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    • Night Routine

      May 29, 2006

      I will make both my children milk before they sleep, just like having supper. Sometimes they have a little snack. Emily will drink from the bottle by herself and Tim from his cup with a straw. There will be cartoon accompany them while mummy rest in the study room.

      Often, after Emily finished, she will leave her bottle on the floor. I will call her to put the bottle into the sink, and tell Tim to hurry with his milk. I had been repeating it daily until it gets program in them. Today, Emily came by my study room door and said “Put the bottle in the sink, ok?”. She walked to the sink and place the bottle there. After she did that, she shouted, “Kor Kor hurry up with your milk?” in Cantonese. 😆 Wow I have a new assistance. Now when will she be able to make milk…*start dreaming*.

      After that, I will send both of them to the room, give them each a toothbrush and they brushed their teeth. I have to help Emily a bit as she does it very quickly. We will say a little prayer, sometimes Tim will say and Emily say Amen at the end. We greet each other goodnite. Lights out. Mummy goes down and has some peace.

    • Today I decided to cook lunch for them and take them shopping after their nap. They got pretty excited when I said I am going to buy them Mickey Mouse and Tigger tees.

      Emily started to pick what clothes she wants to where. She will be very happy if she gets to wear the one she picks. Now she goes for all the cartoon characters, Pooh, Tigger, Mickey, Popeye, Mermaid, etc…Oh she told me that she wants a Tigger birthday cake. Daddy did you hear that?

      Today during dinner, I wanted to reward them with some ice cream and pick somewhere that serve ice cream. Tim saw Sushi King and kept pulling me in that direction. He loves the Edamame. I told him, Sushi King doesn’t serve ice cream. He still wanted to go there. He didn’t allow me to enter any other restaurant. It was so funny, the waiter from Nandos came out to ask us “How many persons?” Tim shouted “Sushi King”. The waiter got a shock. 😯 Oh well, Tim won, we ate in Sushi King.

      Later we went to a free indoor playground and ToysRus. They had fun playing. Both slept on the way home. I had the pleasure of listening to the radio and taking a cruise on the road. The radio was playing good songs. I love doing that and miss doing it. I used to do that in KL. It brings back lots of memories.

      Oh, I watched the downloaded American Idol when my children had their nap. It was great and without any commercials! I love the part when they showed the impersonator of Clay Aiken, Michael Sandecki receiving the award and sang. Then the charming Clay Aiken came out from behind and sang together with him. Michael had the shock of his life. It was so touching as I can see in Michael’s eyes, it is really a dream come true to be singing with Clay himself. Of coz the Puck & Pickler was so funny. :giggles: Katherine McPhee sang very well with Meatloaf, “It’s all coming back to me now..” Overall both guys and gals groups gave a brilliant performance.

      The not so good part was, not sure whether it was my ear or what. I couldn’t hear what Toni Braxton was singing. The singer who sang with Elliot Yamin was taking over the performance. :sc: Actually I love the finale better than the day before where the final 2 perform.

    • Yesterday, I am not feeling too well, have been loosing a lot of blood. Everytime I stand up, I feel dizzy. Hands shaking and body aching. I got ½ day MC from my company’s doctor.

      I went back home to snooze. When I woke up, it was time to pick Tim and Emily back. I took a shower and pick both of them. I told them, they have to be good boy and good gal as mummy is not feeling well. Pretending to be crying and asked “You sayang mummy or not?”

      Emily came with a cheekiest smile, the sweetest smile I ever seen. If I had a camera in my hand, I would have captured that. She came very close to me and I don’t have a clue what she was about to do. That’s the moment that make me felt good, better than any medicine in the world. She planted a kiss on my cheek. :giggles: When Tim saw that, he did the same on the other cheek.

      Later, I send them all to bed by 8:30pm. No joke. I had to miss the finale of Americal Idol. 😥 Fortunately I can download it today.

    • Protected: Lady Boss

      May 22, 2006

      A year ago, I changed from reporting to a US boss to a local lady boss. Nothing against lady boss, but this one was my friend who was very much my senior. I respect her for taking up that position without any in depth technical skills. Anyway, I started to feel so confine under her leadership. She likes to breathe down people’s neck too as she likes micro managing. She requested everyone to do status reports that everyone really hate. Anyway, she never read it, just add to her collection of junk mail. At the end of the year, she asked us to write our accomplishments, which is already in the status report. All the paperwork with no productivity. I really drag going to work, every day.

