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    • Smart Bird

      February 27, 2014

      What a smart bird and you must watch this!

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    • Be A Child Again

      November 26, 2008

      Suddenly I felt like a kid when I walked into Hong Kong Disneyland. I must say I enjoyed most rides. Many will say that it is smaller than other Disneyland but it is the right size for my children. At least I do not have to queue for long time on most rides. More about the rides and videos in

      We took the MTR from Central to Sunny Bay and switched to the Disney line. It was free as we got the Airport Express package. It has 3 days unlimited MTR ride. I thought it was 3 consecutive days but it turned out if I didn’t use it on the 2nd day, it was free for 3rd and 4th day. Amazing or there is a bug. 😛

      The Disney line train as Mickey shape windows and that excite my children. They love the short ride. It wasn’t very pack either. As we arrived at the station, there are pickup shuttle busses to the hotel. We got that pretty early, drop our bags and straight to Disneyland Park. If you cannot get an early check in, you can leave your bags at the hotel.

      Do remember to pick up the daily schedule for shows, parade and firework. It changes from time to time.

      Disney Hollywood Hotel
      I got a free upgrade to the room with a sea view with no extra charge. In additional, currently there is a promotion to get 1 day park ticket for 2 days visit. We stayed there for 2 nights.

      By the way, Chooi Peng discovered that if you get the annual pass, you can also get 30% discount on the hotel rates. I wonder whether we can get an annual pass for child and still get the 30% discount. Check it out and let me know.

      Child ticket – HKD$210
      Annual Pass for Child Ticket HKD$460 (Difference of HKD$250)

      Min Room rate HKD$1200 per night
      *Discount 30% – HKD$360, savings of $110 (Do check the discount % as it changes from time to time)
      Another night of bookings, savings of $470 if I do my math correctly. Plus other benefits that comes with the annual pass.

      If the above works, be sure you get a Disney souvenir for me and Chooi Peng. :giggles:

      The room was spacious and it has a nice view of the sea. The only thing that my children complained about is the missing Cartoon Network channel. They have 3 channel showing Toy Story II in Cantonese, Cars in Mandarin and Incredibles in English, repeatedly. Or was it Toy Story in English, go figure. Day 2, the same movies.

      Disneyland Park
      First day, we wanted to cover all the shows first. However my children are eager to ride The BuzzLightYear, so we headed to Tomorrowland. We saw Buzz! We took some pictures with him. There wasn’t any queue for the Buzz rides. We went on it 3 times.

      We completed Tomorrowland and Adventureland on the first day. We managed to see all the shows except the 3D show in Fantasyland and rides in Fantasyland. Second day, we took the train to Fantasyland and finished it off. My personal favorites are “It’s the small world” ride and the 3D Mickey show.

      The parade was ok but the fireworks were superb. It comes with background music.

      Food is pretty pricy in the park, it cost at least HKD50+ per meal and drinks cost HKD10+.

      Here are the pictures you been waiting for….

      Here is what you get at the end of it all…

    • Disney Magic Show

      November 5, 2007

      We rushed to PISA for the Disney Magic Show after Tim’s concert. When I bought the tickets, Tim’s concert schedule was not out. It was really a coincident that both were happened on the same day with 2 hours apart.

      The Disney Magic Show was great with Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Alice, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Eric, Gus and Jaq. There were 2 other magicians called Brad and Benny. It is a stage performance with singing, dancing and interaction with the audience. My children just love it. They went home telling me the details of what they seen.

      As usual there were a lot of Disney merchandize for sale. I got my 2 children a wizard hat, hey it was the cheapest of them all. It came with a big bag of cotton candy. My hubby didn’t allowed them to eat too much of it. Mummy had to wallop it all. One more bag to go and I hope my sugar level will not hit the roof.

      They don’t allow us to take pictures and were pretty strict. The ushers were looking around. We took a few shots of it before we were told not to.

