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    • Child’s Expenses

      April 29, 2005

      Prenatal & Medical – RM500 (Sponsored)
      Maternity Wear – RM500
      Nutritious Food – RM1000
      Hospital Fees – RM5000 (Sponsored)
      Baby Items – RM2000
      Confinement – RM2300
      Confinement Food – RM1000

      Diapers – RM80 per month
      Milk Powder – RM90 per month
      Meals – RM200 per month
      Babysitter – RM450 per month
      Clothes – RM150 per month
      Toiletries – RM50 per month
      Toys & Books – RM300
      Medical Bills – RM 1000 (Sponsored)

      Child calling me MUMMYYYYY – PRICELESS!!

    • Just 2 More Days….

      April 28, 2005

      To submit your IRB forms & pay your taxes.

      For the government to resolve the diesel issue.

      For my company to make profit and hoping for profit sharing. $-)

      To end the month of April.

      To a long weekend……

    • ABC

      April 27, 2005

      ABCDEFG….HIJKLMNOP….QRSTUV…WXY & Z. Now I know my ABC, won’t you come and sing with me.

      My son just learnt his ABC through singing this song. Yesterday, he sang it to me twice yesterday before bed time. Yeap, another milestone and I am proud of him.

      He only was able to recognize some alphabet and not all. Mummy is working on that milestone.

      ABCDEFG….HIJKLMNOP….QRSTUV…WXY & Z. Now I know my ABC, won’t you come and sing with me.

    • Hereditary

      April 25, 2005

      Boy: Can nap for 3 hours like mummy.
      Gal: Can nap for 30 minutes like daddy.

      Boy: Not a very light sleeper, any noise will not wake him up like daddy.
      Gal: Very light sleeper, anyone open the door, she will wake up like mummy.

      Boy: Has a cheeky smile like grandpa.
      Gal: Always smile and laugh like daddy.

      Boy: Can be very stubborn like mummy and daddy.
      Gal: Same.

      Boy: Very shy in front of strangers, can be a koala bear sticking to dad.
      Gal: Too young to tell but she doesn’t like strangers carrying her.

      Boy: He can dance very well. Both mummy and daddy cannot dance.
      Gal: Start learning how to twist with music.

      Boy: Strong willed child like mummy kuah.
      Gal: Compliant child like daddy.

      Boy: Look like mummy.
      Gal: Look a bit like daddy, I still cannot tell but from what other people say.

      Both: Like to eat and wai sek, not choosy with food like mummy or daddy.

      Both: Like to go kai kai like mummy.

      Both: Like to bully daddy and mummy somehow.

      At this point:

      Boy: 80% mum & 20% dad.
      Gal: 80% dad & 20% mum.

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    • Potty Training

      April 18, 2005

      There are so many ways to potty train your child. As your child grows older, he/she will understand you, that is when you will train your child.

      The WRONG way: Scolding your child if he accidentally pee through his pants or pee on his bed. Scolding your child will make not help you in teaching your child to do it the right way. Just making him/her feels more miserable.

      The PATIENT way: My MIL used this method. I must say she is really patient. She started training my nephew when he was 3-4 months old. Every 15 mins, she will take a small bottle and hum the wee wee sound. Surprisingly my nephew will pee to the little bottle. As he grows up, he is able to control his bladder and my MIL will ask him to pee in the bottle every 30-60 mins. Hey, save you a whole lot of diapers.

      The RIGHT way: When your child is able to understand you. You can teach him to pass urine in the potty. Every time he wee in the potty, you reward him, either with a smile, sing a song, clap your hands or say what a clever boy. The point is make a big fuss if he does it right. He will likely to want to wee in the potty, the next time. If he accidentally pees on the floor, just tell him nicely the he should tell mummy or daddy if he wants to wee wee. You also need to remind him every hour. As the child is older, he will be able to control his bladder and he will not need to be asked every hour.

      My boy loves to flush the toilet. He is quite tall and is able to pee on the adult toilet bowl. After every pee, he will flush the toilet. Sorry I still have not master potty training my gal yet. Soon, very soon, I will blog about my success.

