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    • Swimming Pool

      October 31, 2005

      I traded 37 scoops for a swimming pool. The pool arrived last Saturday and boy my children had fun with it. Hey our very own swimming pool in our own garden, cool eh? You cannot do much swimming but my children likes to play water very much. The pool wasn’t slippery.

      Silly mummy didn’t take out Emily diaper, and look how much water it absorbs. Hehehe, mummy got scolded by daddy. Emily couldn’t stand with the heavy diaper.

    • Family Portrait

      October 28, 2005

      I wanted to do this for a long time to dig out all the old pictures and put it all together. However my hubby’s album was at my MIL place. When he had taken it back, I was too busy to touch it. Yesterday, I read Jasmine’s blog and I remembered what I wanted to do. I revived the old pictures project.


      Now tell me, do Tim and Emily look more like daddy or mummy?

      For those who have seen me, now you have a different perspective of me right? A lot of my friends said Tim looks like me and Emily looks like dad. Very few say otherwise.

      By the way, that is the only 1 year old photo I have. The rest is above 6 years old. Probably my parents were too poor to take any photos when I was a baby. I only got to see that photo when Emily was born. My aunt kept the picture and as she was clearing her house, she found it. I only got to see what I looked like after Emily was born.

    • Photoshop Tip

      October 28, 2005

      Everyone is into Photoshop, let me share a very useful tip that my hubby used, to do the picture above. This is the easiest way to select a person or an item in the picture. You can throw away the magnetic lasso after learning this.

      Instruction here: Photoshop Cropping Object

    • Sweetest Voice

      October 26, 2005

      Yesterday, I recorded my children’s voice. Feel free to use it as your handphone ringtones, remember have to pay royalty. My hubby suggested me to use Emily laughter as my windows startup sound. Every morning, when I boot up my notebook, I can hear her laughter.

      Emily’s Laughter:

      Emily calling kor kor:

      Emily asking for food:

      Emily singing with mummy:

      Tim singing Jesus Loves Me:

    • Vacation At Last!!

      October 24, 2005

      Last week, I decided to make my vacation happen. I suddenly have the urge to go somewhere, not sure where but somewhere. I told my hubby and finally we picked Langkawi. After the thought of having to take an hour ferry across with the children, the idea flew off. My son has motion sickness, worried he might vomit in the ferry.

      Anyway, as I was surfing the Internet, I went to MAS website. My fingers got itchy and find out the rates of return tickets to Langkawi. It came up to RM600+ for my entire family (2 adults and 2 children). I send an email to my hubby and he said, “Let’s do it”. What a cool hubby I have! My hubby has a relative in the hotel line in Langkawi, she may be able to get us some special rates. At the end of the day, I was afraid that the flights would be fully booked, as we will be going during the Raya holidays. I called up MAS to secure some flight seats. The agent told me I can get a 25% discount on my fare and Emily can go on an infant rate (below 2). It ended with less than RM500 for the whole family inclusive of tax. Great deal! Today, I collected the tickets from the airport.

      I told my son about going on the airplane. He was very excited about it or maybe I was making him excited. I live very close the airport, every now and then, I will take him to the airport to see planes. I make sure I got window seats for him on the flight.

      Anyone been to the Mangrove Tour in Langkawi? One of the website state that it is a must to go. However it will be a boat ride to places like caves, fishing village, the Mangrove Jungle, Langkawi Archipelago and The Lake of Pregnant Maiden. Not sure whether it is suitable for children. What other places should we visit beside the Underwater world?

    • Car Troubles

      October 14, 2005

      After reading car troubles from Jasmine & Jess blogs, I would like to tell my bad experiences.

      Driving License

      I took my driving license when I was 18. I didn’t pay any kopi-o, legitimate license. *saint* I took like 10 hours lessons before going for the test. You wouldn’t believe what happen on my first test. As I was reaching the final route, 1 min away from the driving test location, this car came from nowhere came crashing onto my L plate car from the side. *BANG*. The driver was a Japanese lady. I was stunt, I didn’t move. My driving invigilator went out and talked to her. After that, my driving license was history. After 1 month, my driving instructor called me and asked me whether do I want a second change. He asked me to take at least 2 more hours. I did and took the test again. I passed!! Hooray!