      Previously my boss was supportive of me working from home, but she had problem with it. Some times I have telecons with US/EU folks as I am in a global role, at odd hours, sometimes very early in the mornings or very late at nights. I preferred to work at home the next day. She thinks otherwise.

      I was given trivial task under her leadership, she even wanted me to do programming, which I got out of many years ago. Hey, think about it, in my line of work, who is the champion in programming? It is the workers from India. If your job is heavily on programming, you will be replaced. Unless she wants me to be replaced… :think: By the way, most of my work is around project management.

      One of my other role, which was new, and most of the projects was under the management of my lady boss’ manager. He is more understanding. In fact I like him better. He looks at performance at the end of the day and doesn’t worry about minor issues. I successfully help the company with 20% cost savings. Planned resource capacity to support more front line work. I got a big reward from that which I received today. 😀

      The happiest moment came this week, when my lady boss told me I am reporting back to the US boss. Yippy!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

      No more status reports, no more breathing down my neck and most of all, I can work from home more often.

    • Over The Hedge II

      May 20, 2006

      The children

      Amazing, both Emily and Tim enjoyed it. Emily had her own seat, because a couple of my colleague last minute couldn’t make it. The tickets came with free popcorn, coke and nuggets. Tim and Emily had 1 box of popcorn each. Tim enjoyed it very much, he did made the remark that Maria commented “Wah mummy see, big big TV”. As for Emily, towards the middle, she got out of her chair and tried climbing back up, a few times. She did not make any noise or cry. She even took off her diaper without taking off her shoes and pants. :sc: I had to take out her shoes and pants, to put it back on. Don’t ask me how I did that, it was tough. Towards the end, both were very focus on the movie because that was when all the action came on. The cinema was spacious as it was a premier class hall.

      We continue with lunch and a bit of shopping. Later Tim had a bit of tummy upset because he finished the whole box of popcorn. Emily was tired as she refused to walk and sat on the floor of the shopping mall. 😯 That was the signal to go home. Both slept in the car.

      The movie

      It was filled with action and great for the children. It has as much action as Toy’s Story. It is about a raccoon RJ that got into trouble for stealing all the food that belongs to a big huge bear. He was caught and all the food was destroyed. The big bear gave him until full moon to get all those food back for him. On the other hand, there is this family of animals headed by a tortoise named Vern, who lives in the woods but part of it was fully developed into a housing estate. The woods were separated by a Hedge. The family woke up from hibernating and found out there is no food left. These hungry animals were curious what is over the Hedge. RJ befriended them and took them over the Hedge to look for food that they never tasted before. Of coz there is the danger of humans and the Verminator. Find out for yourselves what happen next. I give it 4/5. :good: It was humorous too! My favourite cartoon among all is hammy, the squirrel, he is very funny. He made a remark and say “Hey I can burp the alphabets, A B C…”.

      Official site:

    • Over The Hedge

      May 18, 2006

      I got 2 complimentary tickets to watch “Over The Hedge” from HP for the sneak preview. I thought of just bringing Tim along and leave Emily at the babysitter. My babysitter is not free this weekend, so I guess have to include her. MIL is outstation. Emily may not be able to enjoy the movie, not sure she will sit that long. Let’s hope she does. :pray:

      Today I clean my fish tank and bought some greens. Now I see happy fishes swimming in my tank. 😉

    • Handbag

      May 17, 2006

      What handbag? I don’t carry one. Weird right? Ever since a snatch thief rob me of my big fat purse. He came from behind while I was daydreaming or my mind is on another planet. I yelled after he snatched my purse. The postman coming in my direction saw, but he didn’t take action. He pretended not to know. 😡

      The wallet only had RM20 in it, but my identity was lost. Opps I meant identity cards, credit cards and ATM cards. The task of cancelling the cards, making a police report and re-applying all the cards again is a lot of hassle. The police told me many cases happen at that area and yet nothing is done. I bet you came across lots of cases, life lost due to handbag snatcher on the street.

      Now I decided to travel light. What do I carry? A small wallet that holds everything and what is in it. See for yourself.

      The WALLET:



      The rest are myKad, driving license, name cards, 2 doc appt cards and 1 coffee bean card. That’s it!

    • LCCT

      May 16, 2006

      I decided to challenge myself on a mission. It sounds like I am going for a battle. I booked Penang -> KL free AA flights in Dec for Wesak long weekends. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my hubby could not make it. I wanted to celebrate Mother’s day in KL with my mum and bring my children to visit grandma & grandpa.

