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    • Childhood Game

      August 26, 2011

      How many of you have played this before? I have played this during my school days. I don’t have a name for this game. Maybe it is called “What number do you want?” I taught my children to play this and they like it.

      In order to play this game, you need a square piece of paper and fold it. Number each tab and write something on the tab below it. You can write funny things.

      Walk Backwards
      Greet people
      Clap Your Hands
      Bonus to play iPad for 5 mins
      Sing a song

      Emily wrote “Shake Your Butt”

      Then you go to anyone, and sing “What number do you want?” The person will need to choose the number and do the action.

      You can also write questions for the other person to answer.

      It is a cool game that I played in school when the teacher is absent. I remembered another game called “Country game” Maybe the next post I will talk about it.

    • TinTin Comics

      August 18, 2011

      TinTin Adventures Comic is one of my favorite comic. I used to hang out in my old primary school library to read these comics. The library do not allowed us to borrow it home because afraid that children will spoil it. Now my kids are into it. They certainly learn new vocabulary from these comics. Words like destiny, esquire and other which I cannot remember.

      They will hog those magazines when they go to Borders. Now it comes with 3 in 1 volume. I am thinking of getting the entire collection with cost US$95. Should I?

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    • Cross Stitch

      August 11, 2011

      Yes, I got addicted to cross stitch lately when I found a nice pattern book by Margaret Sherry. All her patterns are cute and adorable. They are small projects and I can complete it fast. I cannot do big projects because it will become a white elephant.

      By the way, lately I have quite a lot of night conferences and I stitch while I worked. Here are 2 that I did. And I want to do more….

      Bag for Emily

    • Breakdown Services

      August 11, 2011

      Often I hear friends having car breakdown and do not know what to do. They are not preparing for it because they always think, it will not happen to them. I am always on the safe side as I prepare myself at all times. I used to sign up for roadside assistance plan. It is not a very expensive to have breakdown service insurance, just a small amount that you pay yearly.

      However, now my car insurance comes with extra breakdown services plan. It provides free towing and breakdown assistance without additional service cost. For someone who travels periodically on the highway, I have a peace of mind with this service.

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    • My boy is so very happy this week because he told me he did well in his exam papers. I couldn’t believed that he score A for one of his BM paper called Pemahaman. Yes, he was getting not so good results because of his careless mistakes. I remembered one time, he didn’t read the passage to answer the questions. He thought it was some Science questions.

      At one point, I was really afraid that he cannot catch up with this language called BM (Bahasa Malaysia). I made a decision to send him for tuition just on BM, since I am not very good to help him with this subject. At first, he was reluctant to go. However after seeing his few school friends there, he was happy to go once every week.

      I am glad because I can see improvement. He is also watching TV9 cartoons in BM language. Ever heard Sponge bob or Patrick speaking BM, turn to TV9 5pm every day.

      I am so proud of him as he really improved tremendously in his studies. All As and 1B I believed, that’s what he claim but I still need to see his report card.