      First Car

      My first car was a Satria Auto 1.6, yeah the ugly looking green car. I was 24 when I bought that car and never drove since I got my driving license. After 6 months of driving my Satria, I smell petrol. As I was sending it for service, I told the Proton mechanic about it. He said he will fixed it for me. He changed the entire petrol tank. One fine day, as I was pumping petrol, the dreadful smell came. I look at the bottom of my car, petrol were spilling all over the floor. Fortunately, my car engine was off. It could have exploded. The station attendant, move my car to the side while I called the Proton mechanic. At that time, my work place was near the Proton service centre. He came and I told him what happen. He drove the car back to the service centre to fix. I was amazed that he still dared to drive while the tank is leaking. I took a cab back to my office.

      First Tyre Punctual

      I went for an IRC gathering, was waiting for some friends near the HELP institute, old immigration place. I parked the car and I realized my back tyre had no air. Fortunately my friends came and 2 kind gentlemen helped me to change tyre. Funny thing was I only met them for the first time.

      First Major Accident

      As I was travelling on Federal highway, someone made an emergency brake. I guess you know what happened, I was sandwiched in between. The van behind me, his brake was not working. It was dreadful, not because of the accident, it was mostly not having a car. *Geram* My car was sent to workshop to fix. I had to suffer taking public transport for a month. The worst is chasing the car insurance to pay.

      First Time Driving In US

      I went to US on a business trip. My company provided me with a rented car with GPS. After a few drive, I got used to left hand drive and driving on right side of the road. There is also a peculiar way of driving at the junction, first come first go policy. It is very orderly and do not require any traffic lights.

      Anyway, I was happily driving one day, about 5 minutes I smell something burning. Guess what? I forgot to release the hand brakes. The hand brakes were located on the left side, near the window and you have to pull it. I didn’t get used to those type of hand brakes. Fortunately it is a rented car.

      Nothing pretty much happen after marriage, no more car troubles. *Smiling, Grinning from ear to ear* My hubby saves all my car troubles.

      Last Laugh

      My brother and my hubby both cannot start the car. Both call the mechanic. Both got scolded because both started the car when the gear wasn’t on neutral or park. It happen at different time and place.

    • Barney’s Musical Castle

      October 14, 2005

      Someone send me this, today. For those children out there who loves the purple dino, pamper your parents to take you.


    • Sense of Direction

      October 12, 2005

      One day, I found out that Emily has a good sense of direction like me. She was at MPH in Gurney Mall, not as big as the one in MidValley of coz, probably 1/3 of the size, maybe smaller. She wondered around on her own. She walked so fast and didn’t realize mummy was behind or she was lost. She just walk and walk, she went pass 6 to7 shelves. She didn’t even look scare, just happily browsing through. I was hiding behind the shelves and overlooking what she is doing. I was caught, she turn around and saw me. She smiled. I asked her where is daddy? She walked back to where she came from without mummy guiding her.

      She reminded me of my childhood. My family went to Japan for a vacation. I was only 11+. We went on the tour. At night time, the tour guide took us all to the shopping arena and it was free and easy. I wonder off on my own without my family. The shopping arena was about 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. I browse around for a while on my own and I thought I had enough, wanted to head back to the hotel. Now this is in Japan, if I get lost, I will not know how to ask for direction as everyone spoke Japanese. I didn’t even remember the hotel name. As I was walking home, I saw my family. They were lost and didn’t know which direction to go. They wanted to take a cab back to the hotel. I told them the hotel is just a short distance away. They argued and say that they have been walk for more than 30 minutes. It is so funny I had to take them back to the hotel.

      On the first day of my arrival to Sydney, I went to the city on my own. At that time, my sister was working there, she had to work, no time to take me around. I took a bus to Circular Key where the Opera house is. Actually there is nothing much there except for the Opera house. I walk from there to China Town. Of course, I asked for direction while I was there. By the way, they have really good maps, if you know how to read it. The public transport is pretty good and punctual. At the end of the day, my sister was worried because it was my first day and I haven’t returned home. I took the bus back and my sister was shocked that I actually told her I have seen the famous Opera House. I was only 19 then.