      As for bed time, the best is NOT to feed your child too much water 1 hour before bedtime. Have him do his last pee before he goes to sleep. When he wakes up, remind him to pee as well. For hygiene, do buy plastic sheets and place it below your bed sheet. Plastic sheets can be purchase from any pharmacy. This is to prevent urine from passing through your mattress.

      Oh as for the big business, it is advisable to let your child sit on the potty every morning. My boy and gal give a funny expression when they make cake. When I see the funny expression, I will quickly fetch the potty for them.

      Don’t stress yourself by enforcing potty training too early. Make it FUN and YOU will SUCCEED!

      Happy Training!

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    • Creativity

      April 13, 2005

      My son took a small heart shape box and put his toys in the box. He will show mummy and say “Pizza Hearts”.

      As for my gal, she has a toy phone pass down from kor kor (big brother). When mummy said “Hello Hello Emily”, she will put the phone receiver behind her ear. How cute.

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    • Hiccups

      April 12, 2005

      Hiccups run in my family. I get hiccups at least once every 3 or 4 months. I am not sure about my mum, dad, sister or brother. I am not sure whether it is hereditary. My children get frequent hiccups. When I was pregnant with them, I felt hiccups in my womb. It is a very unusual feeling, like a heart beating at the womb. It can go on for 5 minutes. My son does that a lot in the womb, like every other week. My daughter does that slightly less, once a month.

      My son and daughter now have hiccups once in a while. At one time (happen to both before), I was about to put my child to sleep and then hiccups came. Don’t you hate it? I have to get rid of the hiccups and then put them to sleep. For my son, I usually feed him with water and it will be gone. As for my gal, she seldom takes water from the bottle, I need to spoon feed her. When she was a baby, all I have to do is to make her cry and the hiccups will disappear. You may say, how cruel but it has to be done.

      One day I learn something amazing. I was very tired and was putting my gal to sleep. She was tossing and turning, was about to sleep, and hiccups came. Aiks! I was very lazy to get water for her. I decided to ignore it. She was trying to sleep as I was patting her buttock with her going HIC HIC HIC. Suddenly the HIC sound was getting less and less. Next, all I heard was ZZZzzzzzz from her. Lesson learnt that I just have to ignore her hiccups and not make a fuss out of it. Yesterday, the same thing happens.

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    • Security Blanket

      April 11, 2005

      Every child has their security blanket. For my son, his security blanket is not a blanket but toys. When he was 2 years old, he likes holding his tortoise wherever he went. He has 8 of them, 2 which is his favorite ones.

      Now, he switched from tortoise to fruits toys. He has a banana and a capsicum. He will refuse to give it to anyone or keep it in the house/car. He even sleep holding it, he will bring it to school, to shop or to have dinner. My hubby tried very hard to ask him to keep it in the car. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

      I always wonder what is going through the child’s mind. Why does he need a security blanket?

      Hey, if you think hard enough, you can find some relevancy in an adult life. Here are some of the security blankets of an adult/teenager: handphone, digital camera, cash, credit cards, car, comb, handbag, lipsticks, cosmetics….etc…etc.

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    • Smile From Inside

      April 4, 2005

      My hubby and I took our children to dinner at Nandos, at the airport. We order 2 quarter chicken (free 1 quarter), corn cob, Mediterranean rice, Greek salad, 1 mango smoothies (for me) and 1 strawberry smoothies (for hubby).

      When the food came, obviously my son was eyeing on the smoothies. Nope, I didn’t give it to him and told him to finish the rice and some chicken before he can have the smoothies (which he thought was ice-cream). The trick is none of us will touch the smoothies until we finish our dinner. Obviously once or twice he asked for it, but mummy said, finish the rice first.

      He took a couple of small chicken drum stick, finished the corn cob and rice. The moment came when I scoop the smoothies into a bowl for him. I can see his BIG SMILE FROM INSIDE HIS HEART. I never seen a sweeter smile ever before. Moments that cannot be capture by a camera. A contented and happy child with little expectation.

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