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      September 20, 2007

      I wrote about car trouble when we were coming down from Genting in the previous post. While waiting for 2 hours in a quiet area where most of the shops are close. I heard a rich man bought all the shop lot and doesn’t want to sell. Anyway, we had a friend to keep us company. It is a talking bird.

      When I first approach it, guess what he did? He sounded the siren alarm like real. At first I thought the shop alarm went on. It gave me a shock and surprised that a talking bird can make this sound. Later he made cat and dog sound. He is really a cool bird. However his voice was a little in the high pitch tone and can give us goose bums.

      My children had fun making him make noise. I think my children make more noise that he does. By the way, it may not be a “he”, I don’t know.

      Here is a cat sound from the bird:

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