      I have tried walking from my school to my home. By the way I studied in BBGS, so sad to see the school is gone. I will blog about that later. Yesterday I just knew some mothers who are from the same school but different generation. My home at that time was in Jalan Raja Laut. I was only Form 1 when I did that with another friend of mine.

      I have good sense of direction when I am walking not when I am driving. When you drive, you cannot turn back easily. I am having great difficulty recognizing roads in Penang and worst is most streets are one way. If you make a wrong turn, you have to go around in a big circle. In KL not PJ, I am better because I know the small roads around town. In PJ, it is pretty confusing especially the names of the roads, SS2, SS3, section 17 and they don’t go in order. I always have to refer to the map if I want to find places in PJ.

    • Date With My Son

      October 11, 2005

      I had a date with my son yesterday. I took leave because my son’s school was closed due to Sunday concert. I took my son to do some shopping in Gurney Plaza. We started at 10 am, first took him to a indoor playground. Toys R Us placed some of their toys at a play area for children to play for free. There is 2 slides, 1 toy house and 1 donno what it is called for children to climb. There were no children around so my son played all of it by himself. He loves the toy house.

      We also went to Toys R Us, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The toy house that I bought was there and it was more than double the price. I hope you parents out there, survey the toy price before making a purchase. I bought a wooden toy for my children. I just cannot resist. It was the heaviest thing that I got. I had to carried it to the car before continue shopping. You tell me whether it was worth buying. Pictures below.

      At about 2pm, my son started to tell me his leg pain. Hehehe, we been shopping for 4 hours straight. We pack some special dinner for my hubby and headed home. My son was too excited to sleep. I send him to his room at 3pm. He didn’t sleep but at least he rested. At 4pm, he came down to play with his new wooden toy. At 5pm, we went to fetch my hubby. He slept in the car for a while and daddy accidentally woke him up. I sent him to bed at 7pm. He must be snoring away.

      It was a fun time with him and I don’t mind shopping with him again. However there is no time to shop for my stuff because every time I hang around my area too long, he will said “Mummy lets go”.

    • Today I am home alone with 2 children. Daddy decided to desert go for a photography trip in Kellie’s Castle somewhere in Ipoh. He left me with no car. He will only be back at 10pm.

      I started the day at 8am. Children woke up early because they sleep early. Mummy cannot sleep in. “How SAD?!” I turned on Hi 5 for my children to watch while they are having their breakfast for an hour. Later they adjourned to play colouring and some toys. At 11pm, it is fun time with water, actually bathing time. They love having a bath because they love playing with water. After that, I take the dirty laundry to the washing machine to wash and collect the dry laundry.

      At about 11:30, they take their lunch. After lunch, they poo poo in the potty and play a little while. Finally my favourite time, nap time. Send my son in to his room and my gal in to my room. My gal will roll around the mattress, while I am folding the laundry. I played some soft music for her. She is funny, every time I pick up kor kor’s shirt, she will kepoh and said “kor kor, kor kor”. Mummy will say, “Go to sleep!” After a while she will quietly suck her pacifier and doze off. I will go to the next room to see whether my son is asleep. As usual, he will jump on the bed. I will tell him to sleep and he will quietly take his bolster and pretend to sleep. I kept all the folded laundry. At 1 pm, my son also dozes off.

      I take the washed laundry from the washing machine to dry. I surf for a little while and have my nap.

      At 5pm, I called up Pizza Hut to order dinner. I order some pasta for my son. My gal will eat porridge, some pasta and some pizza. The children were playing outside the porch while waiting for the pizza man.

      During dinner, mummy played the “Little Mermaid” for my children to watch. It was fun because it has been a long time since I watch a fairy tale cartoon. After that, took them upstairs, change into their pyjamas and play for a little while. I send them off to bed. Daddy returned home.

      What a Sunday for me. By the way, I will be on leave tomorrow, another fun time with my son.