      For those who do not know what LCCT is? It is Low Cost Carrier Terminal, low cost airport for AA flights. I heard it used to be a warehouse.


    • Plenty of carparks.
    • A few duty free shops, McD, a asian recipe café and coffee bean.
    • Plenty of check in counters, each per flights. Closed 45 mins before flight take off. If you come late, you will not be able to check-in.
    • No tickets and all free seating.
    • Priority was given to parents with children under 12, pregnant lady, senior citizen and handicap to board the plane first. :good:
    • Cons:

    • It takes about 1 hour from KL to LCCT and 20 km away from KLIA. It is just after the Sepang F1 Track. There is a bus cost RM9 from KL central to LCC. If you are driving, just follow the LCC signboard.
    • Difficult for handicap to travel on AA flight, no facility for the wheelchair to go up the plane.
    • Have to cross the runway, we have to be careful so that we don’t get run over by a plane
    • Stairway up and down the plane is shaky.
    • Stewardess will come around to sell food or drinks. No free food & outside food.
    • Leather seat but no declining feature, have to sit upright.
    • I had 1 luggage, 1 hand carry and 2 children with me. The trick is to complete the mission successfully is to bring plenty of finger food or candy. At the Penang airport, it was a bit chaotic as people were rushing to get to the front. Reason being, the kiasu ppl wants to get the best seating, as it was free seating. Anyway, the officer made sure there was a queue for parents with children under 12, senior citizen and pregnant lady to board the plane first. I had to carry Emily and hold Tim’s hand. Although I was first in Q but I gave way to a family with 2 children on strollers, 2 uncles, 3 aunts and an old guy on the wheel chair. The old guy had to walk down the stairs from the Penang airport and walk up the plane stairs. Anyway I was next to board the plane with children. I was relief after I was on the plane.

      Later both Emily and Tim were occupied with a lollipop. When we exit the plane, the staircase down was shaking. I was afraid Tim will fall, he kept looking downwards. Fortunately a gentleman helped me by holding his hand. We reached KL safely.

      Friday Night: Mother’s day dinner with my family.


      Morn: Kizsport in 1U
      Afternoon: Lunch at Shogun buffet. I was a bit frustrated because I couldn’t find the door as I went to the back of the restaurant. Lots to eat but sad to say only 1 oyster each. 🙁 There was plenty of sushi, scallops, clams, sashimi, salmon, ice-cream for the children, mochi, fruits, tempuras, teriyaki, noodles, soups and plenty of drinks. Adult is RM48 ++ weekends and public hols. After that, did some shopping, children were tired. Emily eyes were small when we were in the car. Tim said “Emily eyes small small, my eyes big big”. Later after 5 mins drive, both doze off.
      Evening: Enjoyed mum’s cooking. Yummy


      Morn: Midvalley shopping. There were so many sales, but I couldn’t shop with the children. I rented 2 car trolleys for them to drive around the mall. They enjoyed it. RM4 per hour, RM3 for subsequent hour. However, I still got some goodies for me and the children.
      Lunch: My cousins treated us for another mother’s day.
      Dinner: Enjoyed mum’s cooking again.


      Prepare to go home. The children slept in the car on the way to LCC, it is a good thing. It will be difficult for me if they slept on the plane. I cannot carry 2 sleeping children down the plane. They did some coloring on the plane. When I return to my home, I sent both children to nap so that I can unpacked and relax. Mission completed!! PHEW. I felt so satisfied. Next morning, I had to return to work and received good news that I received a bonus. 😎 Next mission in July, tune in and I will surprise you.

      P/S Thank God for helping me throughout the trip! :pray:


  • Isn’t this sweet? Another benefit of sending your child to school. You get lovely card like this. I am all swamp up with love, mushy all over. It is much better than when I was dating. Definitely, a young handsome boy name Tim says “he love mum”. I am in cloud 9. I am enjoying this, give me warmth all over.

  • Swirls

    May 10, 2006

    After reading twinmom’s blog on ZiHeng’s head. I immediately to look at Emily’s head, I already knew Tim has a swirl. Hers is so special, it has branches. Anyone know what hers mean? :sc: MIL told me once before if got more spirals meaning very naughty and difficult to discipline. My nephew has 2. Some folk tales said that if it swirl in certain direction, it can determine the next child’s gender. Branches telling me to STOP. 😆