    • Lantern Expo Turns Sour

      October 2, 2007

      Last Sunday, I brought my family to the Lantern Expo in Autocity in the mainland Penang.

      One thing I was frustrated was this which I think most of you would misinterpret like me. Here are the admission fees written in their leaflet:

      Adult: RM15
      Children below 12: RM10

      First thought come to your mind?? Do they consider children above 12 as an adult? By the way, when I got there, they told me that children below 3 AND below a marker is free.

      1. What does the height got to do with looking at lanterns? If you want to charge a child, do it upfront, no need to use height as an excuse. Are you discriminating tall children??!!

      2. I ask them where is the marker, the staff pointed at the railing that was the divider to the queue. No proper marker, just any railing the staff point to and they pointed to the lower bar. I like WHAT? :shoot:

      That’s it, I will boycott Autocity for any future event!! Most of the lanterns were of Kitty Cat and Dinosaurs.

    • Disney Mickey Magic Show

      September 24, 2007

      Yes, Disney is coming here again on Nov 3 & 4. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald will be coming to PISA Penang to perform their own magic show spectacular. They will be in Bukit Jalil too. It is called Disney Mickey Magic Show.

      The program will be:

      • Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy
      • Cinderella and Fairy Godmother
      • The Seven Dwarves and the Wicked Queen
      • Beast and Belle
      • Jasmine and Magic Carpet Dancers
      • Ariel, Ursula and Sebastian

      They are giving my company a 25% discount. Let me know if any of you wants to get the tickets. Offers end on 29th Sept.

      My family will be there! Tim and Emily were so excited when I told them Mickey is coming to town. By the way, the tickets were sponsored by PPP, if you know what I mean. See ya there!

    • Talking Bird

      September 20, 2007

      I wrote about car trouble when we were coming down from Genting in the previous post. While waiting for 2 hours in a quiet area where most of the shops are close. I heard a rich man bought all the shop lot and doesn’t want to sell. Anyway, we had a friend to keep us company. It is a talking bird.

      When I first approach it, guess what he did? He sounded the siren alarm like real. At first I thought the shop alarm went on. It gave me a shock and surprised that a talking bird can make this sound. Later he made cat and dog sound. He is really a cool bird. However his voice was a little in the high pitch tone and can give us goose bums.

      My children had fun making him make noise. I think my children make more noise that he does. By the way, it may not be a “he”, I don’t know.

      Here is a cat sound from the bird:

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    • You guys are good, yes it is Genting Highlands we had our family vacation. Wow that place has changed so much since I was there 7 years ago. We drove up, it takes 5 hours to drive up from Penang to Genting. We used the Batang Kali road. However it took us 8 hours to come back. I tell you why in the next post.

      Theme Park Hotel

      We stayed in Theme Park Hotel with a view. We had a family suite with 2 queen size bed, a TV area and a dinning area. I realize there wasn’t any air condition in the room. Hey who needs it? This is Genting we are talking about, natural air condition.

      We had a good view of the theme park from the room. The bad is we can also hear people screaming from the theme park.

      Thanks to my mother, we had it free because she had a lot of points (WP) to exchange for hotel, meals and theme park tickets. I don’t think you want to know how she gets those points.

      Theme Park:

      There are 2 main theme parks in Genting, outdoor and indoor. We preferred the indoor theme parks as most rides are more suitable for my children’s age. Family package cost RM246 (Normal) and RM264 (Peak) for 2 days. However we went there on Sunday which was peak, we decided to get the indoor package (RM95) on Sunday and outdoor package on Monday.(RM106).

      There wasn’t any queue because we went there during weekdays. It was fun for my children as they can ride as many times as they want. Emily love the ride called “Ride De Paris” where there are different vehicles that go round and round, up and down. Vehicles like police car, ambulance, ice-cream truck, tractor and etc. She really got her money’s worth. Timothy was too tall for that ride.

