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    • Tim’s Art Gallery

      August 6, 2008

      You all know Tim loves drawing. Now whatever he draws, he will paste it onto the wall of the stair case using tape. It is like his mini art gallery. Most of his recent drawings are on Transformers. Sometimes he tried to duplicate flyers or something he sees.

      Guess what is this?

    • Artist In The Making

      March 13, 2008

      The other day I was cooking eggs and I left some egg shells for my children. It is definitely not to eat but for them to paint. It is the first time that they are painting egg shell. Try it! Your children would have lots of fun. Look!

      Here are some of Timothy’s latest art pieces. He can sit quietly and draws for hours. I hope Emily can follow him one day.

      Hanging Chinese Characters, please help me to figure it out. Yeah I am a banana.

      Tim fishing with papa:

      Cod Liver Oil Bottles Design.

      Emily & I, I don’t even use SKII. He asked mummy how to spell SKII???!!!

      Papa & Tim.

    • No Entry!

      February 16, 2008

      Tim surprises me all the time with his funny bone. Today I went to the study room and saw this on the wall.

      He told me that he saw some ants on the wall and he put this up so that the ants do not go there. :think: How cute. He is really good in expressing himself with drawing. I think he uses his right brain more. My hubby said that Tim is a visual person like him and he picks up things faster if he sees it.

      It explains why I had difficulty teaching him spelling. He doesn’t like doing memory work. I must think of a more visual way to teach him spelling.

      As Vien puts it: No Ant-ry!

    • Tim’s Art

      April 28, 2007

      I like to see what Timothy draws. He loves drawing and my house is filled with everywhere. He would ask me or papa to pin up his drawings. I must say that he is very creative. Everything he observe he pens it down on paper. Like this picture, do you know where he got the idea from?

      I kept many of his drawings but soon I will be running out of space. He uses lots of paper and today papa limit him to 1 paper per day. He starts to complain. He has 1 bad habit, he dislikes drawing both side of the paper. We warned him about killing all the trees out there and I am not sure whether he understood. Emily make fun of him and ask him to recycle. :giggles:

    • Little Picasso

      October 30, 2006

      Timothy likes to draw. Whatever he sees, he draws. Not sure where he develop the love for drawing but he can sit for an hour drawing and drawing. He has been using up my A4 printing paper. I got him a huge roll of paper from Ikea, cost RM15 for him to draw.

      When we were at Ikea, he saw the chair testing machinery display. He took a free pencil and paper and drew that. Sigh, I misplaced that paper.

      I told my hubby, when he is 5-6 years old, maybe will let him taking proper drawing class. That will be another option to his future career. As for Emily, I haven’t detected her talent yet. I think she probably love music.

      Mummy, Daddy, Tim & Em out in the rain, with a rainbow: