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    • Homemade Ice Cream

      February 28, 2009

      My children love to eat sorbet type ice-cream. They called them ice ice-cream. I got a mini ice cream tray from Daiso in KL. I thought Emily and Timothy how to make ice-cream. You can practically choose any juice for the ice-cream. I bought a big pack of Vitagen for them to make ice-cream. They like it very much.

      Now I can turn juice into ice-cream for them to eat. However they know that too much ice-cream is not good for them. I only allowed them to have it once a week or every other week. Try it, it is fun especially they make it on their own.

    • Upgrade His BM Vocabulary

      February 27, 2009

      I am trying to upgrade Tim’s BM Vocabulary. I got him a Oxford BM-English dictionary. I need to teach him how to search for words in the dictionary. Besides that, I do a lot of reading with him in BM. However he is not very good at remembering BM words. I won’t say he has a poor memory because he can remember every alien in Ben 10. I wished I can turn BM words into alien.

      I am happy that Maths and Science is in English because he definitely has no problem in it. The funny thing is he has problem in spelling English words but not BM words. He can spell the BM words without knowing the meaning. I believed BM words are easier to spell.

      I am trying to find more BM books for him to read. How I wished there are Peter and Jane in BM. If you know any interactive BM CD/VCD ROM, let me know. I got the Unik Interactive VCD-ROM on Science, Math and English for primary school. It is very good and even now Emily is also learning from it.

      Tim will be having is first exam in March 3rd and 4th, aiks that is next week. I guess this weekend, I need to help him with his revision.

    • Telling Time

      February 24, 2009

      Alicia just reminded me from her post to blog about this. It is about teaching children how to tell the time. Yeap it is difficult to teach children to tell time. You must teach them 1 hour has 60 minutes. They will look very strangely at you because they always learn that 10 is the complete number. Next, you have to teach them, when the long hand move from 1 number to another, it will be a multiple of 5 minutes like 5,10,15,20…etc. Too complex for any child. Worst you have half past, quarter past, quarter to…etc.

      However my children mastered the way to tell time ever since they know how to read numbers. I have a clock in my room but not my children’s room. Sometimes if I sleep in the children’s room, I will ask either Emily or Tim to go to my room to tell me the time.

      They love to run over and tell me. Mummy it is 8:15. Cool eh? How do they do it? Here is the secret.

      Isn’t it great to have digital clock, make things so simple. Anyway, if you really want to teach a child time, start with the short hand moving and the long hand at 12.

    • Supper

      February 23, 2009

      My children love to go supper or maybe they just want to “sau kai” meaning “don’t want to stay at home”. Anyway, they always want me to bring them to mamak stall. Here in Penang, we have lots of indoor mamak place because famous for nasi kandar stall. Most of them are 24 hours and some are air condition like Kayu.

      My children love the Roti Tisu from Kayu. It is huge and is required to be served on 3 plates. It is crispy and sweet, that is why they love it. Look here if you do not know what Roti Tisu is:

      Once it a while, it is good to have supper.

    • Won Another Prize

      February 21, 2009

      I think it is my year and I received a letter from Golden Screen Cinema that I won a consolation prize. I entered this when my family and I went to watch Madagascar 2 last year. I just wrote the slogan on the spot. Now I cannot remember what I wrote too.

      Emily and I participated in a Tinkerbell coloring contest. Results will be out in March. I am keeping my finger crossed. Emily told me that she wants to open the prize. I don’t think it will come in wrapping paper. She enjoys tearing the wrapping paper.

      On another topic, this happens yesterday at the Penang Bridge. A crane fell over and cause a long hours of jam! It looks like a crane wants to be a transformer but failed to do so. Timothy was fascinating with the front page of TheStar today. He asked me how the crane transformed. :giggles:

    • Almost There

      February 18, 2009

      Yeap she almost there, she can switch on the lights with tip toeing. She is going to be 5 and she can reach the lights. One less chore for me, to help her on the lights. Now she can open the doors by herself.

      One thing that she constantly makes me or herself frustrated is when she asked me something which is very ambiguous and make me tell her. If I cannot, she will make a fuss or cry. A few times, I tried to divert her attention but failed.

      Here is one classic example:

      Emily: Mummy says what is kepala.

      Mummy: Head.

      Emily: No Mummy says what is kepala. *a little frus*

      Mummy: Kepala is Head. *blur*

      Emily: No Mummyyyyy say what is kepala.

