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    • My Gal First Crawl…

      December 30, 2004

      My 6 mths old baby gal learning how to crawl. She started as early as 4 months but didn’t quite master it. She was moving backwards. Then 5th month came and she was on her knees and tried to move forward.

      Yesterday, she made a few steps forward after I attracted her with some of her favourite toys. When she finally made it to mummy, I gave her a few kisses and hugs.

      Many parents I know like to compare development of their baby with others. Probably not compare, but more like worry or overly concern if their baby did not walk, crawl, teeth and talk by certain months. I always believe that baby have their own growth rates and patterns. God made each individual to be unique, special and different. Some can crawl as early as 6 months but some does it at 8 months. Even with teething, my gal teeth at 3 months but some, after 1 year. Moral of the story is that you cannot compare. When they master it, be there to celebrate with them.

      My Gal’s Great Events:
      June: Born
      Sept: Teeth (bottom 2)
      Nov: Teeth (upper 4)
      Dec: Taking Rice Cereal
      Dec: Crawl

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    • My hubby and I finally decided to put my son to nursery after a lot of thoughts. Our initial plan was to start him when he reaches age of 4. However due to problem in getting a babysitter for him, we decided to start him earlier. He is 2 years old, going to 3 next year.

      I was with him during the first day. He did not know what to expect, so did I. Obviously I am also learning from nursery. I was amazed what the teacher teaches, to the 4 year old. The teacher said “You cannot say RED color, you say RED. As red is already a color.” WOW, so deep for them. Back to my son, he was all excited when he saw the playground. He loves the playground. There were singing and dancing session, which he loves too. I was amazed that he did not cry.

      Second day, I stayed with him for an hour and left quietly. He did not even know that I was gone. I am staying quite near the nursery, I came back to check on him after 2 hours. He was enjoying himself. He was showing me all the “stars” he got when I came to pick him up.

      Fourth day, I drop him at nursery. He wants me and dad to sit down beside him. We sat for a while and told him, we have to go to work. He cried, and the teacher came to sayang him. He stop and continue playing. When I came to pick him up, he was very happy and said “Goodbye School”.

      Today, fifth day, we drop him and he wave bye bye to me.

      I am so glad that it went so well that he did not make a BIG FUSS about school.

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    • Labor Story Part II

      December 10, 2004

      As I have decided to go for a c-sect on my second pregnancy as my cervix was incompetence to dilate in my first.

      I guess I will tell you the c-sect procedure. I am not allowed to eat anything (after midnight) the night before. At 8am, I checked into the hospital. Brought to the labor room and changed to the hospital gown. The nurse did a shave for me and pumped a liquid to clean my bowel.

      At 8:30, the operation room called for me. The nurse put a catheter tube for urinating. Push me to the cold operation room. My gynae came in at 8:30. He is a punctual doc. The anaesthetic doc was in the operation room, he told me to say hello to my gynae first before he gas me. I smile and greet my gynae when he came in and I couldn’t remember a thing after that.

      I was woken up, my hubby told me my baby gal is very cute and he took lots of picture. I did not felt tired so I started sending out MMS to all my colleagues and friends.

      After c-sect delivery, I cannot eat for 24 hours. The doc said that I can have warm water or milo at night. Next morning, I was happy when the doc sez I can have lunch. I never was so hungry in my life. So I call the nurse to bring food to me asap as I am hungry.

      The hospital actually serves confinement food, big bowl of fish ginger porridge and a delicious apple. I was about to dig my teeth in it then the paed came in to tell me my baby’s condition. It was the longest ever minute I ever felt. I believe I did not hear a word of what he said. After he left, I ate everything on the tray.

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    • I read a couple of birth or labor stories from a magazine called “Today Parents” and I just love to read them. Now looking back, I have my own labor story to tell too.

      Labor Story Part 1 (First Child):

      I was carrying my first son, over 40 weeks. I had to stop working because of my company policy. I was doing nothing at home eagerly waiting for the signs or symptoms of labor. Nothing. I set an appointment with my gynae to check how many cm dilated. He told me only 1 cm but the head is engaged. He gave me a few options, either to wait for a few more days or to go for induction.

      I have heard many horror stories about how painful it is, to induce labor. Anyway, I was really bored at home. My hubby and I decided to go for induction.

      A day before I went to the hospital, my MIL and FIL came by to work out my son’s chinese name. As my hubby and I do not know any chinese, so they have the honor to give my son a chinese name. As for the english name, my hubby and I decided very long time ago.

      On 14 March, at 7am in the morning, my hubby and I scroll down our neighborhood. Some folks say, labor will come faster if I walk a lot. Actually I had been walking a lot when working but some how it didn’t work. We walk for 30 mins and it was time to go to the hospital. The hospital is very close by, only 5 mins away from my house.

      By the way, my hubby bought a video camera and he was all nicely dress up to welcome our first child.

      Register myself and a nurse came by with the wheel chair to bring me to the labor room. I felt funny sitting on the wheel chair. At the labor room, the nurse asked me to change my clothes into the hospital gown. Then she shaved me. After which she pump a bottle of liquid into my bowel to clean my bowel. Upon returning, the nurse turned on a machine to hear my baby’s heartbeat. It is an amazing feeling hearing my baby’s heartbeat.

      My gynae came at 8 am, he greeted me with a happy face, telling me there were a few mums waiting to deliver. I think there were 3. The hospital has individual room for each mum. I like it because I love the privacy. I can’t imagine someone screaming next to me, I will be terrified. My gynae did a check on how many cm I was dilated and then he put a pill in. When the doc left, I asked the midwife, “will it hurt? will it hurt?” The midwife told me if it doesn’t hurt, meaning no contraction how to dilate?

      After 2 hours or so, I felt nothing and began to feel bored. Luckily, I bought a book to read. Later, I couldn’t remember how many hour pass, my gynae insert another pill in. Every time he does that, I have the urge to pass urine. I was not allowed to do that immediately as it will wash away the medicine.

      At 3:30pm, the nurse started the drip. I had a light snack, “tau fu far”. By the way, no dilation, still 1 cm and no pain. Even after the drip. The nurse push in a TV set for me to watch. I did nap for a while.

      At 7:00pm, I felt tightening of my womb, the nurse say it is contraction but I don’t feel any pain, just discomfort. In between 3 to 7pm, my gynae tried to burst my water bag but couldn’t as it was too high up.

      At 8pm, my gynae came again. I told him I am tired, can I have a c-sect instead. He told me all those mums who check in before me and after me had delivered and you are still here. You are a tough gal, and the medicine just did not work on you. Jokingly I told him that it is in my family history and I told you to give me a c-sect and you rejected. He is a good doc as he always belief in natural birth. He rejected my request to have a c-sect during my visitations.

      Anyway, he finally did a c-sect for me. Fortunately he did it and I guess God was there, as my baby already passed motion in the womb. He couldn’t cry when he was taken out. The paed was on stand by took him and suck the meconium out from his lungs. He is fine. I was very tired and knew about his situation until the next morning.

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