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    • Pusat Sains Center

      February 9, 2008

      Pusat Sains Center also known as the Science Center in Malaysia. It is a place for the young ones to enjoy science in a fun manner. It is also the green dome in Damansara that I always drove past but never been. I took my children there and they enjoyed it very much.

      In comparison to other science center I have been, it doesn’t have that many things for children to explore. They were also having some renovation. The machines are not very well maintained and many were not in working condition.

      The fun part, it has a play area with balls, puppet stage and playground for smaller children (age 2-4) to enjoy. Tim and Em liked that room very much. For me, I like to robotic sections. There are some robotic arms for us to try to pick objects with some button controls.

      It has a big aquarium at the entrance and basically you can cover the entire are within 2 hours. It cost RM6 and children below 13 are free. If you haven’t been there, you can pay a visit to support our Science Center. More info here:

      After visiting the science center they became cute astronauts. Big Apple Vs J.Co Donuts!


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      We had a choice between the Singapore Science Center and Jurong Bird Park. Both I heard were equally good. My hubby had 1 day off on Labor day, so we could only go to 1. After much discussion with him, we pick Singapore Science Center, at least it is in door and the children can learn and have fun with Science.

      Singapore Science Center is located in Jurong East, you can take MRT to Jurong East Station on East West Line and transfer to bus no 335. We took a cab instead.

      We made the right decision, there are so many things to play, learn and have fun. We started with the Omni-Theatre, a dome shape IMAX theater that gives a 4D effects movie. We learnt about the human body.

      There is also a mini water park for children to have fun. If we knew about it, we would have bought an extra change of clothes. My children just love playing with water. The place is huge, we could only cover the Atrium, even that we didn’t finished all the science stations. We didn’t go to the Snow City.

      Entrance fee is $6 for adult and $3 for child, for IMax theatre $10 for adult and $5 for child, per movie. We bought the special package $12.80 per adult and $6.40 for child. Food wise, there are not many places to eat, only 3. McDonalds, a buffet lunch or Rocks café. There were a crowd in all food places since it was a public holidays, even the buffet lunch have to make reservation. We ended up in McDonalds. I must say that the kid’s meals are healthy, not the nuggets but they serve milk drink and fresh apples, instead of oily fries and soft drinks.

      The most interesting thing we saw was the Lightning demo or experiment, my hubby recorded it for you to watch. Don’t worry, there is no thunder but an explosion at the end.

      More pictures on how fun and educated the day was.

      Lightning Experiment

    • Petrosains – KLCC

      February 22, 2007

      My sister recommended that we visit the Petrosains rather than the Pusat Sains Center. I took my family there. It is at the KLCC Suria top floor. If you haven’t visited, you should go. It is RM12 for adult and RM4 for 5-12. Children below 5, it is free.

      There are lots to see and play for children. First we start off with a ride in the dark with lighted screens and beautiful artificial rainforest. There are over 70 stations for children to learn and discover, from energy, petrojaya displaying wayang kulit (shadow play), dinosaur, science & petroleum, exploration on how to drill oil, science play, helicopter ride, oil platform, products that uses oil with F1 ride, molecule nano technology, metre city, fun with atoms & molecules, mini theatre show with 3D effects and dark ride again to exit. Lastly the souvenir shop. We spend almost 2 hours there and we couldn’t finish all the stations. The children were tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at the Spring Garden restaurant. It has a pretty high tech wireless service button on the table to call for service, bill or water.