      Other attractions were Flying Coaster, Genting Sky Venture, SnowWorld, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and First World Cineplex. We didn’t go to any of those as it was not suitable for Tim & Em. We wanted to go to Snow World but both my children have runny nose so we decided to pass.


      Tim was dying to ride the cable car but twice we went there, it was closed without any reasons.

      There weren’t many rides in the outdoor theme park there were suited for younger children.

      Weather was not on our side, it was raining and foggy.

      There were a lot of smokers everywhere, indoor and outdoor.

      Cantonese Joke From My Aunt

      Genting Highland is famous for its casino, the one and only license casino.

      Aunt: Here they only serve fruits like watermelon, papaya, honey dew and any melon you can think off. No pineapple. What soup are you drinking?

      Me: Winter melon soup. *roll eyes*


      Watermelon = Sai Kuah
      Honey Dew = Mutt Kuah
      Papaya = Muk Kuah
      Winter melon = Tung Kuah
      Bitter Goard = Fu Kuah

      Kuah, kuah, kuah….Kuah in Cantonese means DIE which is not very good if you are gambling. They don’t serve any pineapple (Wong Lai). Wong Lai meaning prosperity come. No Wong Lai, all die.

      Me: Nah, eat some sang choy (lettuce). :giggles:

      Later, I got my aunt some pineapple and she said she strikes 2 mini jackpots. Not sure how true. I don’t gamble so eating any kuah doesn’t disturb me any bit.

    • Merderka Fun II

      September 2, 2007

      Later in that evening, we decided to go Queensbay Mall to have dinner. You remembered the last post I made with regards to the skating rink. Guess what I found. There is a small kid’s indoor playground at the back, a smaller version to kidsport. The place had a huge slide, a shooting area and a ball pool.

      In terms of activities, it is better than kidsport. It has a lot of soft colorful sponge balls, where you can pick up to the shooting area above. Place the ball into the shooting gun and shoot. There are 4 shooting guns. Emily and Timothy had fun shooting balls. One advantage was there weren’t many kids around and they can shoot as long as they want.

      There are a few machineries in there that suck the ball up into the top basket. Once it is filled, the basket will topple and all the balls will fall like raining balls. Let hope they keep that place well maintained. Entrance RM14 and unlimited playtime. Remember to bring socks.

    • Skating Rink

      August 27, 2007

      On the top of Queensbay Mall Penang, there is a new skating rink. I took Emily and Tim to watch teenagers roller blading round and round. Entrance Fee is RM16 unlimited playtime. They were fascinated by it. I took a chair for Emily to stand and watch while my hubby and I took over dinner. One thing I like about the rink, the surrounding have places to eat. I wonder how long the rink will last, if it doesn’t, I hope they convert that to KidzSport. :giggles:

      The place brought back some memories of my school days. Yeap, I used to go to roller blading rinks with my friends. We used to hang out there a lot. I learn how to skate when I was six years old. My sister bought those four wheeler skates that are adjustable in size. Where I live, we have a long verandah where we can practice skating. It was fun skating back and forth.

    • Emily In A Music Band

      August 14, 2007

      Emily loves playing the tambourine, either that or she loves making noise. Every time she is in Sunday School, she will go grab the tambourine to play during singing session. Last Sunday the teacher called her out to join the musician to play. She was overjoyed and walk out without the fear of being looked at. I guess she was not shy to be in the front stage. Timothy stood there for less than a minute, he wanted to return to his seat.

      Now I have to think of starting Emily on some music lessons. I am sure she will be interested. I hope she has my father’s gift, able to pick up music and play by ear. I know I am not talented in music. Once I did drive my organ teacher crazy, I really cannot get the rhythm and coordination at all. As for my hubby’s side, no sign of any music talent seen.

      I will let both my children have a go at music lessons, will see whether they can succeed in at least playing a nice piece of Beethoven for me. :think:

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