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    • New Year

      December 30, 2005

      The years really passed very fast. My children are growing up too fast. Last year was like just yesterday. When those 2 came into the world, it is so small and fragile. Now they are running around. I am getting old but still young at heart. 😥

      My achievements:

      1998 – Relocate to Penang.
      2000 – Got Married.
      2002 – First Son born.
      2004 – First Daughter born.
      2006 – ?? (Nope, no more children)

      Emily grows up very fast. Now she is able to tell mummy to move away. I was in my study room working on the computer. She walked, looked up and said “move move” using her hand gesture. She wanted to sit on mummy’s chair. She climbed up and sat there. She can speak quite a lot of words but refuse to call mummy. See how she eats apple:

      Next year, my son will be 4. He speaks Cantonese like “Ang Mo Jai”. Funny, he likes to eat lemon. We went to Bukit Tambun to have seafood. It is the best place to have cheap seafood. I ordered Oysters and it came with lemon. He took the lemon and squeezed it with his teeth. He likes to eat oranges too but I seldom give him because after eating, he will cough.

      Off Topic: Cheap Bukit Tambun Seafood.

      For 6 adult and 2 children:
      1 plate of pointy spiky shell
      2 big egg crab – Sweet & Sour Sauce
      6 fried soft shell crab
      500gm of drunken prawns
      1 plate of fried teow chew noodles
      1 plate of fried toong fun
      1 plate of fired tau fu
      1 plate of mixed vegetables
      8 pieces of fried “mang tau”
      1 pot of chrysanthemum tea
      Plain rice
      Cost: 125++

      Map to Bukit Tambun:

      There will be sign board showing you to Bukit Tambun after you pass the Bukit Tambun Toll. It is really easy. Don’t go to the first restaurant you see, as you drive inner through a narrow road, you will see plenty of seafood restaurant. The usual one that I often go is Prawn Village.

      So much for food, here wishing you a

      :dance: Happy New Year!!! :dance:

    • Christmas

      December 24, 2005

      Christmas is not about Santa Claus.
      Christmas is not about Exchanging of Gifts.
      Definitely Christmas has nothing to do with Christmas Tree.

      Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour who gave up his divine glory and came to earth to be born in a manger. He came even though he knew he would suffer and die so that he could save us. We who are filthy with sin and we broke off the relationship with God. We do not deserve his sacrificial love for us. Yet he came and gave us new life. Those who believe will be redeem by him and have eternal life with God. He has given us a reason to live, a new meaning to life. Those out there, who are reading this, do think about the true meaning of Christmas.

      Have a blessed Christmas and this song is dedicated to you. Of all the Christmas song, I love this one:

      Click HERE to hear the song or right click to save the song.

      We Were The Reason

      As little children
      We would dream of Christmas morn
      Of all the gifts and toys
      We knew we’d find
      But we never realized
      A baby born one blessed night
      Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

      We were the reason
      That He gave His life
      We were the reason
      That He suffered and died
      To a world that was lost
      He gave all He could give
      To show us the reason to live

      As the years went by
      We learned more about gifts
      The giving of ourselves
      And what that means
      On a dark and cloudy day
      A man hung crying in the rain
      All because of love, all because of love

      I’ve finally found the reason for living
      It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
      In all that I do every word that I say
      I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

      He is my reason to live

    • Battlefield

      December 11, 2005

      Time: Sat 10 Dec. 2030 hours.
      Mission: Get son to keep toys.
      Place: Home.
      Weapons: Cane & Patience.
      Opponent’s Weapons: Cry & Stubbornness.
      Situation: Toys everywhere in the room.
      Period: 60 minutes.


      My son refused to keep his toys after playing. Mummy got frustrated and send warning signal to him. He didn’t budge. He stood near the door wanting to go downstairs to watch Mickey Mouse cartoon before going to bed and chanting “He Want! He Want! He Want!. Mummy took the cane and whack only once. It made the situation worst, he cried even louder. No sign of moving his hands to the toys. I know the cane didn’t help, threw it away, else next morning you see my picture in the headlines under child abuse section.

      Next move, mummy dimmed the lights and pretend to sleep. He still stood at the door crying. Mummy sent out another signal “You keep toys first and you can go watch Mickey Mouse.” He still didn’t move. It went on for more than 45 minutes. He cried so much, till Emily go to him and sayang him. Emily helped him to keep a few toys.

      Last move, mummy switch off all the lights. He cried louder and he stopped. I heard toys going into the basket. He kept all his toys in the dark. I took him downstairs to watch his cartoon and he went to bed with a happy smile.


    • The Spread

      December 10, 2005

      I didn’t know that food-poisoning can spread or contagious, until recently. The food poisoning germs that was manifested can pass from one person to another through dirty hands, saliva shared utensils or the vomit of a person.

      Last Sunday (11 Dec): Hubby ate Kuew Teow Th’ng. He was feeling uneasy and vomited a few times. He went to see the doc because he looked really bad. Doc told him he got a mild gastric and gave him MC to rest the next day.

      My son had a mild case, he lost his appetite, didn’t want his dinner. I gave him some ice cream so that at least his stomach has something to digest. He happily ate it all up. He also had some pizza bread. He also vomited once at night. However next morning he was fine.

