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    • The Note

      May 6, 2012

      Finally my free Note came. Yes, it is the Samsung Note. I gave it to my husband to use because his phone is acting funny lately. He used it for 1 night and gave it back to me, saying “It is too complicated and it cannot sync with the Mac Book”

      Oh well, I will use it then as a tablet PC. I do not intent to give up my iPhone. I found that The Note is not very user friendly. First let me talk about the likes:

      1. I can watch flash!!! Hooray.
      2. Many Android games are free.
      3. Many cool apps that came with the phone. However I still do not have time to play with them.

      Now the not so good part:

      1. Not easy to use especially for a beginner.
      2. Icons all over the place, a little disorganized.
      3. Cannot find delete function.
      4. Design flaws between the volume and power off button. When I try to turn on the volume, often I turn off the power, due to the fact that it is placed side by side.

      I am still figuring things out.

    • Appreciated

      December 7, 2010

      Finally this blog got ranked after all these years. I hope it will continue to climb. I am so so happy. 😀

      Thank you for dropping by my blog. If you never leave a comment before, just say hello in my comment box.

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    • Soft VOIP Phone Tester

      April 22, 2010

      I had installed my soft VOIP phone on my notebook. Now I can answer calls from my office at home and I can dial work numbers free of charge.

      I didn’t test it after I installed it. One day, I was on a conference and halfway through the conference, I found out the microphone didn’t work. Bumma!

      I cannot really test it by calling someone without knowing the microphone work or not. I configure the microphone and looks like it is working. I asked my son, Tim to help me. I gave him the house phone and ask him to pick up the call when it rings. He agreed.


      Tim: Hello *he was upstairs with the phone*

      Mummy: Hello

      Tim: Hello…hello

      Mummy: What is 1+1

      Tim: 1+1, issit?

      Mummy: Yeah 1+1

      Tim: 2…ok I don’t wanna play.

      Mummy: Bye

      Tim: Bye :giggles:

      My little helper just confirm that my microphone works.

    • Upgraded WordPress

      April 14, 2010

      Finally I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.9.2 with one click. Yeah, my cpanel provide an upgrade button and I click it. I was procrastinating because I was afraid it might mess up my posts.

      With this version, I got back my old emoticons too. Here are some of them.

      :giggles:   :jump:   :blur:   :shy:   :nono:

      😥   :pray:   :wall:   :dance:   :ohno:

      I saw some cool ones while surfing, I will add to it later.

      Someone got her new glasses too, will blog next.

      For those using Feeder to read my blog. The new URL is

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    • The mystery gadget is an ice-cream maker without electricity called “Play & Freeze”. It is really cool because my children and I can make ice-cream at home. The problem is hard to find creamy milk in Malaysia, to really make creamy ice-cream. However, I only managed to get full cream fresh milk.

      Here is the simple recipe.

      For freezing process:
      – Lots of Ice cubes, can get it from the local petrol station mart.
      – ½ cup of rock salt.

      For the ice-cream:
      – 450ml of full cream milk
      – 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
      – 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoon of sugar
      – Dice strawberry

      The play and freeze has 2 openings at each end. One end, I placed the ice and rock salt. The rock salt will maintain the ice freezing point to freeze the ice-cream. The other end, you put the mix the above ingredients. After that it is playtime, roll it, kick it and shake it. Play it for about 10 minutes then open up and stir it a little with a spoon. Play for another 10 minutes, you should get a nice ice-cream.

      Tada….simply delicious ice-cream. I even tried to replace vanilla and strawberry with 1 bottle of vitagen. The children love it. We have more homemade ice-cream with this gadget.

    • Mystery Gadget

      September 12, 2009

      Finally my gadget arrived today. Tim called it “mummy’s toy” Have a guess what it is? The children will love it. Let me test it and blog about it in the next post.

      For those who have seen it, please do not reveal. Let those who have not seen it, have a go at guessing.

    • New Blog Outlook

      May 28, 2009

      I am sure by now, you already seen my new blog template. I have been wanting to change it but procrastinated. Finally my itchy hands decided to do it. It took me 1 night of work, doing it while I was having a night conference.

      This time around it was not that difficult. Let me share some tricks to go about doing this. It only worked for wordpress as I am not that familiar with blogspot.

      First, you go and browse through the internet. Google for WordPress Template or WordPress Theme. Choose one that you like, the overall outlook, color and the number of columns. Don’t worry about the header and the font, those can be changed.

