can sing difficult song like “I will always love you”. She is really gifted.

      Next gal, she is a pianist, also a 6 year old named Emily Bear. She can compose songs within 10 minutes. Her creation was being used by a movie producer as a theme song. How cool is that?

      I am sure there are many more talented and gifted children out there. I just wanted to share their talent with you.