      Monday: Hubby slowly recovering but a little week. He lost his appetite and he only had plain porridge.

      Tuesday: Emily’s babysitter told me that my gal threw up twice. As for me, after I had KFC for dinner, I had bad ingestion and heart burn. I took some anti-acid. While Emily was playing in the room, she suddenly told mummy “pain pain” and she threw up again on the mattress. I had to clean her and the change all the mattress sheets. Fortunately I have a spare mattress. Later, I took both of them down to watch some cartoon before sleep so that I can have a bit of rest. Again, Emily threw the second time on the sofa. 😥 I had to clean the sofa and I was unwell. Clean all up and send them all to bed.

      Wednesday: I had fever the next day. I took Emily to the paed and myself to the doctor. The paed asked me “Your husband medicine didn’t work on you?” since I told her I was having food poisoning. I never thought of taking my hubby’s medicine. :sc: Anyway, I got MC from my doctor, not the paed.

      Friday: I saw my babysitter and she was really pale. She told me that she vomited and is having fever. She got it. I told her on Wednesday, the paed said to be careful as the food poisoning germs in Emily can spread since she has children of her own.

      Lets hope the germs will stop spreading. :hand:


    • Last Saturday, I went to the mainland to source for beans for my bean bag. Previously I got it from CarreFour in the mainland and chances of getting it will be high. Sure enough I got all the beans. Bags are smaller but same price 🙁

      On my way back, I saw a massive jam on the way to the bridge. I told my hubby, since the children never experience the ferry, we will take the ferry instead. What a mistake??!! :sil: We drove to the ferry terminal. We saw the jam, we didn’t know how far off we were from the terminal. We thought we were only 15 minutes away. By the way, they change the route from the way it used to be. We need to drive up a highway ramp that went in circle to the toll booth. We waited for 2 hours. It was the longest wait, ever. Children were pretty tired by then. Emily and Tim were climbing everywhere. I don’t expect them to be sitting for 2 hours in their car seats. Fortunately, they were only restless at the end of the jam. 2 hours jam for a 10 minutes ride. They did enjoy the ferry ride and on the way back, they both slept. Funny there were drivers who turn back after reaching the toll booth. One unfortunate soul, his car broke down at the toll booth.

      I am not sure why are there so many cars going to Penang island. Maybe it was due to school holidays or the Pesta Events happening.

    • Son Says The Darndest Thing

      December 5, 2005

      Mum was down stairs watching TV. Tim was upstairs making his way down.

      Tim: See see Mummy crocodile.

      I thought he was referring to his crocodile toy.

      Tim: Mummy see see crocodile. He was looking on the wall.
      Dad: It’s a lizard. *coming down with Tim*
      Mum: 😆

      Tim: I want biscuit.
      Tim: I want biscuit.
      Mum: I give you keropok. *purposely make him*
      Tim: I want biscuit.
      Mum: Keropok.
      Tim: Biscuit.
      Mum: Keropok.
      Tim: Biscuit. *frustrated*

      Mum took out the keropok and flash in front of Tim.

      Tim: *excited* Keropok.
      Mum: I thot you said you want biscuit.
      Tim: Keropok.
      Mum: Biscuit.
      Tim: Keropok.

      Mum gets the last laugh. :dance:

    • Smilies

      December 1, 2005

      I just installed some cute smilies which you can use in your comments.

      *remove the space when used*

      😆 : lol :
      :angel: : angel :
      :bday: : bday :
      :clap: : clap :
      :comp: : comp :
      😥 : cry :
      :dance: : dance :
      :doh: : doh :
      :drool: : drool :
      :eh: : eh :
      :good: : good :
      :hand: : hand :
      :jump: : jump :
      :liar: : liar :
      :naughty: : naughty :
      :pray: : pray :
      🙁 : sad :
      :sc: : sc :
      :shifty: : shifty :
      :shoot: : shoot :
      :sick: : sick :
      :sil: : sil :
      :snooty: : snooty :
      :think: : think :
      :vio: : vio :
      :wall: : wall :
      :whistle: : whistle :
    • Company Affairs Part II

      December 1, 2005

      I owe you an apology. :pray: I was supposed to tell you my decisions. I just remembered today. For history, refer to this post about Company Affairs & Decisions.

      Finally my company has split into 2 companies. Strange 2 companies are in same location. The decision was made. Nothing has change, I didn’t chose the direction where the $$$ is. 😯 There was 6 months bonus for bond of a period of 3 years and given in a period of 3 years. Strange thing is that anyone who joined in Oct or Nov will also get that package. It attracted a lot of engineers applying for the vacancy. :drool: My hubby tried to apply but too late for him.

      Anyway, I chose to stay back as I am not a risk taker. :sick: My manager has given me new role and responsibilities, which is why I am very busy. There is potential career opportunity there. Keeping my fingers cross that I hope to get a good increment. :dance: However my company is going through some downsizing and lots of sad news. The sad part is saying farewell to them and also farewell to my colleagues who I have been working with for past 7 years, as they joined the new company. 🙁

      It is a roller coaster ride ever since I join my company. My company has been spun off from a bigger company and now sold one big business unit out. Funny thing is my colleague has join 3 companies without resigning. :sc: She beats me to it. Not too sure what is the future but life goes on. :whistle: