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      March 31, 2005

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    • Newboy in School

      March 30, 2005

      I finally know why my son has been acting strangely lately. I told the school(nursery) principal(P) about my son’s tantrum and ask her whether was there any bad incident happen in school that could cause it. It is wise to always talk to the school principal or teacher to work things out. Discuss about the situation and never put blame on either party for the benefit of the child.

      P was very responsible because when I reported the tantrum, she was not there but she immediately called my husband after she heard what happen. Anyway I had a discussion with her later in the evening. She told me what happen.

      She said there was a newboy in school, he is only 2, in my son’s class. As he is new in school, he cried most of the time. He gets teacher to carry him all the time. Obviously the teacher gave him too much attention and other children felt the lack of it. Other children have been acting up too. Strangely there was a tough boy who rarely cries, burst into tears.

      P alerts the teacher to give equal attention to every child and she will monitor the situation. P likes my son a lot. My son is one of those shy and quiet, never become naughty when strangers are around. Strangely yesterday, P told me that he didn’t want to participate in any of the school activity but just stand in the corner to observe.

      At least now, my son is a wee bit happier, very chatty when he reaches home. I hope situation improves.

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    • 360º Mood Swing

      March 26, 2005

      A toddler’s mood is so unpredictable. He can be happy, singing and yaking away at one moment. Next moment, he will throw his tantrum without any reasons. I am not sure what had happened that cause that reaction. He cannot speak well to tell me why he is so upset.

      When he throws a tantrum, you cannot win. He will say he want to go wee wee. You ask him to wee wee. He said no wee wee, no wee wee. If you close the toilet door and say ”No wee wee, ok. Don’t cry” Then he will say “I want wee wee, I want wee wee”. It is like never ending story. He will oppose anything you suggest. Ask him want to eat, he will say don’t want to eat. Then you tell him, ok don’t eat. He will say he wants to eat. The best is just to leave him alone. Eventually he will stop yelling and crying. I will hug him. There are times, he will get spanking too till he stop his tantrum. After that, mummy will follow through with him and tell him that is in NOT OK to throw a tantrum follow by hugs.

      Wondering what is wrong. Does he have a bad day in nursery? Did the teacher scold him? The teachers always tell me he is pretty quiet and shy in school. Or this is another phase of growing up?

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    • Record Breaking Story

      March 25, 2005

      Express 15oz of breastmilk at one go.
      Bath in 5 minutes.
      Finish dinner in 5 minutes.
      Nap in 15 minutes.
      Shop in 15 minutes.
      Cook in 30 minutes.
      Mop floor and clean house in 60 minutes.

      I have achieved a lot after having children. Achievements that I never thought I could do. Thanks to my children who supports me in their weird way. Mothers out there will agree with me that the best achievement is giving birth to your children.

      On another topic, let me teach you a trick I learned, how to get cheap things in a Sale without queuing and rushing with others. There was a MEGA sale in one of the mall near my area. Sale items were listed in a pamphlets and drop into my mailbox. As you know during a Sale, it is difficult to get parking, you have to queue in long lines to pay and you have to rush with others to get what you want.

      The trick is when I receive the pamphlets, I mark down what I want. You also need to know where the items are located in the mall and map out the shortest route. I will only get at most 10 items. Usually I will go for diapers as they are the most expensive item and I have to get lots of it. Take note on what time the mall will open. I have my hubby drive the car, with all the children at the car, stop nearby the mall 5 minutes before it open.

      When the mall open, let all the people rush in while I wait in the car. When they have all rushed it, I will jump down and enter the mall. Go right to the sale items I want and grab them. Of course all the things I want must be in the same floor else it will not work. Grab it all in 5 minutes and rush to the pay counter. Hey no one will be at the counter as people are still browsing through the sale items. For those who didn’t do their homework may not even know which is on sake. Some will be still fighting for trolleys. Pay and load everything into the car. All in 10 minutes. If the items are heavy, ask hubby to do it.

      Happy Shopping!!

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    • Meaning of Delectation

      March 22, 2005

      Bravo to the photographer that capture the enjoyment of a child….

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    • Son: Mummy please draw star
      Mom draws a star

      Son: Draw flower
      Mom draws a flower

      Son: Draw heart
      Mom draws heart

      Son: Draw toys
      Mom: Oh oh….*how to draw toys*

      Mom shows drawing to son and dad. Dad laughs….

      Click HERE to see.

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    • Burnout

      March 15, 2005

      The definition of “BURNOUT” according to Webster dictionary is the exhaustion of physical or emotional strength. I never felt burnout before, even in my school major examination or university days. In my final year, I had to do a thesis (as thick as a book), few days without sleep and yet have the energy to play tennis after it was completed.

      I truly felt the meaning of burnout when I had my son. He is the champ, who can get mummy defeated. He was not an easy child, he can wake up in the middle of the night a few times. He never sleeps for more than 5 hours since the day he was born until 2 years of age. I thought my nightmare would never end. I was so deprive of deep sleep and so is daddy. I remember one time where I wanted to give up, my body was weak, wanted to shutdown and yet I was with a crying baby who was so reluctant to sleep. He will just cling on to me and when I put him down, he cries. Finally I could put him to sleep at 4 am. He slept for 3 hours and he start to cry again. I even resort to cry it out method. Believe me he can cry for 1 hour and still continue. It never worked. Read all the books about training your child to sleep. Sad to say, it is all theory, may work on some child.

      Now he sleeps better, amazingly he learns how to sleep through the night after 2 years old. It was a test of patience for those 2 years of motherhood. God gave me strength to endure it and rely upon him for additional strength.

      Imagine how can one little fellow, so small in size conquer 2 adults. It can, believe me and it is your own flesh and blood.

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    • Alarm Clock

      March 15, 2005

      Who needs it when you have children? My baby gal wakes me up in the morning. She is as accurate as the alarm clock. She wakes up at 6:30am in the morning. I co-sleep with her on a mattress on the floor. She used to sleep in the cot, but after a few bum on the head, I decided to have her on the mattress, on the floor.

      She is a good gal, she sleeps through the night. She will start to sleep by 8:30pm. If mummy is not in the room, she will wake up a few times until mummy gets in the room and sleep next to her. By then, she will go into deep sleep.

      When she wakes up, she will crawl to mummy, put both hands on mummy’s body, swing back & forth and sing baby song (actually it just baby’s noise). I call it “Morning Exercise”. I am a light sleeper, when she wakes up, I will automatically wake up.

      I will pretend to sleep and see what she is doing. Sometimes she will come and put her head on top of my head or use her palm of her little hand to pinch mummy’s nose. What an excellent way to have morning call.

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    • Happy Birthday Tim

      March 14, 2005

      “Look at me me me, I am three three three
      I am happy as can be be be
      Can you tell, can you see
      I am very happy me….”

      Tim love this song from Baby Bop, Barney show.

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    • Before & After

      March 9, 2005

      Life after having children…..

      Before: I can sleep as late as 1am and wake up late in the morning.
      After: I have to sleep when my children sleeps and wake up when my children wakes up.

      Before: I can nap any time of the day.
      After: Only can nap when children naps.

      Before: I can go for movie in cinema at least once a month.
      After: What cinema? How do they look like?

      Before: Take my own sweet time to lunch or dine.
      After: Rush through it.

      Before: Wake up in the morning by myself.
      After: Wake up in the morning with my children greetings….:D

      Before: Never shop at the children dept.
      After: First stop to the children dept.

      Before: Give angpows (red packet with $ inside) for CNY.
      After: Receive double in return.

      Before: Watch any TV channels.
      After: Restricted to children channels.

      Before: Love to travel.
      After: Think of packing, better stay at home.

      Before: Can have a hair cut on any day.
      After: Have to apply leave for a hair cut.

      After: Receive gifts for Mother’s Day…….

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