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    • High Tech Kid

      June 18, 2012

      Emily: Mummy, I want a thumb drive.

      Me: *blur* Why do you need a thumb drive?

      I want to save all the songs that I like into the thumb drive. Then I can play it over and over again.

      Me: Ah!

      She is getting to be more high tech. Her list of favorite songs:

      Nobody But You
      Waka Waka – This Time For Africa
      I Believe I Can Fly

      By the way, I used to record a few songs into a cassette and repeat it many times. I guess she takes after me in this.

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    • Of Birthday Wishes

      June 7, 2012

      Thank you all for leaving your birthday wishes on my FB page. It is great to see that I have so many virtual friends. Most of you know my girl and I have the same birthday. For many year since Emily started school, we didn’t throw any party because her birthday is always during school holidays. In fact, my boy’s birthday also fall on a school holiday.

      Since we have a church family camp, I bought a cake to have a small celebration there. That way, there are warm bodies to finish the cakes. My girl is happy with that.

      All she wants for her birthday is 1 cake and lots of presents for her birthday. Sure save me from planning a party! As for me, thank you God for his gift to me……

      Here is what she has chosen for her cake, her favorite angry bird…

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    • Kidzania KL

      June 2, 2012

      I saw this Kidzania building last year when I drove to Ikea. From the look of the building, I know that this is another new kids’ thing in town. My supplier told me about it as they were one of the sponsors for their program.

      Basically your child can earn money by doing the job roles in Kidzania. You can be a firefighter, police officer, judge, post master, doctor and many more. Each job they do, they earn Kidzania money. They can use the money to buy stuff, play, learn certain skills, enter Kidzania University or rent a car.

      For this holiday, I decided to let my kids try it. Emily was very enthusiastic but Tim was reluctant. I bought the tickets online. Tip number 1, if it is a school holiday, make sure you book the tickets online. You do not want to queue for ticket there. However, once sold there is no refund.

      Next tip, plan what your child wants to do. There are those popular jobs that require long wait time like Firefighter, police officers, CSI agents and hospitals jobs. Most of them are 20 minutes per session. For firefighter, they only allow 8 children to go at one time because there are only 8 water hose. Here is something, Kidzania can improve. Although there are 8 water hose, they can arrange 8 child to hose for 5 minutes and next 8 to go for another 5 minutes. Now you can have 16 children to go at one time. It saves a lot of time!

      My kids love the CSI and secret agents. My boy had to jump from a 3 storey building with secure ropes which frighten him a little. However he made it.

      My girl tried many jobs like firefighter, CSI, secret agent, bank security officer and flight attendant. She got enough and told me now I want to drive a car. She went to car rental only to find out she needs a driving license. In order to get driving licenses, she needs to buy insurance and go for eye test. With the little time that we have, we just couldn’t do all that. Poor gal, she didn’t get a chance to use the money she made. However she banked it in and told me, next time she will use it.

      Yeap, it was a great experience for them and me. However 5 hours definitely wasn’t enough as there were lots of children and long waiting time. There were lots of preschool and kindy children which I believe they were too young for it. Most of the time, they just do what they are told. I am not sure how much they understood.

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