      Mummy: Huh??!! *better not say head, later she will explode*

      Emily: Say What is kepala. Like teacher.

      Mummy with imaginary light bulb on: Emily, What is Kepala?

      Emily: Head *smiling*

      Mummy: :rolleyes:

    • Good Bacteria Rules

      February 16, 2009

      Today lunch time, my gal told me she had stomach ache. I applied some “minyak angin” and thought she was hungry. I gave her some honey dew, my subsidy from my workplace. She ate and she was ok.

      Later after I sent my son to school, my hubby got a call from my nanny. She said that Emily is having fever and has no appetite to eat. I suspect is food poisoning. However she didn’t vomit nor has any diarrhea. I gave her fever medicine and asked nanny to let her sleep. The clinic was already close for lunch time. I thought to let her rest and take her to the doctor after work.

      She had fever again at 5:30pm and my nanny gave her the fever medicine. She looks very tired. I gave her Gain Bac, good bacteria. Later, she passed motion and she was active with no fever and no stomach ache. Her motion was normal. However she insisted that she wants to see the doctor. More like she wanted to go to the clinic playground.

      I took her to the clinic because I was afraid that she may have fever again at night. Better let the doctor check her. However when she was at the clinic playground, she has no sign of being sick.

      She saw the doctor and he could not find anything wrong with her. The doc said she just has some wind in her tummy. Since I already have fever medicine and Gain Bac (good bacteria), he didn’t give her any medicine. There goes my money too! RM25 for the playground. :rolleyes:

      By the way, if your child has stomach flu, good bacteria helps a lot. The doc told me that he has a case of a child admitted because of rotavirus. The doc gave the child good bacteria and he recovered after 4 days. However the child’s aunts also had the same rotavirus and were admitted for 10 days.

      P/S: I got the above bottle from my pediatric. I am sure you can also get from the pharmacy. I suggest you talk to your doctor before using it.

    • Decipher Timothy’s Art

      February 14, 2009

      I was looking at Tim’s exercise book and I saw some interesting pictures he drew. I believed most of them are Bible Stories. I do not know what it is but I will ask him tomorrow. See whether you can guess the bible story tie to the drawing.

      Time to test your Bible Knowledge…

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)

      Story #2

      Story #3

      Story #4

      Story #5

      Story #6

      Story #7

      Story #8

      Story #9

      Story #1 – Jesus Crucifixion (Giveaway)
      Story #2 – Jesus Ascension
      Story #3 – Angel Appeared At Jesus Tomb
      Story #4 – Moses & Burning Bush
      Story #5 – Moses
      Story #6 – Moses & 10 Commandments
      Story #7 – The Red Sea Destroyed The Egyptians
      Story #8 – Daniel’s Friends In The Fiery Furnace With An Angel

    • Prize Money

      February 11, 2009

      Remember that I won US30 on the first day of Chinese New Year. It was my company department photo contest. My director asked us to take picture during our December break. I submitted my Teluk Kumbar beach pictures I took during Christmas. The criteria is not how good the picture is but how relax we were.

      I was one of the winners. The one sitting on my left and back also won. I guess we know how to relax ourselves. I was asked not to share this until the department meeting. Oh well, my director didn’t want me to steal the thunder. That’s how I won US30. I am still thinking how to spend it. Any great ideas….By the way, the prize money is taxable 🙁

      Again, I will show the winning pictures.

    • It happens in Kuala Lumpur Mid Valley. My children love to ask me to treat them ice-cream. By the way they don’t regard ice-cream as junk food. Just to see them grin from ear to ear, I treat them Gelato Fruity.

      I kind of like their customer service. When you approached the counter, the moment you point to the ice-cream, they will scoop a little with their tiny spoon and let you taste it. It is done without asking. My children have fun with it because they can taste it before ordering.

      Both of them got a big huge scoop on the little cone. Yes the ice-cream is huge, like a double scoop. They also like to sit on those high chairs where they can swing around.

      I turned around and Timothy was upset. His scoop of ice-cream felt on to the ground. I am not sure how he did it but in his hand was just an empty cone. Poor him! I took his cone and when back to the counter. I am not sure whether I can ask for a replacement or not. I was ready to pay for it. Guess what, they replaced it for free and with the same amount of ice-cream. I was amazed! I will certainly go back because of their customer service and their ice-cream is delicious too.