      Once you have selected it, upload to your blog. For my header, I used Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to help me with the 3D, font, reflection, photo edge bluring…etc. It is quite a need tool. You can also paste pictures on it and resize it on the spot. I copy the final image to another image tool and save is as jpg. Tada, one nice header.

      Next I have to move all my ads from one template to another. A tip for you, when you add any ads script to your template, always have a comment before and end of the script. It helps you locate all the scripts easily.

      Oh, I accidentally deleted a simple code, my entire blog vanished. Becareful! I always have backup of my template files, I just upload that file again and it is back to original. Pretty Cool!

      Lastly, you can change the font in the stylesheet file called CSS. If you don’t know where things are, you can use the trial and error method. Pick an obvious font and start replacing it one by one to see the effect on your blog. Remember backup the original file.

      Let me know if your fingers are itchy and want to change your blog theme. I can help you along but I cannot do it for you.

      Happy Styling Your Blog!

    • Mybabybay Expired!!

      December 7, 2007

      Finally it is up. Yes, I been getting SMS and Instant Messages telling me that mybabybay has expired. Thank you for notifying me. Looks like you gals are more anxious than me. I was really busy this week with work. Sorry if you did not get a reply from me.

      It is not that I didn’t pay the host but they forgot to renew it. I made payment in Sept 07. I think I am pretty organized when it comes to payments. Oh well, I didn’t expect much from the host because it is the cheapest hosting I can find.

      Anyway, I have a lot of backdated post that I will do. Don’t blame me if you have too many posts to read. 😛 After all, you were the one who ping me, asking me when it will be up. Glad to know that you care. :clap:

    • Notebook Drown

      August 21, 2007

      I was working late last night, attending a lengthy meeting with US & EU team at 1am. Yeah now you know that I have to work at weird hours while some of you are waiting for the USD1K PPP to flash on your screen. Anyway, this is not what I want to blog about.

      As I was listening to the discussion, I saw an ant crawled pass and on to my keyboard. I picked up the keyboard, regretted I did that. The keyboard hit my cup of water and it split all over my notebook keypad. Oh no! Within 30 seconds the notebook switched off by itself. Not sure it was a safety feature or a short circuit inside. I didn’t panic because my data are all backup in my company’s server and I am getting a new unit soon.

      Anyway, after the meeting was over, fortunately I was not hosting it. I took a cloth to wipe all the water away and took my hair dryer down to blow it dry. I was very tired as it was already 2am and had 8am meeting today. I put the notebook on my chair, pushed it below the fan and turn on the fan to dry it overnight.

      Next morning, I turn it on. It did start and die. Blow it with the hair dryer for another 5-10 minutes. I started it again. This time was better it started running until the login screen. After that the blue screen appeared. I haven’t seen the blue screen for a while, sort of miss it. No choice, I had to call my IT helpdesk to request them to fix it.

      I thought I might give it one last try to revive it, having “the never give up” attitude. I took the battery out. There was a hole to the internal parts. I pointed my hair dryer directly to the hole. I left it there for 30-40 minutes. I plug back everything and turn it on.

      Wa la….my notebook came alive. My CPR method work. Either that or HP makes good notebook. I let it run for a while on its own, to keep the heat up to dry up the remaining water inside, if any. Now I am back to work. Sigh, I thought I can take a day off.

      Tip of the day: If you have any high tech gadget that come into contact with water, it is best to turn it off immediately, take out the battery and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. Make sure it is dry off properly, you may need to open it or look for holes. It works.

    • 50th Place

      August 11, 2007

      Ha! I got to know this from Chinnee that my blog landed in the August Malaysian Top 50 Blogger in Technorati. Some of the mommy bloggers are in the list. I feel great.

      However, there is nothing to shout about because I don’t see some of the Malaysian popular blogs in the list. Why? I believe Technorati rate the top 50s by how many bloggers are linking to your blog. On top of it, you have to tag your blog as Malaysia which many do not. If you are not, go to Technorati, sign up, claim your blog and tag it.

      Lastly for me, it is the best time to have top 50 in Aug where Malaysia is celebrating 50th anniversary of Independence Day (Merderka). I land on the 50th position. Malaysia Boleh! Mybabybay Boleh! Not that I am anxious to get more traffic. More traffic means I have to pay more for bandwidth. Aiks! Worst more spam! Double whammy! :wall: